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Saturday, August 29, 2020

Keys Blast from Ed Krane & Friends August 31st. 2020


AUGUST 31, 2020

We start off each Issue with our Lead Tease Photos (Each Photo will Represent Just a Few of the Features in this Issue). Above : A Photo from Manzanillo Beach Limon Province Costa Rica. This Week in the August 31st. 2020 Issue : Karen Wray's "Collections" Art Gallery in Stock Island Introduces Many New Artists to the Gallery, WWW.GROOVYHISTORY.COM Pt. 4 "Groovy History Photos that Captures More then We Expected" (Below Features Rita Hayworth taking a Break from Shooting, The Key West Gallery Continues Featuring their Many Year Round Artists ( This Week : Edward Gordon & Tatyana Klevenskiy), Part 4 "Animal Moms", KWBG (Key West Business Guild) Next Luncheon September 2 at The Beachside Marriott Noon-1pm, Pt. 3 "52 Vintage Photos from Florida in 1920s" From Popular You-Tube Content Provider "Yesterday / Today", ALSO Our First Feature This Week has Beautiful Photos from Lake Tekapo New Zealand.
The Next Batch of Photos Representing Many of the Features in this Issue August 31th. 2020 Issue : Pt. 1 of 3 "RESTOMOD" Very Expensive Classic Cars (Below is the Porsche 935 from 2019), Bird Photographs from the Key West Wildlife Center on White Street, South Florida Symphony Orchestra on 9/13 Features a Live DOU Performance of HUIFANG CHEN & KATARINA NAZAROUA (Both Violinists Play at 7:30) Sunday 7:30PM on Facebook as well as their website : Then a Repeat Perfromance 7:30 on Monday 9/14 on You-Tube. Zazoo Art Gallery Offers an Original One of a Kind Autographed Classic Photograph of Michael Jordan and Muhammed Ali & A Repeate Encore on the Madonna Offering, Roberta DePiero travels around KW and Stock Island almost everyday to Shoot Photos and Video and then Posts on FB & Shares with Us, Part 3 "Amamzing Vintage Photos of "Life in America in the 1900s and 1910s" from Popular You-Tube Content Provider "Yesterday / Today", The Studios of Key West (WWW.TSKW.ORG) 2020 Mango Madness "People's Choice Awards" Found in their weekly section, Bill and Linda Klipp Adventurer / Wildlife Photographs are still in the Dsicovery Bay Area Shooting Different Wildlife & Plants /Flowers/Farms, & Key West Tropical Forest & Botanical Garden with a "Scarcrow Exhibition and Competition.

The Next Batch of Photos Representing some of the Features in this August 31st. 2020 Issue : Pt. 4 "48 Funny Vintage Photos" from the You-Tube Provider "Yesterday / Today", Lothar Speer has through The Key West Art Center Two Days of On-Line Classes for "Figure Drawing Workshop" (Lothar Treats Us to some of his works), Johnny White's WWW.MILEZEROKEYWEST.COM : He Sent Over Many Photographs from Past Issues to Share for Many Weeks, WWW.TSKW.ORG On-Line Classes inc. "Screenwriting Workshop", South Florida Symphony Orchestra Sat. 8/29 "Chopin" Movie Watch Party . Also in this August 31st. Issue : Skipper Kripitz and Friends Play around Town ( If you are a Performer and like to tell our readers about your Live or On-Line Performances ; Reach out to me; E-Mail at the Very End of this Issue), + Steven Quartly 8/28-8/30 has an Exhibition at the Key West Gallery.

AUGUST 31st. 2020 ; going out to 7800 Weekly.


The Weekly "CRISIS INFORMATION CENTER" Feature has Grown Large in Order to keep you Well Informed from
The City of KW , Monroe County, KWPD, One Clean Island (OCI), MCSO, CDC, SOS, & Other Very Important Local & National Organizations. This Info. will now APPEAR Every Week as a PART 2 LINK at the Very End of Each Part 1 Issue.
Every Part 1 will contain VERY IMPORTANT LINKS at the Beginning of Each Issue (to give you Easy to Find Info. in One Place).
ALSO IN PART 2 : Extensive Listings of Many Websites from Local Organizations that have Contributed Features the Last 8 Years + Most of the Art Gallery Websites + Many Local Entertainment Videos + Classic Music Videos.

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WE START OUR AUGUST 31ST. ISSUE WITH A Few Photos from Lake Tekapo New Zealand. The Sept 7th Issue will have Photos from Manzanillo Beach Limon Province Costa Rica

WWW.KEYWESTGALLERY.COM 601 Duval St. 305-292-9339

Friday Aug 28 to Aug 30 Steven Quartly. Call and 305-292-9339
This Issue has Many Sections from The Key West Gallery : Feature on the Steven Quartly Exhibition, Our Continued Weekly Feature Showing each week 2 or 3 of the Diverse Year Round Artists Showing their Works, Special Link to KWG covented Peter Max Collection ( One Button Unlocks the Key), Kellie Gives us a Detailed /Extensive List of Events for the Rest of the Year at KWG

WWW.LETTYNOWAK.COM Letty's Gallery "JAG" 1075 Duval Square (Where Doug Mayberry Realty was) Off of Simonton.
We Now Start Part 4 of "Animal Mothers"

Please Find Part 1 and Part 2 & 3 in the past Three Issues Aug. 10 and AUG 17
Then to follow Part 3 of our Photo Feature "52 Vintage Photos of Florida in the 1920s, then to follow some amazing Classic Cars, and then Of course More Art and Classic Photos "50 Amazing Vintage Photos Life in America 1900s and 1910s", Pt. 4 "48 Classic Funny Photos", then Up Shortly Info about Lothar Speer's On-Line "Figure Drawing Workshop" and some of his work. Three of the Vintage / Classic Photo Features are from the Popular You-Tube Content Provider "Yesterday / Today"
Giving The Kids A Swimming Lesson
One distinct feature of the South American Capybara is the way they teach their offspring essential values. Similar to human parents, they give their kids the skills they need to ensure they can survive in the wild on their own. In this picture, we can see a momma Capybara doing just that. These youngins are learning the art of swimming with their mother in the lead. This is just another example demonstrating the importance of hands-on parenting, especially in the wild. It's essential o be able to impart life lessons to your child to help them get the best out of life!
This Is My Life Now
Kids don't care where they sleep. Whether they're humans or dogs, children can snooze just about anywhere. This includes on top of their parents. This pup seems to have found a sweet spot right on mom's neck, and by the look in her eyes, they've been in this position for quite a while. However, as any parent knows, waking up a sleeping child is a big mistake. Despite how uncomfortable this furry mom gets, she won't budge until her pup does. At least one of them will be getting a good snooze in.
Nobody Told Me
New parents in the human world are fortunate enough to have a ton of resources to help get them through those first few months. Between all the books, videos, and blog posts available to us, there are few surprises after bringing home a newborn. However, things are quite different in the animal kingdom.
Cats can't exactly pick up a copy of What To Expect When You're Expecting leaving them at quite the disadvantage. By the look on this new mom's face, she clearly didn't know what she was getting herself into. Perhaps she didn't get the memo about having to feed her kittens numerous times a day. Either that or this is how this cat mom looks when she wakes up!
When you roll out of bed as a parent, the passion for parenthood can sometimes get lost. Especially if you wake up in a bed covered in stale cereal and sticky toys after getting a whopping two hours of rest, you may start to wonder why you ever thought to have a family was such a great idea in the first place. Lack of sleep can really do wonders for the brain! This cat right here feels undoubtedly knows what it's like to be sleep-deprived. By the look in her eyes, her litter of kittens must have kept her awake most of the night. Lovingly nicknamed "Cathulu" by the internet, and rightfully so, she's the kind of flexible superhero that mothers often become after giving birth.
Nosey Paw
We all may be guilty of booping a dog on the nose, but how many of you can say you've done that with a dog who came with their very own boop-button? Very few! Some believe this pup was born with a paw-shaped birthmark after he was trampled on by his siblings in the womb but I think it was put there for his humans to enjoy.
Completely unaware of the appeal his nose has, the pup is peacefully snoozing the day away. Unfortunately, as the pup grew so did his nose. The separate spots in his unique birthmark eventually merged together, eliminating this one-of-a-kind feature. His dog parents certainly don't love him any less though!
Sealing A Kiss
Just like humans, animals also show affection to their loved ones with a kiss. Take these sea lions for example. This new momma adores her newborn and shows her affection without any reservations. While to us it's simply adorable, this sea lion is demonstrating the love she has for her pup by kissing her square on the mouth. Every parent can agree that the first time they laid eyes on their child they couldn't resist giving them a ton of hugs and kisses. This just happens to be how most animals react towards a loved one and is universal within the animal kingdom. According to Winnie the Pooh Bear, sometimes the smallest things take the most space in our hearts!

Play Time Is Over
A parent knows when all of the fun and excitement has gone too far and begins to border on dangerous. Parental instincts kick in and put an end to the shenanigans at once. It's like they say, after you become a parent you grow an eye in the back of your head. That's exactly what happened with this mother cat sensed that playtime between her kitten and this tiny human had gone too far. So, she quickly scooped up her baby and took off, signaling that that playtime was over. It might have all been in good fun, but considering the significant difference in their sizes, it would have been only a matter of time before things went south

He Did What?!
Despite the species, you never want to get between a mom and her child. Moms across the animal kingdom are known to be aggressive towards anyone who threatens her cubs, often risking her life to save their offspring. They don't call women momma bears for no reason! This lioness is certainly not messing around. She's on a mission to confront whoever troubled her cub, and she likely won't be taking any prisoners alive. The adorable cub clings to her mother's side in fear, using her mother's body as a shield of protection from whatever seems to have startled him. You definitely don't want to be face to face with a lioness protecting her cub!
No More Candy Before Bed
Giving a child sugar close to bedtime is a huge no-no in the parenting world. The unwritten rule helps to avoid overly hyper children and sleepless nights. Despite this, however, youngins will still get bursts of energy from time to time. Since a leopard's diet doesn't include sugary treats, this cub is likely just in the mood to play. However, this leopard mom certainly doesn't look like she's in the mood for playing. Well aware of the fact that her cub will pester her until she caves, it looks like she won't be getting sleep anytime soon. Ah, the joyous moments of motherhood! It's only a matter of time before this little guy has his own cubs and will finally understand his mom's pain.

A Kiss From Baby
There are only a few things that are more precious than an impromptu kiss from a child. This momma hippo knows all about that as she steals a smooch from her baby. This tiny hippo is just a few weeks old, and has a ton of charm despite being a newborn. He has character and charisma that is obvious by the way he affectionately pecks his mother. This little hippo follows his mother everywhere she goes as it's how he will ultimately become acquainted with basic survival skills. Whenever he wanders away, however, he does so under close supervision. Momma hippo is never too far away! Who would complain about that though when your child is this adorable?
New Mamma
No one said being a mother is easy. Your kids not only destroy the body, but they can destroy the spirit as well. It's a new way of life that new mothers learn to accept in time, but it seems like this cat mom just isn't there yet. She may have given in this time around, but the fire isn't out of her just yet.
Rather than put up a fight, this new mamma figured it was easier to just lay back and let her kittens drink. Like the rhino mentioned earlier, she's figured out a way to relax and feed her kids simultaneously, taking multitasking to a whole new level.
WE START PART 5 OF "ANIMAL MOMS" in the September 7th. Issue


Up Shortly Part 3 of another "Yesterday / Today" Content Provider with Hundreds and Thousands of Entertining Photographs; This One is called "50 AMAZING VINTAGE PHOTOS FROM 1900's AND 1910's Vol. 3"
WWW.BRAKEFORIT.COM This Company Sponsored a Feature of 30 Photos from Cars that are : RESTOMOD . Here are just 5 Photos ; the remaining 25 Photos will be in the September 7 and 14 Issues.

If you’re into vintage-looking cars, but you still want all of the power and flourishes of modern design, look no further than “restomodding.” The term “restomod” is just the combination of restoration and modification. People take old cars and deck them out with all of the latest and greatest gadgets in the automotive industry.
This is the best way to combine classic style and modern performance. They may have had the aesthetics down pat in the past, but modern-age cars can’t be beat when it comes to mechanics.
The Cars Below :
1) Honda 800 Outlaw 1968
2) From David Brown Automotive : a Mix of Aston Martin DB5& Jaguar XKR
3)From Continuation Series / Competition Cars : Shelby 289 FIA CSX 1965
4) Amos Delta Integrale Futurista 1985
5) From Gunther Werks using 400R 993 AMG

They are now OPEN ONLY Sat & Sun 9:30a-12:30p, and wisely require MASKS even though you are outside ( AND ASK PLEASE NO GROUPS OVER 10)

ROBERTA DEPIERO Almost Everyday will travel (Journey) around Key West / Stock Island . I want to Thank You Roberta for providing amazing images ; especially to those like myself that are in Total Lockdown ISO.

AUGUST 3, 2020
AUGUST 10, 2020
AUGUST 17, 2020
AUGUST 24, 2020

DUE TO SPACE CONSTRAINTS I ONLY HAVE ROOM FOR A FEW OF ROBERTA'S PHOTOS THIS WEEK..I DO HAVE A LINK FURTHER DOWN TO MY August 24th Issue where Roberta Visits Timmys Tuxedos; looks like a very interesting Clothing Store
KAREN WRAY at Collections Gallery sends her regards and this photo below representing 3 of the artist at Collections :

Boza's Comparsa by Enrique delValle, Cuban Mahogany Hogfish by Brad Gruss, Cuban Joy Ride by Wilfredo Fernandez - always part of our ever changing exhibition!

Collections, Key West Gallery
Open by appt., give a call, we’re typically just down the dock!
305-923-4778  6810 Front St, Stock Island
Last Week we Featured Dunn-Harr as one of the Artists that Hangs Year Round ; go to the Key West Gallery to see Many of the Paintings for Sale (as well as go to WWW.KEYWESTGALLERY.COM ; also click the August 17 Issue : The First Painting Below is from DUNN-HARR, then Michael and Inessa Garmash, then Michael Godard. Then 6 from from Edward Gordon


The Collector
Original Oil on Artist Board23.25 x 20.25 in
Original Oil on Artist Board,Published Original20.12 x 23.12 in
Wind From the Sea (0/295)
hand embellished limited edition giclee on canvas32 x 25 in
Tea Room (0/395)
Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas,Artist Proof Available31 x 40 in
Rhapsody (0/100)
Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas,Aritst Proof Available28 x 36 in
Morning Tempest II (0/395)
Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas32 x 29 in

More from the Artists of the Key West Gallery Up Shortly (Up Next : Tatyana Klevenskiy ) WWW.KEYWESTGALLERY.COM 601 Duval St. 305-292-9339
LOTHAR SPEER Sept 15&16 ZOOM figure drawing workshop. THIS: culinary metaphor (First Drawing) as a little primer for my upcoming Sept 15&16 ZOOM figure drawing workshop through the #keywestartcenter To sign up you can simply call them at (305)294-1241. Lothar Speer Updates Us " there’s still a few spots left in my upcoming national ZOOM figure drawing workshop in Sept 15 & 16, 2020, from 1-4 PM! Only $ 130 for 6 hrs of instruction. My qualification: Natl Academy, Vienna, A/ BFA, Loyola U, ILL/ MFA, PAFA, PA. To sign up you can simply call the tel number in the registration form (305)294-1241.
A few More Drawings and Detailed Info. on Lothar and the Class Up Shortly

Key West Business Guild
 808 Duval St. 305-294-4603
WWW.GAYKEYWESTFL.COM 808 Duval St. 305-294-4603.
More from them Further Down
Friday Blast-
Sep. Luncheon-
County Update-


Jill and Sean from the Farmers Market and Key West Artisan Market and Owners of WWW.DAILYPLAN-IT.COM Send regards and this Message

Florida Keys Seafood Festival Cancelled Due to Covid
The Board of Directors of the Florida Keys Commercial Fishermen has voted unanimously to cancel their only fundraiser. The 11th Annual Florida Keys Seafood Festival was scheduled for January 16-17, 2021 (Martin Luther King weekend) at the Truman Waterfront in Key West.
Executive Director, Captain Bill Kelly said the primary concern is protecting the health and welfare of the fishermen and their families who catch, clean, cook and serve the food, the guests, patrons and all others connected with the event. In addition, the City of Key West has canceled all events originally scheduled through the end of this year and is currently not accepting permit applications for any events to be hosted on city property in 2021. Captain Kelly explained of the difficult decision, "Large-scale, food events of this type require plenty of lead time, food ordering, advance deposits and countless hours of preparation. Therefore, in the best interests of all, the January event is officially canceled." He is cautiously hopeful a seafood celebration could still take place in 2021. "As fishermen, we are forever optimistic and hope the pandemic will run its course in due time", he said. " Should that happen, we will consider conducting a seafood festival later in the year."
Proceeds from the festival benefit the Florida Keys Commercial Fishermen’s Association important work in supporting sustainable fishing programs, marine restoration projects, consumer education and scholarships for college-bound students from Key Largo to Key West. For more information or to make a donation visit
Guild Hall Gallery 614 Duval St. 305-296-6076

PART 4 from You-Tube Content Provider "Yesterday / Today" 48 FUNNY VINTAGE PHOTOS VOL. 2.
Next Week Part 5 of "48 Funny Vintage Photos" from You Tube Content Provider "Yesterday / Today" In Our September 7th. Issue

PART 3 OF "50 AMAMAZING VINTAGE PHOTOGRAPHS FROM 1900' TO 1910's and PART 4 is in the September 7th. Issue 

NOW THE TOURIST COUNCIL OF THE FLORIDA KEYS : EVERY MONTH THEY PRODUCE THE ON-LINE "THE KEYS TRAVELER" Filled with very informative Features. They have an Extensive Website filled with Feature Articles, Photographs, & Videos.

Tatyana Klevenskiy
Asian Pears
Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas
20 x 20 in
Inquire for Pricing
Five Shells
Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas
40 x 40 in
Inquire for Pricing

Harbor Reflection
Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas
60 x 36 in
Inquire for Pricing

Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas
30 x 30 in
Inquire for Pricing

Washed Ashore
Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas
36 x 60 in
Inquire for Pricing
Tatyana Klevenskiy, born in 1961 in Yaroslavl, Russia, began her career of painting at the young age of six. Tatyana got her first introduction to art in the lessons given by her grandfather that later soared her into the talent she is so well known for today.
After receiving her diploma in Graphic Design from the Yaroslavl College of Art and her diploma in Art Design of Feature Films and TV from the All-Russian Institute of Cinematography, as well as working as a costume designer during this time, Tatyana took off in her flight to becoming an established painter in Russia.
Her paintings illuminate the viewers eye by her astounding ability to capture and create light on the canvas. Be it still life study or a simple Russian village landscape, her paintings demonstrate her enchanting ability to bring a calmness and tranquility to the viewer by the magnificence and serenity of her paintings.
Tatyana is a painter, mother of Aleksandr, and wife of accomplished painter Vadim Klevenskiy. Tatyana's work brings to life the phrase, "Your eyes will acclaim." One of her paintings from a village in Russia now hangs in the office of Yuri Lushkov, Mayor of Moscow. Additionally, her work is collected by Ahatoly Lisitsyn, Governor of Yaroslavl. Her paintings are also displayed in the Confernce Hall N.P.D. SATURN in Rybinsk, Russia.
More from The Key West Art Gallery in the September 7th. Issue; Featuring More Artists with 5 to 8 Works Each.

We continue with Part 4 of 4 :Photos from just one of Hundreds of Groovy History Features. This Feature : Called "67 PHOTOS THAT CAPTURED WAY MORE THEN EXPECTED" by Jacob Shelton. Here is the Link to ALL 67 Photos with Verbiage . Next week we start another WWW.GROOVYHISTORY.COM Feature

Rosa Parks & Martin Luther King Jr. in Montgomery, Alabama circa 1955
Rosa Parks was working long hours as a seamstress in a department store in downtown Montgomery, Alabama, when she boarded a bus on December 1, 1955.
As the bus became crowded with white passengers she was told to move to the back but she stayed put and was arrested for the crime of sitting calmly in a seat while black. Park’s arrest led to a 13 month boycott of Montgomery’s city busses - one of the first and largest acts of black activism in the country at the time.
The boycott not only put a spotlight on the Civil Rights movement but it made the 26 year old Martin Luther King Jr. into the national concern as a leader for a new era of American politics.

This photograph of Isambard Kingdom Brunel, considered "one of the most prolific figures in engineering history" was taken 160 years ago.
This extremely self assured looking guy is Isambard Kingdom Brunel, an engineer who devised the Great Western Railway, a network of tunnels, bridges and viaducts that runs across England and the West Midlands.
Brunel didn’t just devise a arachnid-like railway, he designed bridges and tunnels as well as series of ships that were primed for transatlantic service. In 1843 The Great Britain, a ship by his design, was launched as the first iron-hulled, screw propeller-driven, steam-powered passenger liner.
On top of all of that Brunel also redesigned and constructed most of the major docks of Great Britain. He didn’t stop working until he passed away on September 15, 1859.

Titanic Orphans, brothers Michel and Edmond Navratil, 1912. They were the only children to be rescued from the Titanic without a parent or guardian.
When the RMS Titanic went down into the Atlantic Ocean on the night of April 14, 1912, many children on board lost their parents to the waves. However, the only children who lost their mother and father was twin boys Michel and Edmond Navratil.
These boys survived the sinking of the Titanic by making their way onto the Collapsable D, the ninth and final life-saving vessel. After the boys were placed onto the lifeboat by their father he was told to remain on board the doomed ship.
Until the French children could be taken back to their home country to be taken care of by a family member they were watched over by a Titanic survivor who spoke French. In a strange twist of fate authorities discovered that the children’s mother was alive in Nice, France.
Their mother had no idea that her boys were being taken to France by their father. She had full custody of the boys and thought that they’d been kidnapped, she had no idea how right she was.

The Russian author Tolstoy, regarded as one of the greatest authors of all time posing in 1908.
Taken two years before his death, this photo shows Leo Tolstoy basking in the love of his family. His writing at the time dealt with his coming end and the way he believed that love was the most important thing to him in his final days. He wrote:
Love is life. Everything that I understand, I understand only because I love. Everything is, everything exists, only because I love. Everything is united by it alone. Love is God, and to die means that I, a particle of love, shall return to the general and eternal source.
He passed away at the age of 82 from pneumonia. Thousands of Russian peasants lined the streets at his funeral procession in spite of the police’s attempts to keep them away.

Tsar Nicholas II of Russia photographed at the location of the 1st Army General Alexander Ivanovich Litvinov in the Dvinsk district. Taken on January 30, 1916.
Taken only one year before he and his family underwent forced abdication, Nicholas II of Russia was away from the front during World War I. His absence from the center of the empire and his reliance on Rasputin caused political unrest among his country people.
Allegedly Nicholas was warned against the negative influence of Rasputin on the family but he never removed the mad monk. The anger over Rasputin boiled over into the priest’s assassination at the hands of a group of Russian nobles.
By 1917, Russia was nearing collapse and following the end of the "February Revolution,” Nicholas II chose to abdicate the throne on March 2. A year later he and the rest of his family were executed.
Irish poet and playwright, Oscar Wilde, photographed in 1882. After writing in different forms throughout the 1880s, the early 1890s saw him become one of the most popular playwrights in London. 

Well known cheek and literary genius Oscar Wilde spent much of his time on Earth either writing brilliant works of salacious art or dishing out sass like he was getting paid for it.
In 1882 he came to the United States and spent a year traveling across its wide expanses and visiting cities like San Francisco. During that time he gave 150 lectures and ended up speaking to 200,000 people. At one point he even spent the night in a silver mine in Colorado, an evening that he loved. He explained:
I dined with the men down there. They were great, strong, well-formed men, of graceful attitude and free motion. Poems everyone one of them. A complete democracy underground. I find people less rough and coarse in such places. There is no chance for roughness. The revolver is their book of etiquette.

Winston Churchill & Charlie Chaplin, on the set of “City Lights," 1929.
A lover of the cinema, Winston Churchill, was a huge fan of Charlie Chaplin. Even though they were politically at odds Churchill and Chaplin were admirers of one another and Chaplin was Churchill’s guest at Chartwell two times in his life.
When Churchill visited the United States in 1929 he and Chaplin hung out a few times, first at a party organized by William Randolph Hearst and later at the Bitmore Hotel for dinner.
Following the premiere of City Lights in 1931, Chaplin went to England and was met by beloved crowds and he ended up dining with Churchill at his home, entertaining his children with tricks, and bantering about revolutionaries like Ghandi.

Rita Hayworth biking around the pool at The Beverly Hills Hotel.
Hayworth came into prominence during that strange time in Hollywood when starlets were stripped of everything that made them unique so they could be placed into any film that their contract requested.
Even though Hayworth had her name changed (she was born Margarita Carmen Cansino) and had her hair thinned by electrolysis she brought a seriousness and joy to her roles. Director George Cukor told The New York Times:
She had natural elegance. I saw that immediately, before they fixed her hair, something I may have contributed to did ask for Rita on her first loan‐out, ‘Susan and God,’ where she really had little to do. Yes, I knew, right away, she wasn't just another pretty girl. Rita made some of her material better than it was.

Before the Islamic Revolution of 1979 women weren’t allowed to wear their traditional veils and the police were ordered to remove any headscarves that they saw. At the time women were excited about wearing Westernized clothing, including jeans, miniskirts, and short-sleeved tops.
Young women dressed up, they went to the beach and they had picnics. According to Professor Haleh Afshar from Tehran University:
Picnics are an important part of Iranian culture and are very popular amongst the middle classes. This has not changed since the revolution. The difference is, nowadays, men and women sitting together are much more self-aware and show more restraint in their interactions.
In Grace Kelly's earliest gigs she was told that her chin was "too wide"

In five short years Grace Kelly went from an unknown actress to one of the most sought after stars in the world - and then she became a literal princess. She grew up the daughter of a three time Olympic gold medallist who owned a construction company worth millions and a mother who was champion swimmer and cover model. Kelly was nurtured to be successful on the big screen.
After high school she refused to take her parent’s money and paid her way with modeling gigs. She nabbed a Cosmo cover and took whatever print ads came her way.
Even though she was stunningly beautiful and whip smart success still eluded her. After she was cast in Mogambo things turned around. When audiences saw her shoot her sweetheart on screen they were enamored. She received a Best Supporting Actress Oscar nomination and the Golden Globe.


42 Unbelievable Retro Photos
Written by Harmon Leon
Celebrities are just ordinary people....except they are rich, famous, beautiful, and incredibly talented. Celebrities also take amazing photos. And we have photos of celebrities captured in their natural habitat - like you've never seen before. During the 70s and 80s, there was a show called, Battle of the Network Stars. Not only did TV stars compete in athletic contests, but it also allowed the TV network to feature actresses in tight and wet swimsuits for pure titillation purposes. And we have the photos to prove it. Not only that, but we also have candid shots of such old-timey sex symbols as Buffalo Bill Cody, an 18-year old John Candy, and Jamie Lee Curtis - years before she broke big in the movie, Halloween.
If that's not enough, we'll also show you how men were taught to kiss women in 1911 and what was on the breakfast menu the day the Titanic sunk. Let's journey forward to a world of mystery, intrigue, and celebrities like you've never seen them before. 
Young Suzanne Somers looking 70s cool
We all know Suzanne Somers as the ditzy blond on the 70's sitcom, Three's Company. But the actress also had some notable roles before she landed on the iconic TV show. She appeared as the "Blonde in the white Thunderbird" in the early George Lucas film, American Graffiti. (Which also featured a boatload of future Hollywood superstars.) In 1974, she also appeared in the uncredited role of "topless pool girl" in the Clint Eastwood vehicle, Magnum Force.
Things turned sour on the Three's Company set in 1980. Somers demanded a salary bump from $30,000 to $150,000 a episode. That didn't happen and her contract wasn't renewed. Lesson learned, don't be greedy. THE SEPTEMBER 7 ISSUE WILL START PART 1
WWW.GROOVYHISTORY.COM Go to their website and spend Days Looking at Hundreds of Thousands of Photo Features. More Groovy History (Part 1 : "42 UNBELIEVABLE GROOVY RETRO PHOTOS" in the September 7th. Issue and Up Shortly some Info. on Just a few of their Editors / Writers.

Great Features, Photos of the Day, Hundreds of Photo Galleries, and Extensive Special Events Sections.
Of course go his site to see this Entertaining and Very Informative Website
Every Week Johnny White Covers Event and inserts about 12-40 Photos from each event in His On-Line Magazine; and Johnny Shares some with us.

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