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JANUARY 16, 2023 PART 1

Hello Everyone ; the 2023 Magazines will Now have 2 Parts Due to the Amount of Information that I Gladly Insert into the Issues. Part 2 will not have any duplication of Material; just additional material from the Organizations that send material and Events We Cover. Our New 2 Part Format is done to insure that ALL the Material will download successfully. The Keys Blast from Ed Krane and Friends ("Friends being the Many Associate / Executive Contributing Editors) that send me Material & Cover Events. Our Readership has an Active Database of 7890+.

sunflower-field-and-barn-tom-wray _400x267_.jpg

"Car Driven by Outlaws Clyde Barrow & Bonnie Parker when they were Ambushed and Killed by Police in 1934" in Part 4 of 4 in this Issue "45 Fascinating Historical Photos Vol. 2

"Phoenix Airport 1953" from Part 3 of 4 in this issue "40 Interesting Photos from the 1950's

This Issue has Two Parts ; Here are Most of the Features from both Parts

World Renowned Classical Concert Pianist Svetlana Smolina

Zazoo Memorabilia Gallery

KW Butterfly & Nature Conservatory

Key West Art Gallery with Artist of the Stars Adam Scott Rote & Priscilla Presley

Key West Art Gallery and Artist ARVID

Ed's Auto Reviews ( Extremely Clever /Entertaining 8 to 24 Minute Video Links ) "Not Me"

TSKW "Tranformations" Winter Members Show. Ended a few Weeks ago. Photos of the Art

"Funny Stuff" Photos with Humorous Captions

Alyson Crean and The City of Key West Articles

Kristen Livengood and Monroe County Articles

The Michael Palmer Exhibition 1/16 at GingerBread Art Gallery

Letty Nowak's JAG Gallery Next Exhibition Featuring Tory Mata-Paul Blundell, & Sculptor Walter Horak. Opening Exhibition Event Jan 13 5pm

FKSPCA : The Latest Batch of January Adoptees

NOAA / Discovery Center 60 Plus Photos with a few from Local Jack Louden (All 60 Great Nature Photos)

Emma Starr opens LUNA Clothing Boutique 519 Flemming Street

Eric Anfinson Exhibition at the KW Art & Historical Society

KW Library "Cafe Con Libros" and Friends of the Library "Speaker Series"

TSKW "January First Thursday" Photos by Executive Contributing Editor Hays Blickmann

Reef Relief

"45 Historical Photos V2" Part 4 of 4

"40 Interesting Photos from 1950s" Part 3 of 4

 Photos from the December Walk on White

Bill & Linda Photographic Journeys (This Week : Speed Boats & African Leopards)


Last Stand Presents with TSKW on January 28 on Hugh's View "Through the Eyes of Story Telling : What Makes the Keys Unique & Worth Protecting" with 6 Local Authors & MC Gwen Filosa   


Beautiful 2 Million Dollar House for Sale by Realtor Graciela Lozano

Roberta DePiero's Photographic Feature Around the Keys in Part 2 of Our January 16 Issue

Key West Artisan Market

Key Community Concert Band in the Upper Keys

Stone Soup Gallery Featuring Neva Townsend and Deborah Moore

Shade and Shutter Gallery

Walk on White Always 3rd Thur. of the Month. Next : Jan 19 5 to 8pm

Helen Harrison Gallery 825 White Street

South Florida Symphony Orchestra : Housing Needed for the Musicians Jan. 26-28

Latin / Cuban World Renowned Curator Alaen Ledesma Fernandez has a few Exhibitions going on Now

The Studios of Key West

Key West Arts and Historical Society

Key West Business Guild

Kate Miano's Garden Resort & Complete schedules for "Jazz in the Garden" and "d'Vine Wine Gallery"

Florida Keys Council of the Arts Exhibition "200 Years of Island Life"

Wyland Galleries of The Keys and Sarasota Featuring "CHEVAL"

Nance Frank's Gallery on Greene Featuring Priscilla Coote

Williams Hall

Oldest House

Mote Marine Laboratory 

Art Guild of the Purple Isles

Artist Amanda Johnson

CCFK : Community Foundation of the Florida Keys ' Unsung Heroes Feb 3rd. KW Beachside Noon

Key West Tropical Forest & Botanical Garden "Speaker Series" Next Sunday Jan. 23rd.

Our repeating Features from the 3 Large Art Museums in The Hamptons Long Island

TSKW "Art of the Strings" 1/26 with Violinist Irie Monte & Cellist Denise Nathanson on Hugh's View

TDC On-Line Magazine "Keys Traveler"

GingerBread Square Gallery Complete 2023 Season Schedule Next Michael Palmer Jan 16

Fringe Theater, Hometown Key West, Mangia-Mangia,-Sunset WaterSports-KW Orthopedic Ctr.

Red Barn Theater and Waterfront Playhouse

Monroe County Animal Farm Next Sunday Jan 22 1-3PM

College of the Florida Keys

Key West Wildlife Center

United Way of the Florida Keys

Key West Orchid Society

Key West Art Center

Dr. John "Jack" Norris and his Brilliant Videos

World Renowned One of Kind Photographic Techniques from Artisan / Photographer ANNA SWEET

Key West Impromptu Classical Concerts Next is Sun. Jan. 22 4pm St. Pauls : Lysader Trio

Dela Gallery

Key West Poetry Guild 

BIG Bone Island Graphics (Barbara)




"MUSINGS ON COLOR AND FORM #6" by Kim Di Donato 19 X 25 Murrell Acrylic Collage "TRANSFORMATIONS"The Winter Members Exhibition at The Studios of Key West. Although this Exhibition just Finished; I want to make sure that we showed You ALL the Works. Over 100 Works of Art. We will show the Final Batch of "TRANSFORMERS in these January 16 Issues (Part 1 and Part 2)

"PALM IN PINK" by Larry Thimmersech. WaterColor 5 X 5 The Annual SMALL WORKS Exhibition from Letty Nowak and her JAG Gallery. Just Ended a few Days ago. Jag Gallery on Fri Jan 13 had the Opening Exhibition event for Artisans Tory Mata, Paul Blundell, and Walter Horak. Will have the Opening Night Photos in the January 30 Issue.

Below what started out in March 2020 as "Our Crisis Center" of Important Contacts. I still leave this Feature Inserted as a Handy Resource.







305-289-6000 9400 Overseas Hwy. #210 Marathon

Email: Rice-David@Monroecounty-fl.Gov

















Alyson Crean

Communications Manager

City of Key West

Work: 305-809-1058

Cell: 305-797-0417

KRISTEN LIVENGOOD (R) Public Information Officer for Monroe County



Jason & Kate Kohler Owners of The Weekly WWW.KEYSWEEKLY.COM 305-743-0844

Guy DeBoer Sailor Extraordinaire and Owner & Editor of the Konk Publications WWW.KONKLIFE.COM 305-296-1630


305-292-3400 and 305-852-7170 530 Whitehead St. Key West

NADENE ORR GROSSMAN of WE'VE GOT THE KEYS Visit for the United Way & FKOC’s application for assistance and their Resource guide & the City’s Web Page for human service needs. to reach me –for general and business questions." Additional Info. for . "We've Got the Keys" Further Down in this Issue.

EDITOR'S NOTE : Every Issue Contains Hundreds of URL Links. Although I properly Insert the URL Link; A few times the Connection to the Site Fails. When that Happens Simply Copy and Paste the URL Link into your Web Browser. Thanks for Reading. Ed


A Thank You from this Magazine and the THOUSANDS that have Expressed to me : How Publix in ALL their Stores were able to Organize the MASSIVE ROLLOUT of the COVID-19 VACCINES and now Featuring the 3rd. & 4th. in a Series of Covid Booster Shots (Extremely Effective). Certainly a Monumental Challenge that was so (& Still Is) SUCCESSFUL . Here in Key West Publix GM Kevin Piper Sr. and Staffs were BRILLIANT in their Coordination of this Unchartered Venture & the Magnitude Involved. The 3rd. & 4th. Booster for the latest Omicron Strains can be Given with this Year's Flu Shot.



ARTIST OF THE STARS ADAM SCOTT ROTE and PRISCILLA PRESLEY Up Shortly in this Part 1 January 16, 2023 and Part 2 of January 16, 2023

The 2022 Winter Members Show at the Studios of Key West that ended a few weeks ago. Since they had OVER 100 Works of Art that of Course were so Brilliant. I needed to put ALL the Items in the Magazine here are 10; and then another 10 in the January 16, 2023 Part 2

58) "SEE THAT HUMP" by Karen Luknis Fixed Collage 13 X 11 $240

59) "TRANQUILITY" by Pamela Kostmayer Wood and Paper 8 X 8.5 $1600

60) "SPONGMAN KEY WEST" by David Lebwhol WaterColor 12 X 15 $75

61) " VINCEMT'S BEDROOM by Diane May Wood, Fabric, Clay, Acrylic 11 X 9 $400

62) "HOMEWOOD BOUND" by Yolander Maloney Acrylic 28 X 22 $945

63) "RED FLOWER" by Aase May Oil and Cold Wax on Canvas 12 X 12 $750

64) "VESEL SERIES : MOONRISE" Smoke Fired Ceramic , Steel, Copper, Brass 18 X 15 $1100

65) "WATER WORLD" by Marcy Moyer 40 X 17 $600

66) " HERE THERE AND EVERYWHERE" by Alisa Mealor Acrylic on Wood 8 X 12 $2600

67) "VIEW BENEATH THE SEA" by Gail Palmer Metal, Beads, & Resin 12 X 12 $175

68) "PABLO'S TRANSFORMATION" by Jon O'Halloran Wood Blocks, Linoleum, Tiles from Picaso's Studio from 1957-1963 $650

More of TRANSFORMATIONS" in Our January 16, 2023 Part 2


My good friend Bob sent us about 20 Funny Pictures. Every Year he sends about 6 E-Mails with really Funny Stuff.

More "FUNNY STUFF" in the January 16 Issue Part 2

WWW.KEYWESTGALLERY.COM 601 Duval St. 305-292-9339

Artist to the Stars Adam Scott Rote brings to town Gal Pal Priscilla Presley Below a few Photos and in Part 2 of the Jauary 16, 2023 Issue.

Below Photos taken by Executive Contributing Editor Hays Blinckmann



A Concert with Violin Great : Albert Markov ; and of course World Renowned Concert Pianist SVETLANA SMOLINA


JAG GALLERY NEXT with Next Exhibition; UP SHORTLY IN THIS ISSUE The Key West Tropical Forest & Botanical Gardens Resumes Guest Speaker Series Jan 21 with Karen DeMaria 1pm. And also January 21st. Native Plant Sale 9-Noon

WWW.LETTYNOWAK.COM Letty's New Gallery "JAG" 1075 Duval Square (Where Doug Mayberry Realty was) Off of Simonton.


MINIMALISM OBSERVED,  Jag Gallery’s new exhibit, opening on Friday, January 13th, welcomes two artists, both familiar to the local art community, for their formal Jag debuts.  Tory Mata and P. A. Blundell’s expressions in mixed media utilizing materials of all sorts deliver simple, yet complex executions, delicate and soothingly appealing as they are commanding.

Tory Mata, seen in group and solo shows in Key West is a two-time recipient of the Anne McKee Artist Grant and recently the prestigious Artist’s Grant from the South Florida Cultural Consortium for Monroe County explores, in her new body of work, the subtle nature of awareness  and the unifying balance of opposing beings to captivating effect.

Blundell, who shares his time between Key West and Ontario returned in November with a small trove of assemblage; sculptural works of found objects, masterly constructed during the summer from gatherings of last season’s explorations throughout the lower keys.

Also on view will be new works in bronze from award winning sculptor Walter Horak.

A gallery reception to to meet the artists, Friday, January 13th from 5-7 is free and open to the public.

Jag Gallery, recognized as one of the region’s finest, exhibits work of contemporary art from some of Key West’s most noted artists and others nationwide, is located at the Simonton Street entrance to Duval Square, 1075 Duval Street C 23 with ample, free parking is open daily.  For hours and additional information call 305.407.6202 or email and follow us on Facebook and  Instagram


533 Eaton St. 305-296-0458

Up Shortly in this Issue Part 1 will be ALL The January TSKW Exhibitions. Then in Part 2 of this January 16 Issue will be Photographs that Executive Contributing Editor Hays Blinckmann took at the TSKW "First Thursday" on Jan. 5

and in both Parts in this January 16 Issue will be the Photos that Executive Contributing Editor Hays Blickmann took of the Adam Scott Rote Priscilla Presley Event. We may have additional photos that

Executive Contributing Editor Daaisha Cochran took of the Adam Scott Rote Priscilla Presley VIP Event at The Key West Gallery in the January 30th. Issue


EDS AUTO REVIEWS are Brilliant 8 to 22 Minute Videos about the Automobile Industry . Parts 1 and Parts 2 of my magazine has ALL 50 plus Videos Links









Devo is a 7-½-year-old, male, Miniature Pinscher Mix. 

Ziva is a 1-year-old, female, American Pit Bull Terrier. 

Poppy is a 3-year-old, female, Domestic Shorthair Mix.

Reese is a 2-½-year-old, female, Domestic Shorthair Mix.

Blueberry is an 11-month-old, female, American Rabbit. 

Sprig is an Adult, male, American Rabbit

Tiffany Dunsmore

Development Director

Florida Keys SPCA

Our Good friend Jack Louden sends regards and this Painting that he received National Awards for at NOAA : "SPOONBILL OVER PARADISE"


There is no denying that the marine environment of the Florida Keys is special. We admire its sparkling turquoise color and refreshing temperatures. We are entranced by the diversity of life within it. We savor the seafood harvested from it and are grateful that the coral reef helps protect the island chain. Protecting it is a responsibility we all share.

Today, Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary faces increasing challenges from natural and human-caused stressors. We invite you to work with us to address these challenges and protect this unique ecosystem for future generations.


Sarah Fangman


Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary



#2 Top Story: Eco-Discovery Center Redesign. Our 15-year old EDC has been given new life after a million-dollar renovation (thank you The Florida Keys & Key West) featuring interactive digital touchscreens, immersive underwater sounds and mangrove life, tactile touch boxes to explore sea grass beds, and activities to create awareness of our precious natural and cultural resources. Visitors will now able to create memories while posing on paddle boards in the #ILoveMySanctuary exhibit, while the Maritime Heritage exhibit uncovers cultural stories and artifacts from prehistoric through modern times. Coral restoration partner Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium updated its exhibit on coral nurseries.

#1 Top Story: Restoration Blueprint. Nearly 6,000 public comments were received during a 100-day review of our proposed rule, moving us one step closer to the first update of NOAA Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary regulations in more than a generation.

#5 Top Story: Diving with a Purpose. The FKNMS maritime heritage team renewed its partnership with Diving With A Purpose, an avocational archaeological training program, to map a shipwreck visited by many at Hen and Chickens Reef off Islamorada. Almost 30 divers joined the FKNMS team to investigate the “Brick Barge” sunk in 20 feet of water. Many snorkelers and divers visit the site, but little was known about it until the investigation. In addition to documenting the site for an interpretative dive map, researchers connected it to a shipwreck carrying a cargo of brick to Key West.

PART 2 of the January 16 Issue; will have a Large Feature that we'll have in the Magazine for a few weeks with 56 Photos from the NOAA National Marine Sancturies . The 56 are from a Photo Contest and Exhibition. Here is the link from NOAA / Eco Discovery Center and the National Marine Sanctuaries to see all 56 along with a brief description of where taken and what the subjects are :


Many additional Contest Photos from the NOAA in Parts 1 and 2 of the January 16, 2023 Issue and will be in the 2 Issues after this one.

Up Next a few Photos from the 50+ Videos from ED'S AUTO REVIEW Plus Every Issue Link closer to the End of the Issues; will have ALL the URL LINKS to these so Interesting 7 to 22 Minute Videos. Emma Starr Opens a Fashionable Boutique, Eric Anfinson Opened a NEW Exhibition at The KW Arts and Historical Society at the Custom House; and We Visited ARVID at The Key West Gallery

EMMA STARR just Opened a store called Luna at 519 Flemming Street.. Stop in and say hello ; and enjoy the spectacular Boutique Fashion Items. Feature in this January 16 2023 Issue Part 2

Internationally Known Artist Eric Anfinson had a Full House at his Grand Opening Exhibition Kick Off at The Key West Arts and Historical Society WWW.KWAHS.ORG -

WWW.ERICANFINSON.COM and Mockingbird Studios

Key West Library at 700 Flemming Street and Michael Nelson have 'CAFE CON LIBROS" Tuesday Mornings.

Jan 21 "College of the Florida Keys" Creative Writing Club

January 31 "When the Time Comes " by Kristina Neilhouse

February 2 Annette Holmstrom and Brenda Sowers "What About Your Bookshelf says about You" / "Book Collecting and the Joy of Reading"

February 16 "Escape from Ukraine by Ward Anderson.

March 16 "A Promise Kept 1934-1946 by Lew Weinstein

WWW.KEYWESTGALLERY.COM 601 Duval St. 305-292-9339

Photos of the Arvid Exhibition at the Key West Gallery are in Part 2 of this January 16 Issue . WWW.KEYWESTGALLERY.COM

We now have the January FIRST THURSDAY with Photographs taken by Executive Contributing Editor Hays Blinckmann

Tory Mata and Guest Performer at different Art Events. Tory is Opening her Exhibition at Letty Nowak's Jag Gallery on Fri Jan 13. 3 Photos down Susan Sugar had her Annual December Exhibition at TSKW "Summer Solstice


631 Greene St. 305-294-3100

We Continue with Popular You-Tube Content Provider " YESTERDAY, TODAY TRIBUTE" Called" 45 FASCINATING HISTORICAL PHOTOS VOLUME 2 . This Week Part 4 of 4

This Concludes the Photographic Feature "45 Fascinating Historical Photos Vol. 2 by Popular You-Tube Content Provider "YESTERDAY TODAY TRIBUE"


The last few Years we have been Featuring ED'S AUTO REVIEW. It's Amazingly Brilliant and Entertaining. Closer to the end of this Issue ; is every URL Link to his Videos. Shown below are a few Photos from one of his most recent and entertaining videos "A Rare Look Into GM Heritage Center & Renaissance Game Center; Hit this URL Link for the Video :

Just released a few days ago an Episode Called "The History of Car Model Names". Of course go to You Tube anytime to see ALL his Videos.

Part 3 "40 Interesting Photos from the 1950s Up Next But First WALK ON WHITE Phtos from the December Walk WWW.WALKONWHITEKEYWEST.COM

The First few Photos are from Barbara (BIG) Bone Island Graphics

More of the December WALK ON WHITE Up Shortly in this January 16 Issue Part 1, and Also Part 2


We Now start Part 3 "40 Interesting Photos from the 1950s from Popular You-Tube Content Provider "Rare History" or "Yesterday Today Tribute"

Kids in 1958 Before Video Games

Actor John Wayne Poses Alongside a Horse 1954

Georeg Washington Bridge Circa 1950

Anne St. Marie NYC 1959

City Tour Bus San Francisco California 1956

NYC at Night 1953

Backyard BBQ 1950s

Woman with Daisy Bikini

We Continue with Part 3 of 40 Interesting Photos from the 1950s by Popular You Tube Content Provider "Rare History" or "Yesterday Today Tribute" in the January 16, 2023 Part 2 Issue.

WWW.ZAZOOART.COM 622 Duval 305-294-8925

KING CREOLE ' (1958)

An original used vintage movie half sheet in exceptional condition. The role of Danny Fisher is Elvis’ favorite role out of all the movies he acted in.

To play the role, Elvis was granted a 60-day deferment on beginning his Military Service.

The poster has been floated to show the original reference 58 / 289, depicting the year of the

release and the production number.

The poster has been linen-backed to help preserve it

and beautifully framed in black lacquer measuring

approx. 33 3/4" x 27 1/4".

Gallery price $3,295.

Please call me at 305.294.8925 or email me at to order your

' King Creole ' poster today.. Best regards, James Curken, Managing Art Consultant, Zazoo Fine Art Gallery, 622 Duval Street.


Many additional Items of the Close to 1000 in their Gallery ; are shown in Our Magazine in Parts 1 and Parts 2 of this January 2, 2023 Issues.

Alyson Crean

Public Information Officer

Key West Police Department

Work: 305-809-1058

Cell: 305-797-0417

At the first meeting of the year for the Key West Business Guild, Mayor Teri Johnston presented the Guild's Executive Director Kevin Theriault the first-ever Rainbow Key to the City in honor of his amazing dedication to the city and the LGBTQ+ community.

Key West Police Chief Sean Brandenburg on Monday promoted Lt. Dave Black to the rank of Captain, an honor signifying his last day with the department after more than 25 years of dedicated service.

Capt. Black joined the department in May of 1998 after serving in the U.S. Coast Guard. He was promoted to the rank of sergeant in 2002 and to lieutenant in 2006, serving as the commander of the Special Operations bureau.

In this role he oversaw the Marine Unit, the Motor Unit, the Special Response Team, the Dive Team, and the Mounted Unit. He served for many years as the lieutenant of the Detectives Division.

Capt. Black's dedicated commitment and work as an officer led to the formation of the K9 Unit as well as the Special Response Team.

The crowd that turned out for his promotion ceremony was a testament to the close bonds Capt. Black has built with his colleagues and with the community.

"It has truly been an honor to serve with Dave Black," said Chief Brandenburg. "He is a dedicated leader who has mentored many officers in this department. He leads by example. We wish him well in his future endeavors, but he will be missed by the Key West Police Department."

In the photo: Capt. Dave Black, City Manager Patti McLauchlin, and Chief Sean Brandenburg.

Mayor Teri Johnston and the Key West City Commission proclaimed the week of January 8th as Key West Elks Lodge 551 Commitment to Autism Week.

The members of Key West Elks Lodge 551 have served the veterans, youth, and the entire community of Key West for decades through scholarship programs, grants and volunteer service for individuals and non-profit groups. They support community organizations such as Take Stock in Children, Florida Keys Cancer Society, and the SOS Foundation with grants funded through the Grand Lodge Gratitude Grant program and their numerous local fundraisers.

Most recently the Elks Lodge donated $10,000 to the Autism Society of the Keys (ASK.)

"Autism is at a staggering statistic of one in 32 children in the US," said Hope Haley, a member of ASK. "Together with our community, we have supplied over 300 sensory boxes to every police, fire, ambulance, school, day care, hospital, and airport in the Keys."

These sensory boxes contain comfort items that help people with autism during stressful situations. All of the agencies are trained in responding to emergencies with the aid of these tool kits. They contain items like white erase boards for non-verbal people, noise-canceling headphones, weighted pillows, and fidget spinners.

"Our mission is to improve the lives of those affected with autism," said Haley, "so they can have independent lives.

Key West Mayor Emeritus Dennis Wardlow, a member of Key West Elks Lodge 551, said a special thanks to members of the community who made it possible to make this generous donation to ASK.



The second Cemetery Stroll to be offered at the Historic Key West Cemetery this season will take place on Sunday February 12th, 2023. During the stroll, small groups of visitors will be escorted to gravesites where interpreters will tell the stories of the deceased in brief monologues. The groups are scheduled for departures at 9:30, 9:50, and 10:10 am. Reservations are necessary, and can be made by calling or texting (305) 304-1453 or by emailing at


Among the gravesites we plan to visit are those of Carrie Pierce, William Kerr, Charles Dupont, John Bartlum, the Dade Lodge Plot, and the monument Los Martires De Cuba. 


The tour will take approximately 90 minutes. Participants should wear comfortable shoes and plan to walk over a mile on uneven ground. Bottled water will be provided.


This is an excellent opportunity to learn first-hand about some of the fascinating people who have given Key West its colorful and significant character. Space is limited for the tours and pre-registration is required. A donation of $20 (cash or check) per person to the Historic Florida Keys Foundation is recommended, with all proceeds devoted to cemetery restoration. Participants may enter the cemetery by either the Windsor Street or Frances Street gate and go to the registration table on Palm Avenue.


The last stroll of the season will feature other gravesites and take place on March 5th.


The cemetery strolls are sponsored by the City of Key West and the Historic Florida Keys Foundation. 


WWW.ZAZOOARTGALLERY.COM  622 Duval 305-294-8925


Willie Nelson performing in New York City.

Archival pigment print in an edition of only 20.

Hand-signed by the photographer, Lynn Goldsmith.

We have edition # 4/20 in the gallery.

Measures approx.20 5/8" x 26 1/8" framed.

Gallery price $3050.

© Lynn Goldsmith 

Lynn Goldsmith's imagery is in numerous collections: The Smithsonian, The Polaroid Collection, The Kodak Collection, The Museum of Modern Art, The Chicago Museum of Contemporary Photography, and the permanent collection of Museum Folkwang. She is a multi-awarded portrait photographer whose work has appeared on and between the covers of Life, Newsweek, Time, Rolling Stone, Sports Illustrated, People, Elle, Interview, The New Yorker, etc. Her subjects have varied from entertainment personalities to sports stars, from film directors to authors, from the extra-ordinary to the ordinary man on the street. Her forty years of photography have not only been an investigation into the nature of the human spirit, but also into the natural wonders of our planet.

Please call me at 305-294-8925 or email me at to order your

Lynn Goldsmith Willie Nelson photograph today.

Best regards, James Curken. Managing Art Consultant. Zazoo Fine Art Gallery. 622 Duval Street. Key West, FL. 33040




Rare and highly desirable used promotional poster from Warner Bros. Records for the groundbreaking album by Prince and the Revolution.

The poster features the iconic color photograph image of Prince on a motorcycle. It is marked in the lower right corner ©1984 Warner Bros Records Inc.

Considered to be one of the best albums of all times. ' Purple Rain ' is highly regarded as Prince's Magnum Opus.

The ' Purple Rain ' original poster with the flower border is very difficult to find. The promotional poster was created for advertising and display in record stores, and never available for sale. This incredibly rare promo poster is in very good condition and has been linen-backed to help preserve it. 

Measures approx. 50 3/4" x 63 7/8" framed in

black lacquer.

Gallery price $6,995.

Please call me at 305-294-8925 or email me at to order your

' Purple Rain ' promotional poster today.

Best regards, James Curken. Managing Art Consultant.Zazoo Fine Art Gallery. 622 Duval Street. Key West, FL. 33040





As Our Regular readers know Bill and Linda Klipp Travel the World and take Hundreds of Thousands of Photographs. Their FaceBook Pages will have Multiple Postings a day from Current Locations to past Photo shoots using their amazing extensive photo catalog. Bill and Linda have been so gracious in sharing with my 7890+ Readers just a few of their Facebook Postings. Go to the above URL Links to see so many additional Photographs of theirs. Below is what Bill writes about the recent Power Boat Races.

Key West Wanderings – Got Air?

Finally got thru the 4,000+ photos I took over the two Powerboat Race days and Friday’s races were way more exciting with the winds blowing 18-20mph.

For Race photos check out our Powerboat website:


Africa Wanderings – Leopards of the Delta

Bill Klipp Comments "One of my favorites of the big Cats are Leopards and in Botswana’s Okavango Delta you get see them in a unique ecosystem. In one of the largest wetlands on the planet, composed of permanent marshlands, swamps and seasonally flooded plains. Still working thru our Africa safari photos from this summer


Join our Face Book Group " Photographic Wanderings " for more of our wildlife and travel photography

or " Africa Wanderings " for our African Safari photos"

Africa Wanderings – Leopards of the Delta

Bill Klipp Comments "One of my favorites of the big Cats are Leopards and in Botswana’s Okavango Delta you get see them in a unique ecosystem. In one of the largest wetlands on the planet, composed of permanent marshlands, swamps and seasonally flooded plains. Still working thru our Africa safari photos from this summer


Join our Face Book Group " Photographic Wanderings " for more of our wildlife and travel photography

or " Africa Wanderings " for our African Safari photos"


Please join us Saturday, January 28th!

The Last Stand Annual Meeting will bring together a powerhouse of 6 local storytellers all on one stage at Hugh’s View Roof Terrace at the Studios of Key West.

“Through the Eyes of Story Tellers: What Makes the Keys Unique and Worth Protecting” panel discussion will be emceed by Gwen Filosa, a Pulitzer-Prize winning reporter who covers the Keys for Miami’s NPR station, WLRN.

Panelists will feature: 

  • Rita Troxel, who moved to Key West in 1974, and wrote Home at the End of the World, a collection of Key West tales from the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s. 
  • Lucy Burdette aka Roberta Isleib, author of 21 books including A Dish To Die For, her latest in the Key West mystery series. 
  • Hayes Blinckmann author, journalist and artist, currently teaching a writing course at The Studios of Key West and publishing her latest book, Here, Kitty. 
  • Linda Grist Cunningham, editor of the Key West Island News whose columns appear in the Keys Citizen. 
  • Nancy Klingener, who arrived in Key West in 1991 and is the Community Affairs Manager for the Monroe County Public Library and has worked for the WLRN News, the Key West Citizen and Solares Hill.  

This unique event is open to Last Stand members only, so be sure to renew your 2023 Membership today! We encourage new members to join, so feel free to share this email with friends!


Members – seating will be limited! We encourage you to RSVP as soon as you can!

JOIN Last Stand and RSVP for January 28th here: also click below for detailed Information on the Panelists

Renew & RSVP

Kate Miano's Gardens Hotel

526 Angela Street



The Complete JAZZ IN THE GARDEN Schedule for 2023 will be in their Section close to the end of this Issue.




Just a reminder the "200 Years of Island Life"will be on Exhibit until January 28, 2023


623 Duval St. 305-292-4998

VISITING ARTISTS in 2023 at Wyland

January 2023

Steve Barton: January 12-13-14

Stephen Harlan: January 27-28-29

February 2023

February 17th, Friday 6pm-10pm

February 18th, Saturday 6pm-10pm

Michael Cheval: February 24-25-26

March 2023

Walfrido Garcia: March 2-3-4

Stephen Harlan: March 30-31

April 2023

Stephen Harlan: April 1-2

David Wight: April 21-22-23

May 2023

Clarita Brinkerhoff: May 19-20-21

Memorial Day Show

Michael Cheval: May 26-27-28-29

June 2023

Steve Barton: June 1-2-3

September 2023

Labor Day Show

Clarita Brinkerhoff: September 1-2-3-4

October 2023

Michael Cheval: October 20-21-22

Fantasy Fest Show

Stephen Harlan: October 24-25-26-27-28

Stephen Muldoon: October 25-26-27-28

Steve Barton: October 25-26-27-28


Wednesday 25th, 6pm-10pm

Thursday 26th, 6pm-10pm

Friday 27th, 6pm-10pm

Saturday 28th, 6pm-?

November 2023

Walfrido Garcia: November 9-10-11-12

David Wight: November 17-18-19

December 2023

Stephen Muldoon: December 30-31

Check out the Last 2 Issue Links Novemeber 21 and December 5 to see Many of the works from one of my Favorite Artists ( The Artist of the Stars) Michael CHEVAL.


WWW.GALLERYONGREENE.COM 606 Greene St. 305-294-1669 .


Here is the 3 Minute Video for this Resort-Style Home for Sale Being Offered by Graciela Lozano




The Video is Produced by GIANCARLO ESPINOSA

Giancarlo Espinosa 

Artis Regis Commercial, LLC

Virtual Realty Group #BK3289703

Forever Studios, LLC




Starting in 2023 Every Issue will have Part 1 and Part 2 and will have 2 Separate E-Mails sent. . Her "HOLIDAY PARADE" Feature is in the January 16, 2023 Part 2.

When you go to their Facebook Pages; you will find Extensive Descriptions of ALL the ARTISAN MARKETS for the 2022/2023 Season.



Keys Community Concert Band is looking for musicians for Pops in the Park concerts. If you play (or used to play) a band instrument, please consider joining this fun and active group on Mondays 7:00 – 9:00 PM at Key Largo School at mm 105-oceanside. No auditions, but you need to be able to read music. If you have not done that for a while, we will help you remember and if you need an instrument, we can supply one. Rehearsals began Nov. 7th for our once-a-month concert series (Nov through April). For more information, please call 305-394-1123.


♫ Susan Bazin  ♫

Key Largo Middle School Band Director

K-3rd Grade General Music


104801 Overseas Hwy.

Key Largo, FL 33037

305-453-1255 ext 57380

305-394-1123 (cell)

305-453-1248 (fax)

WWW.STONESOUPGALLERY.COM 802 White St. 305-296-2080

Starting in 2023 Every Issue will have Part 1 and Part 2 and will have 2 Separate E-Mails sent. They along with other Artistic venues will be hosting the Next WALK ON WHITE

WWW.WALKONWHITEKEYWEST.COM The Next WALK ON WHITE is Thur. January 19, 2023. It's Always the 3rd. Thursday of the Month. Here are just a few of the Photos of the Dec Walk on White I took. First Below Sarah and Mark from Shade and Shutter Key West WWW.SHADEANDSHUTTERKEYWEST.COM

1102 White Street 305-767-3769

WWW.HARRISON-GALLERY.COM  825 White St. 305-294-0609

is a Host during All the Walk on Whites









Dear Friends:

Over the years, South Florida Symphony Orchestra has worked closely with the Florida Keys Council of the Arts and Monroe County Public School District to bring music to the children.


Our 25th Season is underway, and we're gearing up for the return of our Symphony in the Schools program “Preserving Our Coral Reefs,” provided free to participating Monroe County Public Schools. The concert coincides with our season-opening concert in Key West on January 28, 2023. For us to bring this important program to the children of the Florida Keys, we need to line up musician housing from January 26-29. Several patrons have indicated an interest in hosting, so we are following up on your availability to host our artists in your home while they are in the Keys for the children’s program. 


To be successful, we need 43 beds to accommodate 43 musicians to provide service to 2,000 first, second and third graders at the January 26 children's concert at Coral Shores and the January 27 children's concert at Key West High School.  


• Musician Key West Arrival: January 26, 2023

• Musician Key West Departure: January 29, 2023


If you can host, please provide your name, hosting address, and size of bed (single, double or king-size bed/s). During their stay, we are requesting private bedrooms and bathrooms for their use. Are there any restrictions or preferences (i.e., male or female, etc.)? Musicians are responsible for their own transportation and meals. Please indicate if the musicians will have kitchen privileges.


If you are unable to host a musician in your home, we would be grateful if you could sponsor a musician's stay in our partner hotel for $275 for the concert.


If you wish to underwrite a musician's hotel stay or donate to the concert, please contact Jacqueline Lorber at or 954.522.8445. If you agree to host a musician, we will be happy to provide you with two complimentary tickets to the January 28th concert at Tennessee Williams Theatre in exchange for your hospitality.


In closing, we’d like to thank the house hosts who have already committed to assisting us with our housing needs.


Thank you,

Jacqueline Lorber

President/CEO, South Florida Symphony

Theresa Axford

Superintendent of Schools, Monroe County School District


Elizabeth Young

Executive Director, Florida Keys Council of the Arts


MORE ABOUT "PRESERVING OUR CORAL REEFS": The concert “Preserving Our Coral Reefs” highlights the plight of the world's coral reefs, including Florida’s own 300-mile-long reef, and the efforts to save it. Through science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics (STEAM), students will learn of individuals such as Dr. David Vaughan, whose pioneering discovery of coral microfragmentation has sped up the reproduction of more resilient corals that can be transplanted onto a reef, thus leading to its survival! 



January Schedule

Jan 15 Terri White & Friends

Jan 22 Skipper Kripitz & Friends

Jan 29 Libby York & Friends

Kate Miano's Gardens Hotel

526 Angela Street




The Gardens Hotel Entertainment

In our d’vine Wine Gallery

Live Music, 5 – 7 pm:

Monday, Kenneth Albert Duo

Tuesday, Mary Spear

Wednesday, Kenny Albert Duo

Thursday, Mary Spear

Friday, Kenneth Albert Duo

Saturday, Bobby Green

Sunday, Jazz In The Gardens

Further Down will be the Complete Sunday Jazz Schedule


Alaen's Feature will be in Part 2 of January 16, 2023. Alaen has Two Exhibitions currently on Display : Many Cuban / Latin American Artisans at ART BY PASTA in Islamorada. The Other in Marathon and Features Carlos Guzman


533 Eaton St. 305-296-0458

Mondays and Tuesdays

Free and open to the public!

Monday and Tuesday Evenings, 6-8pm

Doors open at 6:00 pm and close at 6:30pm, or when our capacity of 50 guests is reached.

The bar is open, admission is free, and everyone looks great in the golden twilight.

sponsored by Historic Hideaways

Of Course go to WWW.TSKW.ORG for Greater Details

on the exhibitions

JANUARY 13, 2023 "REPAIRS" by Michael Marrero

FEBRUARY 10, 2023 "SMITHTOWN A Play by Drew Larimore Produced and Directed by Stephen Kitsakos. I believe these plays are on Video to View. Below are the January Exhibitions at TSKW

Here are the January 2023 Exhibitions at The Studios of Key West

ABOUT THE EXHIBITION: "SOUTHERNMOST CYPER" Lindsey Shavers, Max Shavers, & Sydney Shavers.

Zabar Project Gallery

Sponsored by Marquesa Hotel & Cafe

The Shavers depict the Black experience of Key West from their perspective—a family that has lived on the island for six generations. The exhibition includes the VMFA award-winning short, “Southernmost” alongside screen prints and photographs.

In the mid-1800s, eight Shavers men, born free in Bedford, VA, travelled 1,000+ miles over land and sea to build new lives on the undeveloped and remote island of Key West. They were here when Sandy Cornish led the island’s first jubilee parade, honorably served as soldiers in the U.S. Civil War alongside Harriet Tubman, then returned to the island to help build modern Key West. In the 1940s, the family helped build the bridges that connect the Keys to the mainland. 



sponsored by "Our Key West" Newspaper

Chiechi has produced a 200-page graphic novel exploring the magic behind Mallory Square. From anchorage to attraction, this small Gulfside spot holds a strange draw which Chiechi explores through interviews and colorful sketches.

This exhibition will show large-scale images of each step of the comic-making process, from thumbnail sketches, rough pencil sketches, inked pages and finally to final colored comic pages. The exhibit will highlight the steps made before even making any artwork, including reference photos taken around the island and at Mallory Square, sketchbook drawings, and interview questions.

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