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Sunday, April 12, 2020


APRIL 13, 2020 : In this Issue
Extremely Important City of KW , MCSO, CDC, & Other Very Useful Material-Links-Video Contained in JUST 1 Area Close to the End ( Purposesly done to give you a weekly Entertainment Getaway w/o Interruptions from the Serious Stuff)
In This Issue also : Musical Concerts from Local Artists from Watch Parties + Other Entertaining Videos + Photographs from Locals Sharing. Two More Features : Extensive Art Gallery Listings with Photos & An Extensive Website / FB Listing of Many of the Organizations in KW. Plus a few Classic Records from my U-Tube Collection. Every Issue I add additional Materials to above Features. Of Course Primarily in Every Issue the Past 8 Years : Great Art, Eco-Nature Features, Entertainment Features & News from ALL the Org. and Venues, On-Line Photographic Exhibitions & So Much More. Of Course the Many Event Features (Pre & Post) Will Resume Very Soon. Two Local Groups Making Masks to Order :
Key West Mayor Teri Johnston and Monroe County Sheriff Risk Ramsay Delivering Regularly Important Emergency Video Messages both Contain some Positive News. Go to the ONE Section toward the End of the Issue to Find Local and Some National "Virus" News & Very Important Links Inc. The Links to these 2 Videos Below
The Brilliant Mind of J.F. Gadbois : 3 Parts in this Issue
Part 8 of the Photographic Exhibition "RARE AND MIND BLOWING HISTORICAL PHOTOS"
The Above Photos & Many Additional Can be Found on You-Tube through SPOOF, as well as Similar U-Tube Providers llike "Yesterday Today" , "A World of Pics" & Other Groups (More Up Shortly). A few Features Down is Part 5 of 5 from Our Photographic Exhibition "LA IN THE 1930S" , & Part 2 of 2 "Living Traditions : The School of Mario Sanchez" , from the March 2020 The Studios of Key West Exhibitions WWW.TSKW.ORG Go Back to the March 30th & April 7th. Issues to see ALL the Parts 1 & 2 of ALL 3 Exhibitions ; which Inc. the other two TSKW March Exhibitions by Lisa D. Watson "Deer Humans" & "Legalized Love" by David Genest
also come up here to see the April 7th Issue ( when I mention Last Week) to look at the Prior Parts or just want to read the entire 4/7 when you are Finished with this April 13th Issue

IMPORTANT NOTE : I have an Extensive Section of Photos on the Art Galleries along with the Names/Addresses & Websites/FB URLs of the Galleries, Museums, & a Few Other Arts & Entertainment Environments.. Then I have a Very Extensive Listing (with Website Links-Ph. #s, & FB Urls) of other Organizations that I've Featured in the Past 8 Years. These Two Sections are Closer to the Bottom and will Appear Immediately before the Crisis Info. Section and Immediately After .

Up Next an Encore Feature from Last Week from Svetlana Smolina.; the World Renowned Classical Concert Pianist's . The Feature has a Video of Svetlana's Recent Appearance with the South Florida Symphony Orchestra in Key West.
This Issue also has Part 28 of the 750 Classic Auto Show from WWW.GOLDCOASTCRUISERS.ORG
Here are a few Photos Posted by a Few of Our Key West Citizens.. First 2 by Alyson Crean, Larry Baeder, A Painting by Dick Moody "Colorful Day at The Beach" Mahogany Sequester Art, Next Week : Lots of Photos from Todd German (Mostly Orhids) & Few other Interesting Images He Shot & Also Next Week Everyone's Good Friend Sandy Sun Treats Us to some of her Art.
EVERYONE'S Good Friends Erin Stover-Sickmen and Caroline Stover-Sickmen..Erin Posts with a few Pics
"Big big big thanks to my wife who encouraged me to choose happiness over finances today and buy the thing that would really bring me joy right now. I've been getting out on the water however/whenever/wherever I can lately. It's been my exercise and my solace. I've wanted a board for a long time but the current situation was my push to finally nab one."
The Two Below are from Alyson Crean and Artist Hazel Griffiths (Let's do an On-Line Art Exhibition Soon) wishing Everyone a Happy Easter , PassOver and all the other Celebrations...
Of Course Many of Us are getting Greetings and Posts, Texts, Phone Calls : It's Amazing The Networking Going On. Received something from Marky Pierson and Wonder Dog Productions; and I started Looking at Some of His Photos; and will Share a Few Here in This Issue and Next Week. Thanks Marky and thanks for ALL the Brilliant Events and Creativity. Many OF YOUR PHOTOS Up Shortly
The Very First Virtual COMPLETELY ON-LINE AND TV with LIVE Interface from Citizens "Commission Meeting". Of Course you can see it in Reruns on TV and WWW.CITYOFKEYWEST-FL.GOV

Svetlana Smolina World Famous Pianists Plays with the South Florida Symphony Orchestra Every Year. Here is Her Performance a Few Months Ago. WWW.SVETLANSMOLINA.COM
WWW.SOUTHFLORIDASYMPHONY.ORG .Of course come back to this GREAT 34 Minute Video made by Giancarlo Espinosa Outstanding Videographer; after you read the magazine. Thanks Svetlana.
UP SHORTLY A SNEAK PREVIEW (from Photos) of some Features Next Week ; Like a Visit to Hollywood Beach and a Good Friend's Resort on the Beach (Coral House) and a great Network & Beach Party
The Last Two weeks we've Featured One of my Favorite Artists ; go to the Last Few Issues to see his Works and of Course go to Below Website..and Below Two More Paintings Not Inserted Before.
Many of Cheval's Works can be found at ALL The Wyland Galleries with Key West Leading the way with the Largest Displays of Cheval's..WWW.WYLANDGALLERIESOFTHEFLORIDAKEY.COM

An Amazing On-Line and Hardcopy Selection of Books; many from Keys Authors
Many Upcoming Issues we'll Feature Many Photos from WWW.GROOVYHISTORY.COM . This Weekly Feature Lasted Many Week & We Gave credit to their many Editors and will do again in weeks to come. We Had a Few in the March 30th Issue; and will have many Next Week.
Part 1 of Our Encore TSKW Feature from a Few Years Ago was in 3/30, Pt. 2 will be in 4/14. The Photographs of MATT STOCK
These Two Parts / Weeks of our On-Line Photographic Exhibition from Matt Stock are just a Few of the Thousands of Photos. Go to his website WWW.MATTSTOCK.COM and Find Out about a Few of Matt's Techniques.
Thank You Kevin and Staff for Providing US with an awesome Group; Now more then ever providing GREAT Info to the Entire Population. Your Chamber Like Org. is Amazing Providing Great Mixers and Luncheons and Support.

Key West Business Guild
 808 Duval St. 305-294-4603
WWW.GAYKEYWESTFL.COM 808 Duval St. 305-294-4603.

One of the Three March Exhibitions at The Studios of Key West WWW.TSKW.COM was "LIVING TRADITIONS THE SCHOOL OF MARIO SANCHEZ" to a Jam Packed Reception a few Weeks Ago. Here is Part 2 of 2. Due to Time Constraints and working these photos off of an External Drive on a new 5584 and not my Dell 5559 in the Shop for a Minor Part Replacement; I can't do the usual ART Idents..(Artist, Size, Name of Piece, & Medium). Further EXCELLENT Compliments to Dell Computer and Right here in Key West : Keys Technology in the 4/20 Issue.. Here are the artists Involved : Mario Sanchez, Mario Suarez, Andy Thurber, Ronny Bailey, Wayne Garcia. Pardon if I left anyone Out..But of course visit the Studios of Key West Website WWW.TSKW.ORG , Great Work...The Other Two TSKW Exhbitions "Deer Humans" by Lisa Watson and "Legalized Love " by David Genest can be found in the March 30th & April 7th. Issues ( Links Above)
INTERESTING NOTE ; THE IMMEDIATE TWO BELOW INTAGLIO WORKS ARE FROM 7yo Christine Barrows and (9yo Antony Barrows; How Awesome is this.
More "LIVING TRADITIONS THE SCHOOL OF MARIO SANCHEZ" from WWW.TSKW.ORG UP Shortly. To see Part 1 of this Feature GO TO The March 30 Issue Link at the Beginning of this Issue
Here is a Watch Party Video (4 Minutes) from Husband and Wife (Actors) Kevin Bacon & Wife Kyra Sedgwick Playing Guitar and Singing ( Very Entertaining ) ("In Spite of Ourselves" by John Prine") Thanks Linda Fryer for Post. Additional Videos closer to the End. PS : Kevin You were Brilliant in HBO's "City on a Hill" SPEAKING ABOUT Actresses ; A fast Hello to Kelly McGillis One of Our Favorites Actresses. Ms. McGillis is a Regular Reader of The Keys Blast From Ed Krane & Friends. Every Few Years for the last 4 decades ; I turn off the Lights & Phone and watch Kelly, Timothy Hutton, & Debra Winger in "Made in Heaven" and Cry Tears of Joy and Raw Outpouring of Emotion..Thanks for the Continued Support of The Kelly McGillis Classic International Women's and Girls Flag Football Championship This is a World League that has a Championship Round here in KW Every Year. I so Love being on the sidelines and Field and Shooting. Thank You Diane for bringing this to KW. WWW.IWFFA.COM
Part 1 of the Mac Stone On-Line Photographic Exhibition was the 3/30. Here is Pt. 2 of 2. The Photographs of MAC STONE have Appeared in many Publications Inc. National Geographic WWW.MACSTONEPHOTO.COM Go to Mac Stone's
' Websites and see the Thousands of Photos he's taken around the world many times.

One of Mac's Latest Books
You definitely want to check out WWW.KONKLIFE.COM and WWW.THEBLUEPAPER.COM for Daily Very Important Information.

Here are the Links to the March 30th & 3/23 Issues with Lots of Art and Photographic Exhibitions
MARCH 30, 2020 and here is the Link to the March 23rd Issue MARCH 23, 2020
PART 5 "LA IN THE 1930'S UP SHORTLY with TSKW WWW.TSKW.ORG March Exhibitions "Living Legends the School of Mario Sanchez" More of Each Up Next
Sent to me from Decades Old Friend in NYC (Francesca) An Amazing Beauty ( ) and so Nice. Thanks Francesca for Our Long & Great Friendship; will be reaching out to Colette to See How She Is.
WWW.KWAHS.ORG 281 Front St. 305-295-6616
The Custom House, LightHouse Keepers Quarters (on Whitehead St.) , East Fort Martello Tower/Museum, Tennessee Williams Museum on Truman Ave.
Some of the Features in the April 20, 2020 Issue : Eric Anfinson & Gabriella Fiabane Exhibition at GingerBread Square Gallery (Keep up the Great Work Adele Gerbracht), Pleased to announce that the Next Issue Features The Owner of the Key Largo Art Gallery Carmen Sotolongo Kelley , More Art from Effusion Gallery, Stephen Muldoon's Visit to Wyland Galleries of the Keys, George Korn giving Lillian Van Hest an Award for being a Long Time Associate of Impromptu Classical Concert of KW, Pt. 2 of the Mike Rooney Reception and Exhibition at Nance's Gallery on the Greene, The Opening of the Rick Worth & AD Tinkham at Letty Nowak's New "Jag Gallery" , A visit to my Friends Beach Hotel "Coral House" on the Ocean in Hollywood Beach ( The Last Network Party in FTL for a little while") WWW.CORALHOUSEHOTEL.COM 324 Indiana St. 954-922-9411, and Jane Gilbert's Exhibition at Salt Island Provision Gallery & Photos from Todd German
Directly Below is a Piece from Carmen Sotolongo Kelley Owner of the Key Largo Art Gallery (Next Week Start a 2 Week-Part Feature on her Art as well as Others

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