Elevated Home close to Key West

For sale in Big Coppitt Key

Large Corner Lot
mature trees
1200sf one level
Sunset views over the water
covered parking for 4 cars
close to everything
3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms
surounded by privacy trees
Around the corner from boat ramp

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Keys Blast from Ed Krane & Friends May 25, 2020

Above : 1) From the Key West Gallery : A Lead Feature from the Artist PINO above Painting "Remember When" Giclee on Canvas. 2) Our Continuation of Showing Roberta DePiero on her Frequent Photographic Shooting Journeys around Key West with Her Gal Pals 3) Our Multi Part / Week Feature that we ran for almost 1 year a few years ago "Groovy History" WWW.GROOVYHISTORY.COM ; They have about 30 Editors that we have Promoted & Will do Again : Here is the Original Cast of Saturday Night Live. 4) Pt. 3 "Life in NYC in 1950s" This Photo will hit home with many of our readers : A Woman looking at a Sidewalk Artists's Display. 5) Pt. 1 "Classic Hollywood Photos" A Very Rare Photo of a Very Young Christopher Walken. 6) Pt. 4 of Our Homage to the Well known Curator Alaen Ledesma Fernandez ; Alaen OFFERS TO YOU : A few Paintings from a few of the Latin Artists He Curates and Represents : Above is "The Black Rose" by Ernesto Capdevilla 57 X 51 7) A Photo from Linda Fryer ( Many Additional Photos & Videos) from Two of our New Weekly Features "Photos from Locals" "Entertainment Videos and Watch Parties" . 8) KWFF the last few weeks has been featuring "FLASHBACK FRIDAYS" ; This Week a Look back at the KWFF Event "The Making of Platoon" with Dir. Paul Sanchez and Most of the Cast including Tom Berenger and Cory Glover. 9) Frequent Executive Contributing Editor Mac Stone. 10) Zazoo Photographic & Art Gallery Presents "Road Runner"

MAY 25, 2020, In this Issue
Extremely Important City of KW , MCSO, CDC, & Other Very Useful Material-Links-Video Contained in JUST 1 Area Close to the End ( Format Purposely done to give you a weekly Entertainment Getaway w/o Interruptions from the Serious Stuff)
In This Issue : Mini Musical Concerts from Local Artists from "Watch Parties" ( as well as a few Nationally Known Musical Talents) + Other Entertaining Videos + Photographs from Locals Sharing. Two More Features going out to our 7825 Weekly Readers : Extensive Art Gallery Listings with Photos & An Extensive Website / FB Listing of Many Organizations in KW. Plus a few Classic Records from my U-Tube Collection. Every Issue I add additional Materials to above Features (esp. Crisis Info. Section & will keep it in for a few weeks). Of Course Primarily in Every Issue the Past 8 Years : Great Art, Eco-Nature Features, Entertainment Features & News from ALL the Org. and Venues, On-Line Photographic Exhibitions & So Much More. Of Course the Many Event Features that have been in the Issues (Pre & Post Event) Will Resume Very Soon. There are Limited & Controlled Openings & the Upper Keys Check Point Stops June 1 ( However as ALL our Local and Monroe Co. Officials STRESS) It's important to VERY MUCH still Keep the Safety Practices that have been successful) Here are Four Local Groups Making Masks to Order : (If you want to add a Group/s making Masks Locally ; Please send to me at EK10@aol.com)
Riet Says : In Marathon we have a group of 6 seamstresses and 4 cutting out fabric, working on this.
Riet Steinmetz, 305/849/5793, RIETTTT@aol.com
Jessica Argyle & Friends have been making some and Supplying the Front Line

PS : To Save me many additional Hrs of Work and in order to get this Out Sooner then Later : I did not check ALL the Links. If you can't get through to a Site; SIMPLY COPY AND PASTE THE URL to your Browser

Riet Steinmetz
Crystal Smith
The Links to the Crisis Videos, New & Encore Crisis Features, & Photos ALL Appear in Our ONE "Crisis Information" Section Toward the End of this Issue..ALSO WWW.KONKLIFE.COM , WWW.THEBLUEPAPER.COM and WWW.KEYSWEEKLY.COM will give you DAILY UPDATED IMPORTANT INFORMATION
Once again you will see Photos from the Videos Below and Remember THE URL LINKS to these Videos are toward the Bottom of this Issue Contained in the "ENTERTAINMENT VIDEO" Section & "CRISIS INFORMATION" Section.

1) Video Message from Key West Mayor Teri Johnston May 22

2) Video Message from Monroe County Mayor Heather Carruthers May 22

3) Stephanie Leone Rivas from One Clean Island (OCI) Interviews Key West Commissioner (District 2) Sam Kaufman


5 & 6) VIDEO FROM STEPHANIE LEONE RIVAS OF (OCI) ONE CLEAN ISLAND AND KWPD CHIEF SEAN BRANDENBURG (Second Appearance about a week ago) and Leah Stockton United Way of the Florida Keys

7) Photos of Sheriff Ramsay, Representative Holly Merill Raschein & Rick Freeburg at Mariners Hospital in Tavernier.

All Below Crisis Videos and many Still Virus related Photographs and Crisis Features are at the End of the Issue in ONLY 1 Area (CRISIS INFORMATION CENTER) with Many Links.
PLUS MANY ADDITIONAL Articles including one that Just came in on May 23rd from the Monroe County Public Information Officer Kristen Livengood

from the President & CEO of The College of the Florida Keys Dr. Jonathan Gueverra.
A Very Creative Video from the City of Key West "Mask Up Key West"
BEFORE WE CONTINUE WITH JUST ENTERTAINMENT Material & Crisis Material ONLY in 1 area at the end of this Issue : A VERY RARE EDITORIAL FROM THE EDITOR ( Perhaps this is the 3rd in 8 Years) 
To make this as Brief as Possible, I would like to make a suggestion to the Citizens that are not wearing MASKS OUTSIDE. Many know this already and Wear Masks Outside (not around their necks but always covering their Mouth and Nose); so PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD. There are Millions of Particles that will leave an open mouth and nose without Sneezing or Coughing; and these particles can remain in the air. Even with no one around, there can still be lethal effects if not wearing a Mask Outside : YOUR being in areas where people will be walking soon (sidewalks), outside in front of stores, in areas like Beaches and Parks where people always gather, Running , Riding Bikes the Virus Germs can still be transferred. Also If someone has the virus ; as we are learning : THE SIGNS of infection many times will not show . So here is my PLEA ; don't KILL US. In your Yard, in Your Pool anywhere OUTSIDE that it's a Certainty that NO ONE WILL BE IN THAT AREA; don't wear your mask; but please WEAR ONE IN the areas discussed above and Other Places where people are /will be.. I understand there are Civil Rights Issues and some in the Public Eye have not been as direct as Needed with wearing masks outside ( and have to be very careful with their words). You would not shoot someone ; so don't KILL by Spreading the Virus. I personally feel that with ALL THE MEGA COMPUTERS and ALL the scientists and medical professionals around the world using these Mega Computers using known past virus /disease outbreak data Models : They will find protection for us soon. As Mayor Teri Johnston ends her May 22 Weekly Video Message "Now more then ever let's make an extra effort to be Kind to One Another". Ed Krane. PS : I have been assured by Many of the Officials seen in the Magazine : that Code Officers and Law Enforcement will be out in record numbers (especially after June 1) and their directives are to Insure that the second wave of infections will be limited. Thanks for Reading the Magazine. NOW A LITTLE OF FUN
WWW.KEYWESTGALLERY.COM 601 Duval St. 305-292-9339
Special Sale on PINO (One of Our favorite Artists : Call Gallery for Prices)

UNLESS NOTED the 7 Below are either Hand Embellished Signed & Numbered LTD ED Giclee on Canvas OR Signed & Numbered LTD ED Giclee on Canvas
4) TOGETHER AGAIN Oil on Canvas 30 X 40
5) MAIN ATTRACTION WaterColor on Paper 20 X 16
7) LETS GO HOME Original Drawing on Paper 20 X 16
Go to the Key West Gallery Website to see many additional PINO paintings as well as so many Additional Great Artists that KWG Represents
KWG OWNER KELLIE ALPERT Sends regards and looks forward to any questions you have for her and the Staff; and looks forward to seeing you in her gallery soon.
Ocean Sotheby's International Realty

Key West Gallery

T 305.923.1696

601 Duval Street | Key West, FL 33040
Further Down in this Issue is a List of Upcoming Events that KWG has Planned
President & CEO of the College of the Florida Keys Dr. Jonathan Gueverra's Compassionate and Stirring Message and 3 Minute Video Link to the Dr. Speaking

KEY WEST, FL, May 23, 2020— “Traditionally, this weekend kicks off the unofficial start of summer with barbecues, boating, and fireworks. This Memorial Day, in the age of COVID-19, the celebrations may not be as full or as festive, but dedicating a day to honor those who have sacrificed for our country seems insufficient given the level of sacrifice that that Memorial Day represents. I ask our community to join the CFK family to reflect on why this day is important. Memorial Day is a time to pay special attention to our heroes, both those who have fallen and those who are still living. We thank our military, as well as law enforcement officers, healthcare professionals, and other first responders for working tirelessly to protect American lives. EDITORS NOTE : This Complete GREAT Message from Dr. Gueverra will be in the College of the Florida Keys Section further down with the Link Again to the 3 minute video.

One of our Three new weekly Features will be up Shortly "Photographs from Locals" and Toward the end of the Issue "Entertainment Videos" ( Many from Local Watch Parties as well as some National Videos)

Last week in the May 18th Issue we had a Feature on Bob ; Please go the May 18th Issue Link to See many of his Photographs ; of course please go to his Website / FB URL'S  https://conta.cc/2LFijsp


ALAEN LEDESMA FERNANDEZ Curator of the Star Artists in The Keys, Miami, Palm Beach, Cuba, and Most of the Countries Latin America Prior to this May 18 Issues had a Three Part Series Pt. 1 April 27
WE NOW PRESENT PART 1 OF 2 (in May 25 & June 1 Issues) Alaen Ledesma Fernandez is Representing a Few Paintings from a Few of the Artists he's Curated these many Years.. Here are 4 from Carlos Rene Arguilera Tamayo. The 3 Below are

Studio Fine Cuban Art To Collect
Cell : 305-849-8515

Artworks by Carlos Rene Aguilera Tamayo
Available 10 % off of its price

Scattering Astros | Mixed Media on Canvas | 59” x 59”

Turning point | Mixed Media on canvas | 59” x 59” inches

What the moons bring | Mixed Media on canvas | 59” x 59” inches

Odisea Calma | mixed media on canvas | 59”x 59” inches

There are 3 sections of Latin American Paintings being Offered ; This is Section 1

May 23 Movie Watch Party : Pyotr LLyich "Fate Chikovsky " in Two Parts 8pm (Check Link for for additional Times)

May 28 LifeStream Concert : Huifang Chen ( Violin) Plus Tao Lin (Piano) 4pm Facebook and 6pm You-Tube

May 30 : Movie Watch Party : Jacqueline Du Pre : A Gift Beyond Words 8pm (click links below for additional times and Info.



Donate now link

Part 1 "Classic Hollywood in 52 Photos"

We are so excited to announce that the libraries are offering curbside pickup. It's a work in progress so we'll be in touch if anything changes. Thanks!  For immediate release :
Library Curbside Pickup
The Monroe County Libraries are pleased to announce that they have begun curbside holds pickup. Place a hold on an item by visiting our website www.keyslibraries.org or by calling your local branch. When items are ready, library staff will contact you with details on pickup. Please contact your library staff for more information and follow us on Facebook for up to the minute updates.  
Allison Rich, . Library Technician. Monroe County Public Library
700 Fleming Street, Key West, FL 33040. 305-292-3595
ROBERTA DEPIERO AND HER POSSE's Journey around KEY WEST https://www.facebook.com/roberta.depiero

They have been taking Frequent Trips Around Town since Mid March, Yet Last week is the first time we've Included their Journeys. Click the May 18th Complete Issue to see Last Weeks Outing..This week; with Roberta are Regular Gay Pals :Jody Gross, Lucy Carleton & Joyce Chiton (Now that's a Talented Four-Some)
PART TWO OF ROBERTA DEPIERO & Jody Gross, Lucy Carleton, & Joyce Chilton Journey around Key West UP SHORTLY https://www.facebook.com/roberta.depiero
The First Paragraph on KW Trays is an ENCORE from the 5/18 Issue PLEASE LOOK AT the NEW material that Sarah and Marc share with us about Donations after the Trays.
Key West Trays
“When everything seems to be in disarray, it is a sign that something small and wonderful is trying to be born, and it needs us to be distracted so that it has room to grow” — paraphrase of a Buddhist wisdom saying.
In times like these, creativity may bloom and allow unlikely combinations to develop into something wonderful. Such is the case with our new Key West trays. During our COVID-19 shutdown, Mark had some extra time to explore creative pursuits. He also had some extra bottles of underglaze that needed to be used to free up shelf space. Click link below for the complete article

Giving back to the community
Because the current need is great, Mark and Sarah of Shade Ceramics and Shutter Photography pledge to give 20% of our sales revenue from now until the end of June to charitable organizations that provide food and shelter assistance, like SOS Foundation of Key West and Sister Season. If you would prefer that the donation associated with your purchase go to a different charity, just let us know your choice. 
Even in the midst of the current situation, there are many occasions where you may be looking for that perfect gift. We have lots of products like dinnerware, serving pieces, and wall art that make great gifts for recent graduates, fathers, and newlyweds. Why not give a gift that gives back to the community! OF

Their Items are either Stoneware and Terra Cotta with Non Toxic Glazes . Go to website or Links Provided here for additional details and more Photos.
(will continue with a few more items they are offering a few Sections / Features Below
WOW CHECK THIS OUT : A chance to see the hit plays you may have missed when they had their stellar runs over the last 8 years. Proceeds support the actors and crew of each play. A great way to see some terrific theater AND support our local artists! Visit theatrexp.org for more info and access.

OUR 6 "LOOKING BACK" ON-LINE PHOTOGRAPHIC EXHIBITIONS IN THIS ISSUE : Pt. 1 "Classic Hollywood Photos", Pt. 4 "LIFE IN AMERICA IN THE 1950s", Pt. 3 of 3 "LIFE IN NYC 1960's", Pt. 3 "101 HISTORICAL PHOTOS", & (Encoring) A Reader Favorite for Many Weeks a Few Years Ago "GROOVY HISTORY" WWW.GROOVYHISTORY.COM
Last week in the May 18th Issue we had a Feature on OKW ; Please go the May 18th Issue Link to See Photos of the Feature ; of course please go to their Website / FB URL'S May 18th Issue Link  https://conta.cc/2LFijsp

(OKW) Robin Smith-Martin's "Our Key West" Photo Shoot that I did over a Month Ago Featuring Photographer Kristen Onderdonk

ALAEN LEDESMA FERNANDEZ Curator of Hundreds of Latin Artists
WE CONTINUE WITH PART 1 OF 2 (in May 25 & June 1 Issues) Alaen Ledesma Fernandez (305-849-8515) is Representing a Few Paintings from a Few of the Artists he's Curated these many YearsHere are 3 from Jesus Nodarse The 3 Below are

El Arlequín(The harlequin) Mixed media on canvas 20 x 16 in
JESUS NODARSE | Tu Miedo(Your Fear) | mixed media on cardboard |12 x 16 in
Tocando alto (Getting higher) Mixed media on canvas
53 x 79 in

We start start Part 3 of perhaps 6 weeks "101 Amazing Historical Photos" from a Large You Tube Provider "Yesterday / Today" . They have Hundreds of really Interesting Videos that will show STILL Photography on whatever Subject Matter They Are Featuring.

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