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Friday, August 2, 2019

2019 Special Summer Edition Issue #3

The Keys Blast from Ed Krane and Friends
2019 Special Summer Edition Issue #3
August 5, 2019

"Traffic Stop" by Jon O'Halloran Oil on Canvas
Pt. 3 "Mango Madness" 2019 TSKW Summer Member's Exhibition Featuring 121 Works of Art on ALL 3 Floors. ALTHOUGH This Exhibition Closed a Few Weeks Ago ; Our Promise to show ALL 121 Works continues. Probably we have 1 more Issue to finish showing all; as usual what a Brilliant Exhibition.

"Majestic" by Mike Rooney  16 X 20 Oil on Canvas
Part 1 of 2 : A Few of the Artists at Nance Frank's Gallery on Greene

"Roma 2"
Part 2 of 2 Art from the Very Creative Mind of J. Fulton Gadbois

Photo by Alyson Crean
In the photo: members of the Navy League accepted the proclamation naming USS Billings Week from the City Commission.
Photo by Alyson Crean
"Symbol of Kindness"
Our Weekly Feature from the City of Key West

 Part 2 : EFFUSION GALLERY 701 Duval. This is a Very Cool 2 &1/2 Story Gallery; with the Top Floor of Special Interest for our Local Creative Artists (More Below). Their Very First Exhibition at their New KW Gallery is still on "On The Wall; Off the Wall : Local Artist Exhibition"

"Papa A Family Legacy" by Clemente Ettrick  Oil on Canvas 30 X 40 NFS-Giclee Available

The Long Island Black Artists Association's Current Exhibition and The Keys Blast from Ed Krane & Friends has it.

The "Papas" of the Hemingway Look-Alike Society (HLAS) kicked-off the festivities of the famous Hemingway Look-Alike Contest by presenting $10,000 in scholarships to students at The College of the Florida Keys (CFK) on the stage of Sloppy Joe's (More Below)

"Back Porch : Green Parrot" by Marilyn Kollner  Acrylic

Tropic Cinema Art Gallery Pt. 1 of 2 The Current Exhibition : The Artists from the Staff & Managers of the Tropic Cinema Gallery

"Moonrise Study" Mixed Media on Masonite
Pt. 2 Tripp Harrison's Scapes are amazing and The Key West Gallery had him Live a Few Weeks Ago

"Fantasy Fest 1978"
Artist Olga Manosalvas Opening / Reception "The Restless Eye : The Visions of Olga Manosalvas" at Custom House ; Exhibition Runs Through 9/30 (More Below)

Pt 4. "Postcards from Paradise : Wish You Were Here" Continues in the Special Edition Issue #4 going out either Aug. 19 or 26 

The Mall on Duval ; Extended Hours & Months (More Below)

WWW.THEBLUEPAPER.COM Every Week we Enjoy Linking their Newspaper with our Magazine. They provide Hundreds of Local Features-Photos & Videos


The Key West Theater : Amazing Year Round Talent. We have the Updated COMPLETE Schedule of Events / Concerts up to March 2020

Part 2 : The Gold Coast Cruisers Car Show Featuring 750 Cars on Glen Cove Long Island New York by WWW.GOLDCOASTCRUISERS.COM .  I took 1001 Photos; an amazing Selection of Cars from 1930 - Now.

More Below

David Miller was in the Gallery Last Weekend.

This Wall is from Steve Harlan 
A Tour of the Wyland Gallery in Key West; A Brief Tease in this Issue and then Part 1 and Part 2 in the next Two Issues

"Connect & Protect" Feature
The TDC ( Tourist Development Council) just sent over their August "Keys Traveler" and other Update to their August Website (More Below)


This is Special Summer Edition Issue#3


The Keys Blast from Ed Krane & Friends ; Going out to 8085 Weekly. In This Issue : The Third Special Summer Edition Issue of 2019 : August 5, 2019 : Pt. 1 of 2 A Visit to the Gallery on Greene, Pt. 2 of 2 A Visit to Effusion Gallery Featuring their Very First Exhibition at their New Gallery in Key West "On the Wall; Off the Wall Local Artists Showcase", Our Weekly Features from The City of KW & MCSO ( with Encore Feature on Sheriff Ramsay Appearing on "Behind the Badge", Pt. 3 of the 2019 Mango Madness (Although The Exhibition Closed we are still completing 4 weeks of showing ALL 121 Works), Art Gallery Listings, The Long Island Black Artists Association (LIBAA) Current Exhibition, FKCC Feature on the PAPAS Look-A-Like Contest giving $10K in Scholarships, Pt. 1 of 2 The Tropic Cinema Art Gallery's Exhibition from the Staff & Managers, Pt. 2 of 2 Tripp Harrison Art at KW Gallery, Feature on the Custom House New Exhibition "The Restless Eye : Visions from Olga Manosalvas, WWW.FLA-KEYS.COM and their On-Line August "Keys Traveler" & Monthly Website Updated Insertions, WWW.ABSOLUTELYAMAZINGEBOOKS.COM ,
On-Line Auction Featuring Over 300 Antiques & Art 8/9, KWBG Next Mixer 8/14 at The Island House & Next Luncheon 8/7 at Marriott Beachside, KWT's Updated Schedule of Concerts / Events

In This Issue August 5, 2019 Continued  :
ALL 3 Have Excellent Events Schedules-Photos-Videos-Local News Stories,  WWW.ABSOLUTELYAMAZINGEBOOKS.COM  , For Our Early Edition Readers : Fri. 8/2 is the Closing Party for Fran Decker's "Frangipani" Gallery, Mall on Duval Extended Hours and Months, A Visit to the Wyland Gallery with David Miller giving a Live Painting Demonstration, Sneak Preview of 10  Features in Next Issue, KWAHS & Tropic Cinema Co-Producing " Art as History & History as Art", Impromptu Classical Concerts of KW 2020 Season, Pt. 2 of J. Fulton Gadbois Art, "Sailing Down the Mountain" Novel by Ben Harrison, WWW.HOMETOWNKEYWEST.COM, Sean P. Callahan Closes His Studio on Whitehead and Hits the Road, Next MCSO Animal Farm Opens 8/10, "Amazing Photos" 6 Part Feature Links, WWW.FKSPCA.ORG , "Misha in the Morning" at The Gardens Resort",  WWW.AHMONROE.ORG , Mallory Square Event on The Mall at Duval,  "Stuff the Bus" with the Help of the United Way of the Florida Keys,

In This Issue August 5, 2019 Continued :  The Gardens Hotel Cabaret Schedule, WWW.DANCEKEYWEST.ORG
 , Volunteers Needed at the KW Tropical Forest & Botanical Gardens, Q-Magazine, Tennessee William Museum Exhibit, WomanKind Next BraZaar Auction is 10/17 at KWT ( Applications for Entries Open Now),
Reef Relief-MOTE, Preserve Island Life, Florida Health Monroe Co., & More. Thanks for Reading Ed.


281 Front St. 305-295-6616

Close ups of Olga Manosalvas Works Up Shortly


Part 3 of Mango Madness Up Next But First Part 2 of 2

EFFUSION GALLERY 701 Duval St. 305-735-4345
Their very first Exhibition at their New Gallery in Key West "On the Wall Off The Wall Local Artists Showcase"

More Effusion Up Shortly with Close Ups of some of the Paintings; also here is the Special Summer Edition Issue Link to #2 July 15, 2019 which has Pt. 1 of the Effusion Feature & Pt. 1 of the Tripp Harrison Feature: 

Part 2 Tripp Harrison at the Key West Gallery

"Turtle Cay Study"  17 X 30 Mixed Media on Panel

"Hope  Town"  20 X 24  Lithograph

"Solitude" 15 X 30 Lithograph

"On the Horizon" 12 X 20 Giclee
 More from Tripp Harrison Up Shortly ; and Part 3 of the 2019 Mango Madness at the TSKW Up Next;  But First Amber-Ernst Leonard Tell Us About A Hemingway Days Event at FKCC

The "Papas" of the Hemingway Look-Alike Society (HLAS) kicked-off the festivities of the famous Hemingway Look-Alike Contest by presenting $10,000 in scholarships to students at The College of the Florida Keys (CFK) on the stage of Sloppy Joe's on July 18.  "Papa" Fred Johnson, HLAS Scholarship Chair, awarded three scholarships to students with literary talent and six scholarships to nursing students. He also presented the Kermit "Shine" Forbes Scholarship, named for Hemingway's boxing sparring partner, to a CFK-bound Key West High School graduate.

The Hemingway Look-Alike Society established the CFK scholarship 20 years ago with the purpose of encouraging education and literary talent in the community where the legendary writer called home in the 1930s and produced some of his most enduring literary works.  The scholarship was later opened up to nursing students.  To date, they have awarded 260 scholarships and built an endowment of $646,000 to fund future scholarships for many years to come.

Johnson, who earned his "Papa" status by winning the 1986 Hemingway Look-Alike contest, credits the generosity of his fellow "Papas" for being able to contribute annually to CFK's direct-support organization, the Florida Keys Educational Foundation.  Johnson, along with his wife Jean and team of "Papas" and "Mamas," collect donations throughout the year and fundraise at various events held during the Hemingway Days celebration to support the group's ongoing philanthropic commitment to CFK students.

For more information about CFK and its scholarship opportunities, visitWWW.FKCC.EDU 
and for more information about how to give to the Florida Keys Educational Foundation, contact Dr. Frank Wood, CFK Vice President of Advancement and Foundation Executive Director, at 305-809-3287


Some of the Art & Iconic Photos at

"Mick Jagger and Keith Richards" by Rolling Stone Magazine Photographer Bob Gruen

 A Visit to the Key West Art Center With Deborah J. Moore The New Gallery Director

"King of the Roost" by Gabrielle Wilson Acrylic

Direct Donate Link Below
24215 Carribean Dr. W., SummerLand Key, Fl. 33042

Dr. Vaughan -Dee and Donna Vaughan All Appeared A Few Weeks Ago speaking about their amazing success stories with Of Course Much to Do in the Future. The Next Issue will Have a Lead Feature.

A Sneak Preview of 6 More Features in the Special Summer Edition Issue #4; Up Shortly


August 9 ; Starts at 7pm
Captain Ahabs Port Jefferson LI NY 631-724-4872 . The owners Joy and Lee are Good friends.  Lee and Joy have an Antique / Art Retail Store ; but are known World Wide for their On-Line Auctions. They Usually have close to 400 Items.  If you have never done a Live Auction on a Computer ; you should try this out. It's No Charge and if you don't see anything you like you certainly do not have to bid on anything. I purchase about 3-6 Items every auction and even if I can't use the items or have no space; I can't pass up the prices and they make great gifts. This is great entertainment as well.
Here are a few items that they have auctioned in recent Auction Events
Here is the site to go to on August 9 and you can preview the items days prior as well. Here are the Three URL Locations to get into the Auctions. WWW.INVALUABLE.COM , WWW.ZIP.COM 

Once you are in any of the 3 sites; simply look for an "On-Line" Bidding Option and or Look it up by Date "August 9" and or "Captain Ahab". Also you can put in a bid Prior to the Auction; and Once again you can look at all the Items Prior to the Auction. For Our Southampton Readers ; You can Visit their Retail Operation in the Large "Antiques at Northport" (404 25A Northport LI NY)  


WWW.TROPICCINEMA.COM 416 Eaton St. 305-396-4944

"Bazooka Joe A Painting" by Mitzi Fielder

"Conch Cottage" by Carol Garcia  Latex House Paint with Lobster Trap Wood
More from The Staff at The Tropic Cinema Up Shortly
BUT LET'S STAY HERE and Look at The Tropic Cinema in Partnership with the KWAHS

Key West Art & Historical Summer Film Series/Art & Artists

· Hosted by Art As History, History As Art - Film Series at the Custom House and Tropic Cinema. First Film Event of 5 was on 7/30

Here is the Facebook Link to the Entire Series
Other Film Events from this Partnership are 8/13, 8/31, 9/10 & 9/24


WWW.TSKW.ORG 305-296-0458 533 Eaton St.

2019 MANGO MADNESS MEMBERS SHOW . Once again Although the Exhibition Closed a few Weeks Ago ; we'll show ALL 121 Works.
 Here's the Exhibition link to their website 

"Under the Sea" by June Klausine Acrylic
"Into The Chickenverse" by Kalo Mixed Media
"Mangrove Sunset" by Lynne-Bently-Kemp Archival Insert Print
The Coming Storm By Lisa Humes Oil

" The Musical Chair in the Mango Room" by Joanne Hasman Acrylic on Canvas  

Here is the TSKW Summer Classes
Up Next Part 1 of 2 : A Few of the Artists at Gallery on Greene but First 5 More Features in the Special Summer Edition Issue#4 being Published August 19 or 26.

A Few of the Other Artist that Anna has Approved for her Gallery.

This is a wall of Mermaids that Anna's Mother Painted; they are really good..The Wall to the right also has more of here work and Additional Artists

The Next Issue will have a Feature on Photographs taken by Drones.
Below is the World's Largest Traffic Jam in Japan

Maggie Ruley - Island Inspirations
933B Fleming St.  305-304-1013
The Next Issue will have many Close-Ups of Art in her gallery

"Fishermen's Cafe : Back in the Day"

The Next Special Summer Edition Issue # 4 has a new Photographic Feature "Interesting & Historic Photographs

Workers at a Motorola Factory in the late 50's

Albert Einstein and Hist Staff at the Yerkes Observatory
ALSO IN THE NEXT ISSUE Special Summer Edition Issue #4 Coming out either August 19 or 26 is the Marathon Yacht Club Education Foundation / Middle Keys 2019 Sailing Regatta.  305-923-3567


 "Marilyn & Joe" (Bronze)

by The Merger 14 X 15 X 4

"Almondron Azul" 16 X22 &

"Rounding the Bend" 11 X 14 by Michael Harrell  Oil

"Malecon" by Michael Harrell  12 X 9 WaterColor 

"Chillin in the Keys" by Mike Rooney  24 X 18 Oil on Canvas

More from Gallery on Greene Up Shortly


Part 2 of 2
J.Fulton Gadbois 
Most of his Work here is Oil on Canvas 

More J. Fulton Gadbois Up Shortly

The Long Island Black Artists Association at the Plainview Library on Long Island, New York.  This Excellent Artist Association puts on Group Shows at Various LI NY Venues.  They have been Generous in sharing their works with us in the past and now.. 
WWW.LIBARTISTS.COM One of the Main Contacts is Maxine Townsend-Broderick The President

Here is Part 1 of the LIBAA On-Line Exhibition from their Summer Exhibition at the Plainview LI NY Library and was in  the Special Summer Edition Issue #2 July 15, 2019.  We Inserted them again since Maxine Townsend-Brodrick sent us the Identification for these 8 below and for the Paintings in this Issue to follow

"The Serve" by Clemente Ettrick  36 X 24 Oil on Canvas ; Giclee Available
"Junkanoo Dance" by Maxine Townsend-Brodrick 18 X 24 Acrylic on Canvas
"Orient Point" by Kenneth Bradford 16 X 20 WaterColor
"Jeremy's Violin" by Galvin Bisserup  22 X 16 Photo
"Gilberto Gil" by Aaron Scott 20 X 27 Pencil
Koi Fish by Kenneth Bradford WaterColor 16 X 20
"Blue Chattel" by David Wilson  54 X 30 Acrylic on Canvas
Quilt by Maxine Townsend-Brodrick 33 X 35

"Untitled" by Kenneth Bradford  16 X 20 Charcoal & Conte
"Forest Fern" by Christian George Acrylic on Canvas

"Amaryllis Flower" by Kenneth Bradford  WaterColor 16 X 20

"Papa A Family Tradition" by Clemente Ettrick  Oil on Canvas 30 X 40 NFS-Giclee Available
More from the (LIBAA) Long Island Black Artist Association Up Shortly

281 Front St. 305-295-6616
We Continue with the The Restless Eye : The Visions of Olga Manosalvas Exhibition
Tellaman (Then are Calling)  1997 Acrylic

Bless Me Father For I have Sinned  1998 Acrylic on Plywood

Revere  1999 Acrylic on Canvas

Self Portrait  1999 Acrylic on Metal Roof Tiles

Fantasy Fest  1978 Acrylic on Canvas
More Olga Manosalvas Up Shortly 


This Excellent On-Line Newspaper / Magazine has Hundreds of Local News Features-Photo-Videos and Fantastic Investigative Reporting.  Go to their Above Website to see ALL The Updated Features. Due to Summer Hiatus I've not been putting the Thumbnail Photos of a few of the Featured Articles

Helen, Ben & Cole Send Summer Regards and Suggests for a Great Summer Read



"Wish You Were Here: Postcards from Paradise"will run through August 11. For more information call Cori Convertito, Ph.D., at 305-295-6616 x112, or email her at, or visit  Your Museums.  Your Community.  It Takes an Island. 

Key West Arts & Historical Society
281 Front St. 305-295-6616

Due to Space Constraints Pt. 4 of our Feature "Postcards from Paradise : Wish You Were Here" at the Custom House; Continues with the Special Summer Edition Issue#4 being Published either 8/19 or 8/26.  We'll have probably about 30 additional Postcards to Show You.  HOWEVER Go to the Museum to see the Exhibition in PERSON ; only 1 More Week Hanging.


Part 2 The Artists (Staff & Managers) at Tropic Cinema :

"Tranquility Afternoon" by Carol Garcia  Latex House Paint with Lobster Trap Wood

"Iguana" by Raul Marrero II (Projectionist) WaterColor, Ink, Marker Pencil

"Nourishment" by Marilyn Kollner  Acrylic

The Special Edition Summer Issue #4 will have Part 2 of The Artists of the Tropic Cinema Gallery

FOR OUR EARLY EDITION READERS Friday Aug. 2nd. CLOSING PARTY for Fran Decker's "Frangipani" Gallery. I believe the start time is 5pm. 1102 Duval Street 305-296-0440


Part 2 The Artists of Gallery on Greene

"Cartoon Strips" by Mike Peters  Archival Pigment on Arches

"BlackBeard" by Jeff MacNelly  24 X 36 Oil on Canvas

"Passing Through the Cold War" by Esterio Suguro  Composit

"Mermaid with Attitude by Linda Reike  36 X 14 

"Dutch Ship : Gouda"  by Suzie dePoo 18 X 36 Mixed Media
Part 2 of 2 The Artists of Gallery on Greene will be in the Special Edition Summer Issue #4

Classic Cars Up Shortly



The 2020 local elections in Monroe County include State Senate, State and U.S. Representatives, three County Commission seats, Clerk of Courts, Sheriff, Appraiser, Supervisor of Elections, Tax Collector, State Attorney, Public Defender and four judgeships. City of Key West Mayor and three Key West City Commission seats, two Monroe County School Board and two Florida Keys Mosquito Control District seats will also be on the 2020 ballot. Lastly, we will also be voting on the second KEYS Energy Lower Keys representative. (LINK to FULL LIST) 

Support Good Government! Go to, or email for more information on the election

Sean P. Callahan Recently Closed his Studio and Gallery on Whitehead and going on a few Road Trips with some of his Artist Friends; Dropping Off and Picking Up Artists for Many Legs of his Journeys.  Wish I could go for some of that.  Sort of an Art "Route 66"

Dog Tired Studio & Gallery 1011 Whitehead St. 802-989-5910 WWW.DOGTIREDSTUDIO.NET

Here are a few Work from Sean P. Callahan

"Playing Cat and Mouse"

"Looking for a Landing"

Here are a Few Works from Gregory Little One of the Frequent Exhibitions throughout the Years.

"Flamingo Twist"

Thanks Sean for the Amazing Images that you Shared with our 8,000 Readers over the Years. Safe Journeys.

The #4 Special Summer Issue Edition will have some new works from Mark Yeoman : Using a Special Process. One of the Local Places Mark Hangs is at Mangia-Mangia

WWW.MANGIA-MANGIA.COM 900 Southard Street 305-294-2469

Mark's Works in the Background

Here is the Menu Link 


As Key West readies to welcome the commissioning ceremony for the USS Billings, Mayor Teri Johnston has proclaimed July 29 th through August 3
rd as USS Billings (LCS 15) Week. The new warship is named for Billings, Montana, which has a proud history of producing the defenders of our nation with one in every 10 residents having served in the military. "The men and women of USS Billings (LCS 15) proudly represent the core values of honor, courage, and commitment of the United States Navy," reads the proclamation, "and will be forever welcome in Key West."
Although the Navy has been an integral part of the city since 1822, the August 3rdcommissioning is the second such honor for Key West. The USS Spruance was commissioned here in October of 2011. There ceremony will be held at 10 a.m. at the Mole Pier.
Photo by Alyson Crean
The commissioning of a ship is often referred to as its coming to life - it is the moment that the ship is put into active duty. Mayor Johnston, in the proclamation, said she salutes and commends "the officers and crew of USS Billings (LCS 15) and congratulate them on the Commissioning of the Navy's newest and most advanced warship. I extend to them our wholehearted support and appreciation for all that they endeavor and do."
In the photo: members of the Navy League accepted the proclamation naming USS Billings Week from the City Commission.

Mayor Teri Johnston, Vice Mayor Sam Kaufman, and City Commissioner Clayton Lopez, during the recent city commission meeting, adopted the official Symbol of Kindness.
"There is a need in our school communities, nation and world, for more kindness," reads the proclamation.
Photo by Alyson Crean
Originating at the Tropical Elementary School in Merritt Island with a group called the Tropical Kingdom, the symbol is intended to help make people more aware of kindness in their everyday lives. "Thank you, Key West, for making the Kindness Symbol official," said Barbara Wilcox, who accepted the city proclamation. "Key West has the unique distinction of being the first city outside of Brevard County to recognize the Kindness symbol."

701 Duval Street 305-735-4345

Now here is the Top 3 Awards

3rd Place Best in Show "Rabbit" by Art Rogers
 More from Effusion Art Gallery 701 Duval Street Up Shortly

Pres. Don

(Part 2) of Many to Follow

Held on Glen Cove Long Island New York at Morgan Park. I took over 1001 Photos and will use about 800 Spread Out Over a Few Issues (Well Many Issues). If any of the readers would like me to send them the entire 800 Photos in a 3 or 4MB Size Format each Photo ; will be glad to do so..Simply send me a Request to EK10@AOL.COM ( No Charge of Course)

A Few More Automobiles from 1921-Now from the Gold Coast Cruisers at the Morgan Park in Glen Cove Up Shortly


WWW.BVMPKW.ORG 103 Olivia St. 305-504-7664
FB Link Click BVMPKW


Part 3

The 2019 Annual TSKW Summer Member's Exhibition and Sale : Although the Exhibition Just Came Down; as Promised The Keys Blast from Ed Krane & Friends will SHOW ALL 121 Pieces.  The Special Summer Edition Issue #4 ( probably going out Aug. 19 or 26) will have the remaining 30 or 40 Works

"Emergent" by Emma J. Starr  35 MM Print on Bamboo Paper , WaterColor and Japanese Thread
Jacuzzi Anticipation by Dr. Robert Olson  Acrylic
"Mermaids Mango" by Eleana Jones  Mixed Media on Reclaimed Wood
"Boy Eating Mango Yum" by Kathy LeTarte  Oil
"Fortune Teller" by Cherelle Art  Acrylic on Canvas

More Mango Madness Up Shortly

Part 2

"Emmit's Guitar" by Galvin Bishop  22 X 16 Photograph

"Market Place" by Kenneth Bradford 16 X 20  WaterColor

"Victoria Falls : Dominica" by Christian George  Acrylic

The Long Island Black Artists Exhibition from the Plainview LI NY Library Continues Up Shortly


More from The Gold Coast Cruisers on LI NY
WWW.GOLDCOASTCRUISERS.ORG 750 Cars in Morgan Park in Glen Cove, LI, NY

More Gold Coast Car Show at Glen Cove, LI, NY in the Special Summer Edition Issue#4

The Last Two Issue had a Feature on Nicholas Bergery
July 15 2019 2nd Special Edition Summer Issue
June 24, 2019 First Special Edition Summer Issue #1


Thanks Jay , Barbara, Wyland and the Entire Crew at Wyland Gallery of Key West for the Year Round Features. To see the past few Issue Links with many additional Photos of Wyland's Last Few Visits ; Click
APRIL 15 2019

Here is David Miller Stopping in Last Weekend Presenting Painting Exhibitions.  The Special Summer Edition Issue#4 will have about a Dozen Pieces of His Art 

Here is one of the Walls where Steve Haran show Off His Work Year Round. We are working with Jay and Steve to Show many of his works in Upcoming Issues...Of Course Visit the Gallery to be Blown Away with the Vibrant Colors and Depth of His Works.

One of the Many Walls from Wyland

Wyland Visits the Key West Gallery Frequently. Last Week Michael Cheval made one of his Frequent Visits; You MUST SEE His Art ( Hanging Year Round) Here are Just 3.


Part two of Tripp Harrison

"Turtle Cove" 22 X 36 Lithograph

"Verandah  12 X 16 and 24 X 32  Lithograph
"StiltsVille" 20 X 40 Lithograph

"Keys Whaler"  Giclee 18 X 24 Litho 36 X 48

More from Tripp Harrison Up Shortly 

Adam Scott Rote "The Artist to the Stars" Makes Frequent Visits. He was in town Last Weekend to meet some of his recent Fans/ Buyers ; as well as unveil a few new Pieces. 

Next Visit
Meet Adam Scott Rote 
August 16-18, 2019
October 20-23, 2019
RSVP or 305-292-9339

Adam is chatting with friends / followers and Gallery Owner Kellie. A Fascinating Discussion on the Marketability of the Science Fiction Movie / Art Genre. "It Can be very Profitable as long as it's done the right way" Adam Scott Rote has perfected it.
More from Adam in the Next Issue


EFFUSION GALLERY 701 Duval St. 305-735-4345

"On The Wall ; Off the Wall : Local Artists Exhibition"
Best in Show 2nd. Place "Opulence & The Frowning Monas" by Kreg D. Kelley  MIxed Media

Best in Show First Place  "Red Sky Highway" by Bruce Yodanis  Air Brush on Metal

"Cloud Study" by Bruce Yodanis

People's Choice Winner : "Boca Grande" by Phil Rothe  Photography
We Continue with Part 3 of The Artists of Effusion in The Special Summer Edition Issue #4  ; Published in about 3 Weeks

MCSO Animal Farm Next : August 10 but will be CLOSED on Aug 28 (Usually the 2nd & 4th Sundays of the Month) 1-3pm


In Monroe County, 54% of families with children cannot afford life's basic necessities. Many of these children begin the school year without school supplies such as pencils, backpacks, books, and other items they need to succeed in school. United Way of the Florida Keys' Stuff the Bus program provides school supplies for these children, ensuring they have the tools to excel this academic year.
Working closely with the Monroe County School District, each school uses the funds raised to purchase exactly the items their students need. Every dollar collected for Stuff the Bus goes directly toward purchasing supplies.  Donations to Stuff the Bus are being accepted through August 31.
I have attached the complete release in .pdf format, for your convenience, as well as inserted it below.  Please feel free to contact me if you need higher resolution versions of any photos in the release.  Also attached is a Stuff the Bus flier that can be printed and posted or shared electronically, as desired. 
Thank you for helping us support Monroe County students! 
or Mail check to United Way PO Box 2143 KW 33045

WWW.FKSPCA.ORG 5230 College Rd. 305-296-1504


Here are the Links to the First 6 Parts : Part 1 ; April 1st. Issue Link ,  and Part 2 in the April 8th. Issue ,  and Part 3 in April 15
; Part 4 in  
4/22; ( We Skipped April 29th. Issue) , Pt. 5 May 6th., Pt.6 May 13 :


The 2019 Annual TSKW Summer Member's Exhibition and Sale. Was Showing ALL 121 Pieces from ALL 3 Floors.  The Exhibition is Over but we're Showing ALL 121 Works.

"Here Kitty Kitty" by German Forero Photograph

"Illusions" by Gabrielle Wilson Mixed Media

"Scars on Mars" by Deanna Krueger Graphite + Shells on HDPE Panel

"Haiku" by Mark Hedden Unfinished Photo

"White Cap" by Katie Trauax Alexander

"Mango Mama" by Craig Gray Graphite


Part 3 in this Issue : The KWAHS Exhibition of Olga Manosalvas at The Custom House

La Familia  Acrylic on Canvas  1996

Goddess : Acrylic on Reclaimed Cans & Burlap  1992

La Pelona  Acrylic on Canvas 2000

Quick Fix (Los Milagros)  Reclaimed Material on Plywood  1998
More from Olga in Our Next Issue.  Thank You

Part 3

"Irene D" by Clemente Ettrick 20 X 20  Oil on Canvas
NFS-Giclee Available 

"Coral Cove : Grenada" by Aaron Scott  WaterColor

"Brothers" by Clemente Ettrick 16 X 20  Oil on Canvas

We Continue with the Long Black Artist Association's Summer Plainview LI NY Art Exhibition in the Special Summer Edition Issue#4  We are so Thankful to LIBAA
 for Sharing your Works with Our Keys, FTL, Miami, Palm Beach, and Southampton Readers. We have 8 additional Paintings to Share

Books and Books at TSKW (Corner Simonton and Eaton)


Key West Sunset Dinner Cruise. Dine in A/C Large Main Cabin. View Famous KW Sunset from Upper Deck. On-Line Special Not $69 ONLY $59. Adults $59, Children 12 & Under $39.95, & Children 5 & Younger FREE. Includes Tropical Food Buffet with Upper Deck Free Margaritas, Rum Runners, Well Mixed Drinks (Premium Mixed Drinks Extra Cash Bar). Also FREE Champagne & Soft Drinks


500-700 Blocks of Duval Street  "Mall onn Duval" 305-697-6570  Carl Fisher President
CDD is a Business League currently comprised of businesses from the 500 600 & 700 blocks of Duval Street who are responsible for the marketing of Mall on Duval
July 31, 2019
What if you could be entertained by Mallory Square BUSKERS while eating your favorite food and drinking your favorite cocktail on Duval Street during the night-time, after sunset? (A busker is the old-fashioned term for a street performer).
This weekend, Mall on Duval brings you "Mallory on Duval - AFTER SUNSET" - your favorite Mallory Square buskers performing on Duval Street. There will be 2 shows a night for 3 nights in a row! Here is the schedule:
500 Block (San Carlos Institute)      Friday, Aug 2nd          9PM & 10PM
600 Block (Cowboy Bill's)                Saturday, Aug 3rd      9PM & 10PM
700 Block (Flirt Clothing Store)       Sunday, Aug 4th         9PM & 10PM
Appearing will be Will Soto, a 47 year veteran of Mallory Square and host of the event. Will is a juggler and FUNAMBULIST (who knew this article would be so educational! A funambulist is the fancy name for a "rope walker.") Also appearing will be the amazing Will Power, a juggler and CLOWN (A clown is a.... wait, we all already know what a clown is). Also, there will be other special amazing guests.
You don't want to miss this event! Tell your neighbors. Bring your dogs. Invite your summer guests. Leave the hotel room and experience 
MALLORY ON DUVAL - AFTER SUNSET. You'll be glad you did!


Monroe County Public Library
700 Fleming Street
Key West, FL  33040
Monroe County Public Library
700 Fleming Street
Key West, FL  33040

Part 3 of Tripp Harrison's Exhibition at Key West Gallery

"Moonlight Run" 12 X 16 and 36 X 48 Giclee

"Pipe Dream : Reflections of Mind"  12 X 16 and 24 X 32 Giclee
"Moonrise Original"  Mixed Media on Masonite 
"Remember When"  20 X 29 Oil on Panel
"MarbleHead LightHouse" 5 X 8 WaterColor on Paper or 305-292-9339

NOW is the largest organization of feminist grass-roots activists in the US. NOW has hundreds of chapters and hundreds of thousands of members and activists in all 50 states. Since its founding 1966, NOW's purpose is to take action through intersectional grassroots activism, to promote feminist ideals, lead societal change, eliminate discrimination, and achieve and protect the equal rights of all women and girls in all aspects of social, political, and economic life. 
Key West NOW meetings are held the fourth Wednesday of the month at 5:30 pm at Shanna Key and we welcome your presence.


Photos of the Week by Executive Contributing Editor Peter Arnow : During Our Summer Hiatus you'll still be able to See Year Round Photos from Peter Arnow in the Konk Life Publications.



Monday-Wednesday-Friday 7:45 AM  
(weather permitting). 
An invigorating blend of stretches, dance, Pilates and yoga for the body, mind and spirit for Individuals and Couples. Towels, Mats, Weights, Music & Instruction for ONLY $15.  526 Angela Street at The Gardens Hotel ( Corner Simonton and Angela). 305-294-3381.  Ask for Concierge as well if you don't see the Group in the Gardens.

WWW.DANCEKEYWEST.ORG Offices & Studios in the Key West Theater 2nd Fl. 512 Eaton St. Kyla Piscopink, Cricket Desmarais, and Kristen Huffman

 One of the ways to Support Dance Key West is of course Make a Donation to this Truly Deserving Non Profit; and Another Way is "Wine Bingo for Dance Key West" at Vinos 810 Duval St.. Contact Vinos and Dance Key West for the upcoming Events

717 Love Lane

Mango Languages

Interested in learning another language? The Monroe County Public Library now offers the learning language resource, Mango, an app and web-based program that includes 70 world languages, including English as a second language. Mango is free with an active library card. For more information,  visit or call the library at 305-292-3595. Allison Rich
Sr. Library Assistant
Monroe County Public Library
700 Fleming Street
Key West, FL  33040


The Last Few Issues of The Keys Blast from Ed Krane & Friends
APRIL 15 2019
April 29 2019
May 27 (Last Issue of the 2018 / 2019) Season
Special Edition Summer Issue #1 June 24
Special Edition Summer Issue#2 July 15, 2019


From the Key West Business Guild
 808 Duval St. 305-294-4603
WWW.GAYKEYWESTFL.COM  808 Duval St. 305-294-4603.
Next Mixer  Aug. 14th at Island House TH Kick Off.
Next Luncheon August 7 at Marriott Beachside.  Guests for this Luncheon : Andy Griffith Pres. of Greater Fla. Consortium of School Boards. Also Guest Speaker for the Non-Profit Spotlight Leah Stockton Pres. & CEO United way of the Fla. Keys Remaining 2019 Events : KW Tropical Heat 8/14-18, WomenFest 9/4-8, KW Headdress Ball Oct. 24, 2019. Click RESERVE and DONATE to do either or both

Tropical Heat Aug 14-18  To get your VIP All Access Tropical Heat Bands ;  Click Here 



5201 College Rd.  

Key West Tropical Forest & Botanical Garden will offer free admission to military personnel and their families this summer
The Key West Tropical Forest & Botanical Garden on Stock Island is seeking volunteers to help with the Nursery, Garden and general office help.  No experience necessary and training is provided.  Volunteer hours apply toward Community Service for students, City, County & State Programs. For more information contact the Garden office at (305) 296-1504, email or go online to to sign up. 
The Garden is located at 5210 College Road, on Stock Island, Key West, Florida.  For information about visiting the Garden, please visit  or call 305.296.1504.


WWW.MARCHOUSE.ORG  305-296-9556


Part 4 Mango Madness

WWW.TSKW.ORG 305-296-0458 533 Eaton St.

The 2019 Annual TSKW Summer Member's Exhibition and Sale 

"Badass McRooster" by Jimm Sherrington  Acrylic on Canvas

"Boca Chica Road" by Girl George  Acyrlic

"Mango Finger Lickin Good" by Bandler Dawson  Ceramic

"WaterSpout" by AD Tinkham  Oil

"Homage to the KW Cigar" by Kreg D. Kelley  Acrylic , various Antique ArtiFacts 1800-Mid 1900 Cards 

More Mango Madness in the Fourth Special Edition Summer Issue 

Q-Magazine from Neil Chamberlain 
WWW.QKEYWEST.COM 305-396-8227


5525 College Rd. 305-296-2424

Please take a look at this 2.5 Minute Video of Our Sheriff; Hit SHERIFF Link


 WWW.XPTHEATREXP.COM 302-540-6102 performed at
 Bob Bowersox XP THEATRE 
 Click this XPLink for more Info. 


 The Tennessee Williams Museum Exhibit 513 Truman Ave. 305-204-4527

The Keys Blast from Ed Krane and Friends uses Constant Contact for our Database Management and Production. It's amazingly Easy and the Customer Support is second to none (With a Tie with Dell). WWW.CONSTANTCONTACT.COM 866-289-2101


Rebecca Tomlinson (Artistic Managing Director  305-587-8961)  Tickets at


WWW.INSTITUTOSANCARLOS.ORG 516 Duval St. 305-294-3887 


Jacqueline , Maestra Sebrina Alfonsio, and the Entire Staff and Musicians wish our Readers a Relaxing Summer and they already have many EXCELLENT Concerts Lined up for the 2019 / 2020 Season


 1511 Truman Ave. 305-294-4004.

Click this Page to go Directly to their DONATE Page

Womankind Big Top Bash fundraiser seeks artist amBRAsaddors to make decorated bras for annual BraZaar auction
Are you a glue-gun guru or an artist with a knack for fashion?  Step right up and be part of the greatest show on earth by submitting your titillating, one-of-a-kind decorated bra to help support Womankind with their upcoming "Big Top Bash" BraZaar, an annual fundraiser that benefits Keys women and the people who love them with affordable healthcare at the nonprofit medical center. This year's high-flying fundraiser with a Big Top motif set to parade down the three-ringed catwalk Thursday, October 17 from 7pm-10pm at Key West Theater featuring a pre-auction welcome with sweet treats and libations, a high-energy, fast-moving live auction with models hired by Womankind, a dazzling ringmaster of ceremonies, circus-style performances, games played by unsuspecting guests, spectacular surprises, hilarious booby prizes, and an online silent auction of additional decorated bra designs that opens for bidding Friday, October 11. Artists' designs will be blind juried, with accepted submissions entered in the event's live and silent auctions.  Artists whose designs are selected for the live auction will receive fa complimentary event ticket to watch their bra be modeled down the 16-foot runway. The bra with the highest live auction bid and the audience favorite chosen through "voting with dollars" will win fabulous "Breast in Show" and "Most Mammarable" prizes. 

Since its inception in 2007, artists' participation has helped the event net over $120,000 to help provide hundreds of women in need with free or affordable services. Deadline for submissions is Tuesday, October 1st. Download your application now at, get started on your design, and know that your participation helps raise awareness of breast health while raising money to help Womankind advance its mission to provide breast cancer screenings and exams to local women. Tickets are $30 for general admission and $50 for preferred seating and can be purchased at starting August 15.  For more information about entry submission, or for businesses who wish to sponsor an artist's bra, contact Mel at or call Womankind at 305-294-4004.

Click this  LINK1 for their Facebook Page


Please go to their Facebook Pages and Website for Event Listings as well as Great Features

Here is a Video Link about "Car Free Key West & One Spot that they just added more Bike Racks

-------------------------------------  305-766-9727 Peter Arnow 305-923-9645

The Keys Blast from Ed Krane & Friends are in Many of the Playbills Every Year.  Target Market Visibility to an UPSCALE Disposable Income Demographic.

Reserve Early

To be seen in any of the 2019-20 Cultural Arts Publications

September 20 for the Headdress Ball 2019 Program, October 1 for Marathon Community Theatre and Studios of Key West, October 18 for  Red Barn Theatre, Key West Theater, Fringe Theatre, Waterfront Playhouse and South Florida Symphony, November 1 for Tennessee Williams Theatre and Truman Foundation,November 15 for Impromptu Concerts, Anne McKee Art Auction Program, February 15for Key West Songwriter's Festival, May 1 for PrideFest Key West 2020,  Mystery Fest Key West, Key West Summer Stage 2020, May 15 for Key West International Guitar Festival, June 1 for Tropical Heat 2020, July 1 for WomenFest 2020


407 Wall St. 305-294-5015

July 8 - Aug 3

Aug. 3
Oct. 19- 25
Nov. 3- Nov. 11

WWW.FKSPCA.ORG 5230 College Rd. 305-296-1504


WWW.DOITKEYWEST.COM 305-440-0529 2011 Flagler Ave. 
Gracy sends regards and tells us : This website was created to make easier to event goers to find times and dates. Companies can save time and always have updated/available events available to them and their customers. They don't have to search every local news paper to find what they need. They have ready and combined information on one calendar. It's also online and therefore very convenient. Most people are digital nowadays. Another selling point is that the calendar of events will provide useful information that can be used for scheduling. Any company who is having a special event can look at the global calendar and avoid clashing times/dates with other organizations. This also allows them to attract more people to their events by scheduling their own events when other organizations aren't scheduled. 

 305-293-7500 1100 Simonton St. 33040

 305-296-6196 1434 Kennedy Drive 33040

Aug 24 Comedy KW The Summer Series
Aug 25 Those People in the Back Stage Listening Room
Aug 25 The Artimus Pyle Band Honoring The Music of Ronnie Van Zant's Lynrad Skynrd, 9/13 Dirty Dozen Band, 9/15 Amy Grant, 9/29 Those People in the Back Stage Listening Room, 9/29 An Evening with Coffee Butler, 10/3 Andreas Osborne, 10/5 Chris Duarte, 10/13 Classic Albums Live Tom Petty "Damn the Torpedoes", 10/20 Roberft Randolph & The Family Band, 11/4 Acoustic Alchemy, 11/8 Justin Hayward, 11/10 Who's Bad The Ultimate Michael Jackson Experience, 11/13 The Wizards of Winter, 12/1 Max Weinberg's Jukebox, 12/5 Rumours : Fleetwood Mac Tribute, 12/7 Paula Poundstone, 12/11 A Peter White Christmas, 12/15 Brett Michaels, 1/14 Sinbad 6:30 & 9:30pm, 1/17 Tommy Castro, 2/15 Tommy Emmanuel, 2/16 Tommy Emmanuel, 2/17 Judy Collins, 2/22 Tom Papa, 2/27 "Beginnings" A Tribute to the Music of Chicago, 2/29 Firefall, 3/1 John Tesh.




Check Special Pricing Rates
Includes 1 Parasail Ride
Key West Sunset Dinner Cruise. Dine in A/C Large Main Cabin. View Famous KW Sunset from Upper Deck. On-Line Special Not $69 ONLY $59. Adults $59, Children 12 & Under $39.95, & Children 5 & Younger FREE. Includes Tropical Food Buffet with Upper Deck Free Margaritas, Rum Runners, Well Mixed Drinks (Premium Mixed Drinks Extra Cash Bar). Also FREE Champagne & Soft Drinks


WWW.FLA-KEYS.COM The Tourist Development Council (TDC) does a Great Job in Producing their Website & Monthly E-Mail Campaigns which include their Monthly "Keys Traveler" Hit the website URL as well as the TRAVELER Link to Bring the August Materials  RIGHT NOW to You

TDC Photo Adventure Link Below

Featured August Video "Discover Sea Turtles in the Florida Keys"
Reef's Islamorada's LionFish Derby Sept. 13-15
"BrewFest" in Key West Aug. 29-Sept. 2

Make sure to check out ALL the TDC Materials ; which Include Photo Galleries, Video, and Extensive Events and Information Materials. Great Job TDC Staff.

 WWW.GARDENSHOTEL.COM 526 Angela St. 305-294-2661

Cabaret ALL DATES ARE 5-7 PM
Monday, July 29, Bobby Green, 5-7 pm
Tuesday, July 30, Megan Clay, 5-7 pm
Wednesday, July 31, Megan Clay, 5-7 pm
Thursday, Aug 1, Megan Clay, 5-7 pm
Friday, Aug 2, Michael Robinson, 5-7 pm
Saturday, Aug 3, Bobby Green, 5-7 pm
Sunday, Aug 4Megan Clay, 5-7 pm

Meghan Clay can be found Entertaining at the Garden's Cabaret Every Week.


MOTE'S Beach Condition Reporting System Expands to the Florida's East Coast
The Beach Conditions Reporting System (BCRS) provides daily updates on waves, currents, water and air temperature, algae and multiple other conditions at 38 beaches, including Lake Worth and 37 Gulf Coast beaches in Southwest Florida and the Panhandle. Each beach is monitored by trained volunteers including lifeguards, park rangers and others coordinated by Mote.  Much Additional Info. is in the E-Mail Campaign that this Feature is in ; Click
Here is the April 25th E-Mail Campaign Link from MOTE; Click MOTE4-25
Wildlife in World Heritage Site Declines After Heatwave Reduces Seagrass

Top: A tiger shark tagged by the Shark Bay Ecosystem Research Project. Bottom: Combined photos of seagrass in Shark Bay, Western Australia, before (left) and after (right) a heat wave that killed of much of the dominant seagrass species. Credit both: Shark Bay Ecosystem Research Project.

Click MOTE5-8 for Complete E-mail Campaign discussing the rare Leatherback Nests

WWW.MANGIA-MANGIA.COM 900 Southard Street 305-294-2469

Here is the Menu Link 


WWW.TROPICCINEMA.COM 305-396-4944 416 Eaton St.

Carla and Mike send Regards : We are Proud to Feature Florida Keys Artists in Our Tropic Art Gallery. If you're Interested in Exhibiting at The Trop : E-Mail and/or 305-396-4944


HERE IS A PARTIAL LISTING OF THE ART VENUES IN KEY WEST. The Below Galleries & Museums are the "Friends" in The Keys Blast from Ed Krane and Friends : Frequent Associate Contributing Editors


WWW.COCCOANDSALEM.COM 1111Duval St. 305-292-0072


New Location "The Annex" 804 White St.
also "By the Bay" 3340 N. Roos. Blvd. #2

1207 Duval Street  305-296-8900

WWW.ZAZOOARTGALLERY.COM 622 Duval 305-294-8925

WWW.DANCEKEYWEST.ORG Offices & Studios in the Key West Theater 2nd Fl. 512 Eaton St. DanceKW@Gmail.comKyla Piscopink, Cricket Desmarais, and Kristen Huffman

221 Key Deer Blvd., Big Pine Key 305-872-1828

WWW.HARRISON-GALLERY.COM 825 White St. 305-294-0609

WWW.STONESOUPGALLERY.COM 802 White St. 305-296-2080

EFFUSION GALLERY (Just Opened July 5) 701 Duval St.
305-735-4345  WWW.EFFUSION.COM


WWW.AMANDAJOHNSONFINEART.COM 518 Fleming St. 305-414-8396

New Location at 408 Greene Street  305-294-3973

WWW.COLLECTIONSKW.COM 6810 Front St. 305-923-4778

Dog Tired Studio & Gallery 1011 Whitehead St. 802-989-5910 WWW.DOGTIREDSTUDIO.NET

Salt Island Provisions Gallery & General Store  WWW.SALTISLANDPROVISIONS.COM
830 Fleming St. 305-517-6088

ART@830  830 Caroline St. 305-295-9595

Guild Hall Gallery 614 Duval St. 305-296-6076

Alan Maltz Gallery  1210 Duval St. 305-294-0005

DE LA GALLERY 419 Duval St.  305-395-2210


Thanks for Reading and Your Comments.  Have a Great Week. Ed

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