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Saturday, April 18, 2020


APRIL 20, 2020 : In this Issue
Extremely Important City of KW , MCSO, CDC, & Other Very Useful Material-Links-Video Contained in JUST 1 Area Close to the End ( Format Purposesly done to give you a weekly Entertainment Getaway w/o Interruptions from the Serious Stuff)
In This Issue also : Mini Musical Concerts from Local Artists from Watch Parties + Other Entertaining Videos + Photographs from Locals Sharing. Two More Features going out to our 8150 Weekly Readers : Extensive Art Gallery Listings with Photos & An Extensive Website / FB Listing of Many Organizations in KW. Plus a few Classic Records from my U-Tube Collection. Every Issue I add additional Materials to above Features (esp. Crisis Info. Section & will keep it in for a few weeks). Of Course Primarily in Every Issue the Past 8 Years : Great Art, Eco-Nature Features, Entertainment Features & News from ALL the Org. and Venues, On-Line Photographic Exhibitions & So Much More. Of Course the Many Event Features that are in the Issues (Pre & Post Event) Will Resume Very Soon. Here are three Local Groups Making Masks to Order :
Riet Says : In Marathon we have a group of 6 seamstresses and 4 cutting out fabric, working on this.
Riet Steinmetz, 305/849/5793,

Key West Mayor Teri Johnston and Monroe County Sheriff Risk Ramsay Delivering Regularly Important Emergency Video Messages both Contain some Positive News. Go to the ONE Section toward the End of the Issue to Find Local and Some National "Virus" News & Very Important Links Inc. The Links to these 2 Videos Below from The Mayor (4-17-2020) & MCSO Sheriff Ramsay (4-14-2020)
PRODUCER /REPORTER, AND ON-AIR TALENT STEPHANIE LEONE RIVAS and (OCI) ONE CLEAN ISLAND has in this Issue and in other Various Venues( Like Facebook) Two 5 & 8 Minute Interviews with Commissioner Sam Kaufman and KWPD Chief Sean Brandenburg. . Links to the Interviews in our Crisis Info. Section + A Video Message from County Mayor Heather Carruthers
Our Feature on the Owner and Curator of the Key Largo Art Gallery CARMEN SOTOLONGO KELLEY
Up Shortly the Eric Anfinson & Gabiella Fiabane Exhibition and Reception at Adele's GingerBread Square
623 Duval St. 305-292-4998
Up in a Few Features : A New On-Line Photographic Exhibition "WONDERFUL VINTAGE PHOTOS FAMOUS DADS WITH THEIR DAUGHTERS"
The Brilliant Mind of J.F. Gadbois : 3 Parts in the April 13th. Issue
Mike Rooney Exhibition at Nance Franks's Gallery on Greene

2 Parts in This Issue

Part 9 of the Photographic Exhibition "RARE AND MIND BLOWING HISTORICAL PHOTOS"
More Must See Rare & Historical Photos Up Shortly
The Above Photos & Many Additional Can be Found on You-Tube through SPOOF, as well as Similar U-Tube Providers like "Yesterday Today" , "A World of Pics" & Other Groups providing Tens of Thousands of Interesting Photos. This Week we start a Few Weeks / Parts of a On-Line Photo Exhibition "Famous Men with their Daughter/s" .

Here are the Last three Issue Links to go back after reading this April 20 Issue. March 30th ;April 7th Issue April 13th.  

IMPORTANT NOTE : I have an Extensive Section of Photos on the Art Galleries along with the Names/Addresses & Websites/FB URLs of the Galleries, Museums, & a Few Other Arts & Entertainment Environments.. Then I have a Very Extensive Listing (with Website Links-Ph. #s, & FB Urls) of other Organizations that I've Featured in the Past 8 Years. These Two Sections are Closer to the Bottom and will Appear Immediately before the Crisis Info. Section and Immediately After .
This Issue also has Part 29 of the 750 Classic Auto Show from WWW.GOLDCOASTCRUISERS.ORG
Here are a few Photos Posted by a Few of Our Key West Citizens : Reef Perkins ( also a few brief videos from Him in Our Video Section), XP Theatre's Melody G. Moore & Bob Bowersox, Canadian's National Treasure Playwright & Actor Brian Gordon Sinclair Sends "Regards & Misses KW & Performing His Hemingway One Man Shows", A Frequent Contributor / Executive Contributing Editor Alaen Ledesma Fernandez starts Next Week A Look Back the Last Few Years of the Many Amazing Shows he has Curated (Many with the Florida Keys Council of the Arts)
+ a Group Shot of Larry Baeder & Some Great Talent
EVERYONE'S Good Friend and Reporter Extraordinaire Hays Blinckmann Produced an awesome Video "Days of the T-REX"; Here a few Stills & closer to the end of this Issue are a Few Links to Past "Watch Parties" and other Excellent Videos inc. Hays and T-Rex. Another Photo from Alyson Crean Below. Also Below and Featured Next Week Photos from Todd German Inc. Many Orchid Pics & On-Line Sculpture Exhibition from Sandy Sun + This Just In another On-Line Exhibition from Ralph DePalma Featuring just a few shots from the Thousands of photographs of our Local Musicians
We Now Start the Eric Anfinson and Gabriella Fiabane Exhibitions at Adele's GingerBread Square GalleryWWW.GINGERBREADSQUAREGALLERY.COM
1207 Duval Street 305-296-8900

In This Issue 2 Parts & Next Week Many Close Ups of their Art
More Photos of Dads and Daughter/s Next Week. Last Week I received a Post from Marky Pierson and I started to look at his Photos & they Reminded me that He and His Gang have Produced so many Brilliant & Entertaining Events. So Here is Part 2 of the Photos I'm Sharing from Marky Pierson and Wonder Dog Productions. This Issue has 2 Parts.
The Very First Virtual COMPLETELY ON-LINE AND TV with LIVE Interface from Citizens "Commission Meeting". Of Course you can see it in Reruns on TV and WWW.CITYOFKEYWEST-FL.GOV
NEXT ONE IS TUESDAY APRIL 21 5pm and below is Information on How to Participate
April 15, 2020
Due to the current state of emergency, the April 21st Key West City Commission meeting will be conducted virtually. This will maintain social distancing to protect our citizens and our commissioners.
The City has created several ways that the community can participate in the meeting.
To participate in the City Commission meeting on April 21st, which begins at 5 p.m., you have the following options:
1. Listen to the meeting via phone: You may listen to the audio only from your phone by dialing 1-646-558 8656 and when the meeting ID is requested, enter 950 463 489 and then press the # key.
2. Tune in live to Key West Comcast channel 77 or AT&T channel 99.
3. Watch the meeting online: You may access Key West City TV live by visiting:, click on meetings/live TV then click on “watch Key West City TV Live.” Click on the play button to view. Note: You may have to adjust your browser settings for optimal streaming. Not all browsers support flash.
How to provide public comment prior to the meeting:
To make an eComment, click the “agendas and minutes” button on the City’s home page. Next to the current agenda, you’ll find an eComment link on the right side of the screen for the appropriate meeting.
Or you can click on to get to the agenda. Click on the eComment link on the right side of the screen for the appropriate meeting.
You may also provide written comments by emailing City Clerk Cheri Smith by 3 p.m. April 21st at All other written comments received by the deadline will be distributed to the Mayor and Commissioners and the appropriate staff prior to the start of the meeting.
How to provide comment during the meeting: 
To request to speak during the virtual meeting, please sign up to speak through eComments prior to the start of the meeting to be placed on a list. The last four digits of the phone number you call in on will need to be provided in your eComment, this will be used to identify you as the speaker. Please dial *9 when your item comes up on the agenda.
You will need to follow the instructions on listening to the meeting via phone, when your name is called, you will be unmuted and you will have 3 minutes to speak. The average number of words for a three minute speech is between 300 and 350 words.
For those individuals who may not have access to view the meeting by any of the virtual means provided above, there will be a laptop setup outside of City Hall for live streaming. Please practice social distancing and keep six feet away from those around you. If you would like to speak on an item, please call the City Clerk’s Office at 305-809-33835. 
Some Features Next Week in the April 27th. Issue : About 10 of the Hundreds Art Works at Effusion Gallery, Lilian Van Hest gets an award from the Pres. of Impromptu Classical Concerts of Key West (George Korn) + The Week After a Feature on Natalia Kazaryan the Pianist that performed Last , A Visit to Robin Martin Smith's "Our Key West" Featuring the Photography of Kristen Onderdonk and her Classic Cuban Street Cars, and a Visit to Skita Yoga, and a Visit to Hollywood Beach and a Good Friend's Resort on the Beach (Coral House) and a great Network & Beach Party. PLUS Our Three Current On-Line Photographic Exhibitions.

An Amazing On-Line and Hardcopy Selection of Books; many from Keys Authors
WWW.GROOVYHISTORY.COM . This Weekly Feature Lasted Many Weeks a few Years Ago & We Gave credit to their many Editors and will do again in weeks to come. We Had a Few in the March 30th Issue; and will have many in the Upcoming Issues and a Few This Week Up Shortly. Below Marilyn Monroe with John F Kennedy and Robert Kennedy
Matt Stock Visited KW & TSKW a Few Years ago & The Last Few Issues had about 25 Photos
Thank You Kevin and Staff for Providing US with an awesome Group; Now more then ever providing GREAT Info to the Entire Population. Your Chamber Like Org. is Amazing Providing Great Mixers and Luncheons and Support.

Key West Business Guild
 808 Duval St. 305-294-4603
WWW.GAYKEYWESTFL.COM 808 Duval St. 305-294-4603.

Executive Director Misha McRae sends Regards and this bit of Info....
"While field trips and educational programs at the Botanical Gardens have been postponed, our Garden Education Team is still hard at work creating and sharing resources for students of all ages. Follow the Key West Tropical Forest & Botanical Garden on Facebook for the latest videos and activities! Educators are also ready to collaborate on developing customized resources, free of charge, to best meet the needs of your students; email  to get started." Sincerely, Mr. Misha D. McRAE, Executive Director, Key West Botanical Garden Society, Inc.
5210 College Road, Key West, Florida 33040, (305) 296-1504 ofc.
(305) 296-2242fax

WWW.KEYWEST.GARDEN  5210 College Rd. 305-296-1505

Here is a Watch Party Video (4 Minutes) from Husband and Wife (Actors) Kevin Bacon & Wife Kyra Sedgwick Playing Guitar and Singing ( Very Entertaining ) ("In Spite of Ourselves" by John Prine") Thanks Linda Fryer for Post. Additional Videos closer to the End. PS : Kevin You were Brilliant in HBO's "City on a Hill" SPEAKING ABOUT Actresses ; A fast Hello to Kelly McGillis One of Our Favorites Actresses. Ms. McGillis is a Regular Reader of The Keys Blast From Ed Krane & Friends. Every Few Years for the last 4 decades ; I turn off the Lights & Phone and watch Kelly, Timothy Hutton, & Debra Winger in "Made in Heaven" and Cry Tears of Joy and Raw Outpouring of Emotion..Thanks for the Continued Support of The Kelly McGillis Classic International Women's and Girls Flag Football Championship This is a World League that has a Championship Round here in KW Every Year. I so Love being on the sidelines and Field and Shooting. Thank You Diane for bringing this to KW. WWW.IWFFA.COM
Parts 1 & 2 of the Mac Stone On-Line Photographic Exhibition was the 3/30 and 4/13 Issues. We have Featured Mac a few Times in current years. Here is Pt. 3 of 3. The Photographs of MAC STONE have Appeared in many Publications Inc. National Geographic WWW.MACSTONEPHOTO.COM Go to Mac Stone's
Websites and see the Thousands of Photos he's taken around the world many times.

Here is Just one of Many Books that Mac has Published
You definitely want to check out WWW.KONKLIFE.COM and WWW.THEBLUEPAPER.COM for Daily Very Important Information.

Here are the Links to the April 13, April 7th, March 30th & 3/23 Issues with Lots of Art and Photographic Exhibitions
APRIL 13, 2020  APRIL 7, 2020
MARCH 30, 2020 and here is the Link to the March 23rd Issue
We Continue with Our Feature on the Owner and Curator of the Key Largo Art Gallery CARMEN SOTOLONGO KELLEY
We Continue with Mike Rooney's Exhibition at Nance Franks's Gallery on Greene

WWW.KWAHS.ORG 281 Front St. 305-295-6616
The Custom House, LightHouse Keepers Quarters (on Whitehead St.) , East Fort Martello Tower/Museum, Tennessee Williams Museum on Truman Ave.

We Now Continue with Eric Anfinson and Gabriella Fiabane Exhibitions at Adele's GingerBread Square GalleryWWW.GINGERBREADSQUAREGALLERY.COM
1207 Duval Street 305-296-8900

Next Week Eric sent us some of his recent works that we'll be Featuring ..Thanks Emma and Eric.

Pushed back another Week : Some of the Features in the April 27, 2020 Issue More Art from Effusion Gallery, George Korn giving Lillian Van Hest an Award for being a Long Time Associate of Impromptu Classical Concert of KW, The Opening of the Rick Worth & AD Tinkham Exhibition at Letty Nowak's New "Jag Gallery" , A visit to my Friends Beach Hotel "Coral House" on the Ocean in Hollywood Beach ( The Last Network Party in FTL for a little while") WWW.CORALHOUSEHOTEL.COM 324 Indiana St. 954-922-9411, & Photos from Todd German and the Ceramics of Sandy Sun + Just in Another On-line Photographic Exhibition from Ralph DePalma Featuring just a few of the Thousands of Local Musicians /Groups he has shot.

We Continue with "PHOTOS THAT MARKY PIERSON & WONDERDOG PRODUCTION". As mentioned earlier Marky and his Gang are responsible creating and Producing many of the Yearly Events. These Photos are Taken off his FB Page. WWW.WONDERDOGSTUDIOS.COM & 600 White St. 305-619-2275

UP SHORTLY WE CONTINUE with the Eric Anfinson and Gabriella Fiabane Exhibition at GingerBread Square Gallery and the Gallery on Greene's Exhibition / Reception for Mike Rooney
More Marky Up Shortly. Now PART 29 : WWW.GOLDCOASTCRUISERS.ORG Classic Car Club. Every Year they do a 750 Classic Car Exhibition on Glen Cove LI NY. I took 1000 Photos.
More of Part 29 of the Gold Coast Classic Automobile Exhibition Up Shortly
Now the Obvious Reasons to Include the Two Photos with Two Beautiful Women and a Handsome Man Above certainly exist ; However the Woman with Mike and Nance (will try to find name before Publish Date) is One of the Largest Rooney Collectors in the World. The April 27th Issue should have some additional Works from Mike Rooney
The April 27th. Issue will have a few Pieces of the few Hundred Varied Art from Effusion Art Gallery. EFFUSION GALLERY701 Duval St.
305-735-4345  WWW.EFFUSION.COM

NEXT Some really cool stuff FROM THE THE STUDIO OF KEY WEST but First

WWW.DOITKEYWEST.COM 305-440-0529 2011 Flagler Ave. 
The below Site has Past and Current Issues of The Keys Blast from Ed Krane & Friends
& Here is her Realty Company Info.

HERE IS ONE MORE HOUSE THAT HAS AN OUTSIDE SPACE THAT CAN BE FOUND IN 5-10M Houses..Here is the Two Minute Video Link Produced by Brilliant Social Media and Videographer and 1 of my 2 Campaign Mgrs from my Mayoral Race in 2016 : GinaCarlo Espinosa WWW.FOREVERSTUDIOSKW.COM
The 2 Minute Video Tour will take you all over the Beautiful Outside Property as well as Inside the House
THERE are about 30 still photos from this STEAL of an Amazing House..I believe the Video will have further info on how to get pics; and once again you must see the Video; plus the House is PRICED RIGHT.
We Continue with Eric Anfinson and Gabriella Fiabane Exhibitions at Adele's GingerBread Square GalleryWWW.GINGERBREADSQUAREGALLERY.COM
1207 Duval Street 305-296-8900

TSKW will be starting On-Line Classes
Students will meet online over 4 Mondays : 27, May 4, May 11 & May 18, 4-6pm
Registration: $150, $125 mbrs.. t 8 students

Great for all ages!
Local Keys artists have created a collection of line art drawings for YOU to color at home! We’ll share one drawing each week on our Facebook page, or you can download the drawing and print it right here!

We’ll pick one colored-in drawing at random each week to win a $25 gift certificates to Books & Books@The Studios!
How to enter:
- Don't have a printer at home? Pick up a drawing from the box outside The Studios' entrance.
- Post it to Facebook with the hashtag #DiscoverKeyWestArtists
by Thursday, April 23 for a chance to win!
- The next drawing will be by Pam Hobbs, look for it next week.

The first week's drawing was created by Kristyn LaMoia, an emerging Key West artist who has been honing her artistic skills since she could hold a crayon. She works as a graphic designer / illustrator by day, and creates absurdly imaginative pieces of art by night. Her work has previously been displayed at The Studios of Key West and Effusion Gallery.

And don't forget Books & Books @ The Studios delivers art supplies!
Here is the URL Link for the Complete E-Mail Campaign that this material was taken from.

Thanks Jed and your Team for the Amazing Creative Hard Work You All Do.
Janice Gary
Kristyn Lamoia Will give you details on the April 2020 Exhibitions that were Previewed On-Line on First Thursday. Here are the Names "Pisces" by Kyla Piscopink, "Floral Feast" by Katlin Spain, "Varied On-Line April Exhibitions", "None of the Above" by Sally Binard
Now We Start a New Series from the Gang at The Key West Film Festival : FLASHBACK FRIDAY


Key West prides itself on being One Human Family, and we at KWFF wish our community health and safety. Whether you are reading this in Key West or from other towns across the world, we are all in this together.

We're sure you've been watching a lot of stuff at home, so we're here to help change things up. Each Friday - #FlashbackFriday - we'll be posting one of a kind Q&As from past festivals, along with info on where to watch the movie associated with the talk. 

These talks are what make KWFF a truly unique experience, and we are so excited to share them with you. For those of you that were there in person, here's a chance to relive them!

Flashback Friday returns with a bit of a twist this week. KWFF 2019 featured one of the most powerful conversations we've ever hosted - Director Kimberly Peirce and the 20th Anniversary of BOYS DON'T CRY.

It was a big year for the film, with multiple stories written about the seminal LGBT film, and the distinct honor of the film being invited to the Library of Congress. KWFF was the only festival to honor Ms. Peirce in person. Having grown up in Miami, Kimberly and her father came down to the Keys many times, but it had been decades since her last visit. 

Needless to say, it was an incredible experience all around having her at the festival. The conversation was moderated by Eugene Hernandez, who is now the Director of the New York Film Festival, and Brian Brooks.

And as a bonus... we've included Kimberly's VERY inspiring acceptance speech for her Golden Key Award at our Awards Ceremony. These annual ceremonies are not to be missed, and seeing Kimberly's speech will give you a great taste of them!

Oh, more surprise! We have ANOTHER bonus, a very special personal note from Kimberly Peirce for these uncertain times, recorded just this afternoon to you from her house in LA. 

Stay safe, healthy, and sane! We hope to see you all in November! 

~KWFF Team

You can watch the film on any of these sites:

The three Pics below Click 3 Above Links Starting with Kimberly with a video she just shot of her in Self Quarantine in her LA Home, Then an Interview with Eugene Hernandez, and lastly receiving the Golden Key Award at the 2019 KWFF Sat, Night Awards Ceremony.. PS : Kimberly so nice meeting you last year ; you are so nice; and so love the Leather. Ed
BY FAR ONE OF THE BEST RESTAURANTS IN TOWN ; Thanks Michael and Heather & Staff

WWW.MANGIA-MANGIA.COM 900 Southard Street 305-294-2469
I believe they are OPEN and selling Homemade Pasta Sauces and their Usual Gourmet Food..Here is a FB Shout out from Heather and Michael the Last Few Days : "Homemade Pasta & Sauces; located in the heart of old town Key West; abundant servings and low prices; seafood; Excellent Wine and Beer offerings; winner of Wine Spectator Award of Excellence"
The Keys Blast from Ed Krane and Friends uses Constant Contact for our Database Management and Production. It's amazingly Easy and the Customer Support is second to none (With a Tie with Dell). Next Week I'll tell of the OUTSTANDING Help Dell Computer & Our Local Keys Technology gave me the Last Few Weeks) Sorry for the Push Back but want to give careful thoughts to these compliments and always have a Deadline. WWW.CONSTANTCONTACT.COM 866-289-2101
Now More from Marky Pierson & His Gang WWW.WONDERDOGSTUDIOS.COM & 600 White St. 305-619-2275 and up in a few Features "Must See Rare and Historical Photos"
Thanks Marky Pierson ; WWW.WONDERDOGSTUDIOS.COM 600 White St. 305-619-2275
Please go to the last Three Issues to see Many Photos and Art and Features from March 30 and April 7 and April 13  

WWW.FKCC.EDU  305-296-9081
5901 College Rd.

Media Contact: Amber Ernst-Leonard
CFK Director of Marketing & Public Relations
 CFK’s VIP Series goes virtual with “Crabs and Coral Reef Restoration” on Facebook Live on April 21
CFK marine science instructor Dr. Jason Spadaro holds a large Caribbean King crab off the coast of Belize. Photo by Zack Foltz and edited by Scott Jones of the Smithsonian Institution.  Right: A crab foraging on a coral reef in the Florida Keys.  Photo by Jason Spadaro.
KEY WEST, FL, April 15, 2020—The College of the Florida Keys continues its 2020 VIP Series through COVID-19 stay at home orders by going virtual.  Dr. Jason Spadaro, CFK marine science and technology professor, will broadcast his presentation, "How crabs may offer new hope for the restoration of Florida’s iconic coral reefs," live from his home through the College’s Facebook page at on Tuesday, April 21 at 7 p.m.
Dr. Spadaro will discuss the role herbivorous crabs can play in facilitating coral reef restoration efforts in the Caribbean and Florida Keys. These large crustacean grazers may be the key to turning the tide of the battle between corals and algae and to improving conditions for coral reef community recovery.
The presentation closes the seventh season of CFK’s VIP Series, which was sponsored by Centennial Bank and provides the community with opportunities to learn from the visions, ideas, and perspectives of speakers of local, regional, and national prominence.  For more information, call CFK at 305-296-9081 or visit

We Now Continue with the last batch of photos from the Photographic Exhibition "LA IN THE 1930s"Up Next but First an Important Announcement from WWW.HOMETOWNKEYWEST.COM

The 2020 election resource
for candidates, voters and media.

Dear Incumbents and Candidates in the 2020 Elections,

Hometown has canceled its “Call for Candidates’ forum scheduled for April 13, at Salute. It has become a tradition to open the campaign/election cycle with this event so that incumbents, candidates and those simply “testing the waters” can speak to the voters as to proposed ideas and concepts for our vibrant community.

This year Hometown again unveils its candidate and election information resource for Monroe County voters, incumbents, candidates, the media and all those interested in good government. Remember: Hometown members are SuperVoters—they vote in every election-primary & general, making it more important than ever to take advantage of this platform.

Hometown's Design Team has developed individual candidate spaces that will offer the Hometown website visitor (voters and media) more information about you!

Hometown offers a chance for you to get your message out—we will post your photo, contact information (telephone, email address, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram info), and a short written statement (no more than 150 words) on Hometown’s website ( Hometown is also prepared to add, in light of the possible future lack of campaign rallies, Forums, Q&A Events and other voter contacts, the posting of a three-minute video setting forth each candidate’s vision of why he/she should be elected and what his/her views are on the most important issues facing his/her electorate.

IMPORTANT: Please send the following information to Hometown’s computer agent: Kelli Funkhouser at

1.  Head Shot: High Resolution (if not already sent)
2. Email address and Telephone/Twitter –Instagram Info
3.  Address (for campaign contribution checks :-)
4.  Narrative 100 - 150 word count-to be strictly enforced--
5.  Facebook & Website link
6.  Video of Candidate Speaking-no longer than 3 minutes

Please send your video to Ms. Funkhouser and she will upload that to Hometown’s YouTube Channel and use that same video on the website. If you already have your own YouTube Channel and would prefer we use one of your existing YouTube videos (not exceeding three minutes), please send the URL of the page that has the video you would like.

Please keep in mind: Hometown cannot process your information if received in bits and pieces.

“It is important for voters to have access to candidate information before the Mail by Vote ballots land in voters’ mailboxes,” said Hometown Board Chairman Todd German. “Our mission is simple - Informed Voters Promote Good Government.”

It is uncertain when future events will be held prior to the primary. The primary deals in large part with contested partisan county, state and federal races to be ultimately decided in the November election. It is, however, a misnomer as to other non-partisan races such as Key West mayor and city commissioners, school board, etc—for these offices, it is the general election.

If candidates are limited in holding a pre-primary rally, and Hometown does not conduct events and forums that enable candidates to meet with and discuss issues with voters, then you, the other candidates, the voters, and the community are without the means to understand and opine on significant matters that may well alter our future.

Some candidates have already sent in a photo, contact info, and a brief statement. See for example, Craig CatesDanise “DeeDee” Henriquez, and Robby Majeska. (Go to and click on 2020 Elections and then click on the name of the candidate.)
DEADLINE—in order to be posted, Hometown must receive everything as soon as possible and in any event, no later than April 30. If you do not want to post everything requested or anything at all, that is your choice. Just please let us know. Thanks.

Why would you not take advantage of this?
Send in your info as listed (#1 to #6) above. 

What are you waiting for?

Kimberley Denney Highsmith, Director /
Sheldon Davidson, Board Member Emeritus/

Now "Must See Rare and Historical Photos" ( Not Necessarily both; Since A photo of a Younger Cheryl Tiegs may be interesting to Some / Many this Hardly is Historical.
WWW.ZAZOOART.COM 622 Duval St. 305-294-8925.

James and Jason & Don Oriolo Send Regards "& Look forward to Very Soon Welcoming you back to The Gallery. In the Meantime; we'll continue Sending Collector Updates & Of course Ed will continue to Insert Past Materials"

We are offering an amazing collectible featuring
a John Lennon signed personal check presented with a historic fine art photograph...

' Original John Lennon PERSONAL Check '

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