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Saturday, October 31, 2020

Keys Blast from Ed Krane & Friends November 2, 2020


NOVEMBER 2, 2020

We start off each Issue with our Lead Tease Photos (Each Photo will Represent a Few Features in this Issue). Above : Three Photos : Our Weekly Photographic Journey around the World ( This Week : Barcelona, Spain), then Pt. 1 of 2 Feature on "The Smallest Parade in the Universe" & Third Pic above : Pt. 1 of 2 Still Photos from an AWESOME Video from WWW.FANTASYFEST.COM.. Then Below : This Week in the November 2, 2020 Issue : Pt. 1 of 8 "Classic Cars from Jay Leno's Garage, Effusion Art Gallery & Curator Brandie Sager Premier Party / Exhibition for Kristyn Lamoia on 11/13 6-8p, Had to put in one more Lead Tease Photo Featuring Beth, Pony, and Kathy from "Smallest"; Many additional photos from "Smallest" and Photographs from recent Fantasy Fests further down and in Pt. 2 (Nov. 9, 2020), (KWFF) The 2020 Key West Film Festival : WWW.KWFILMFEST.COM Nov. 18-22 (Will be using OUTDOOR VENUES To Show Many Interesting Films) + The KWFF Staff and VIP Guest Participants will be EXTREMELY CAREFUL with SOCIAL DISTANCING ( for the NEXT 3 Issues) there will be 4 Sections on KWFF, Also in this Issue :Pt.2 of 2 Bill and Linda Klipp Celebrate Past Fantasy Fests by Treating Us in Our Magazine and their Facebook Pages /Websites to Tens of Thousands of Past Fantasy Fest Photos, KWBG ( The Key West Business Guild) This Month : Luncheon 11/4 & Mixer 11/18 , BVMPKW (BAHAMA VILLAGE MUSIC PROGRAM KEY WEST ) HAS AN ART AUCTION 11/8 "HeART Strings : Below is Ben Harrison's and Marlene Koenig's Entries ( sure to Obtain Lots of $ to help those in Need), Artist John Martini Treats us to a Rare Photograph from 1982 / 1983 Lucky Street Front, The City of Key West's New Old Town 2020 Parking Passes are Now Available, More then ever is WWW.ABSOLUTELYAMAZINGEBOOKS.COM Sooooooo Useful during the Pamdemic with Hundreds of Titles to choose from. + The College of the Florida Keys ( Formerly FKCC) Weekly Feature : Graduation Ceremony for Basic Law Enforcement Academy#74 and CFK to Hold Virtual Info. Sessions for Future Students.
The Next Batch of Photos Representing Many of the Features in this November 2nd. 2020 Issue : A Groovy History Feature : Pt. 2 of Probably 6 from Popular Editor Lyra Redford of WWW.GROOVYHISTORY.COM "Stunning Photographs from the Past Sure to Cause NOSTALGIA" Below "Dragnet Iconic TV Series from the 60s, The Tourist Development Council (TDC WWW.FLA-KEYS.COM) just came out with their On-Line November Keys Traveler & Many Updated and New Features on their website with Lots of Photos & Url links, Many Events-Exhibitions-Classes at TSKW ( The Studios of Key West) inc. Stephen Kitsakos New On-Line Play "SMITHTOWN" 11/14, Coffee Table Book Featuring 352 Photos from Many of the Key West Photographers "Isolated Island The Key West Covid-19 Spring of 2020", Dr. John "Jack" Norris (The Voice of Reason & Information) Giving us DAILY 3 to 10 Minute Imporatnt Videos: We have accumulated a very large collction in the past few months for your Review. Also in this Issue : Our Weekly Features from The City of KW and Monroe County Inc. KWPD Chief Sean Brandenburg Honoring Captain JR Torres & Monroe Co. Fire Rescue Conducted Many OUTREACH Programs during Last Week's Fire Prevention Activities + Monroe Co. Mayor Heather Carruthers 10/29 Community Q&A, "Kids Masquerade Party Produced by "Mom and Pop Business Organization" on Oct 31 5-8p at Coffee Butler Amphitheatre, Along with Nance Frank at her Gallery : Curator for many of the Cuban / Latin American Artists Alaen Ledesma Fernandez promotes Juan Carlos Verdial Soltura , Waterfront Playhouse Tonight (10/31) 8pm H.G. Wells "The War of the Worlds" ONLY $20 & will take place in their Theater (Only 50 Seats Offered) 3 Main Actors : David Black, Ross Pipkin, & John McDonald WWW.HOMETOWNKEYWEST.COM for Refresh on Candidate Info.., Gallery on Greene Opens the New Exhibition Featuring Andy Thurber and Wayne Garcia

TSKW On-Line Workshop "The Art of Womanhood in Ancient Greece" by Dr. Keely Heuer
TSKW Popular "PAINTING BOOT CAMP " with Rick Worth. Outdoor Workshop / Class

November 2, 2020, going out to 7802 Weekly.


The Weekly "CRISIS INFORMATION CENTER" Feature has Grown Large in Order to keep you Well Informed from
The City of KW , Monroe County, KWPD, One Clean Island (OCI), MCSO, CDC, SOS, & Other Very Important Local & National Organizations. This Info. will now APPEAR Every Week as a PART 2 LINK at the Very End of Each Part 1 Issue. Much of the Material could be weeks/months old..HOWEVER Part 2 does give you the Contact Info., and most of the Links for Fast Reference
Every Part 1 will contain VERY IMPORTANT LINKS at the Beginning of Each Issue (to give you Easy to Find Info. in One Place).
ALSO IN PART 2 : Extensive Listings of Many Websites from Local Organizations that have Contributed Features the Last 8 Years + Most of the Art Gallery Websites + Many Local Entertainment Videos + Classic Music Videos. EDITOR'S NOTE : There was a recent article on Oct. 22 about Covid-19 Exposure CDC Updated Suggestions. If you go to the end of this Issue I have Inserted the Article.

Alyson Crean
Communications Manager
City of Key West
Work: 305-809-1058
Cell: 305-797-0417

Jason & Kate Kohler Owners of The Weekly WWW.KEYSWEEKLY.COM 305-743-0844
Guy DeBoer Sailor Extraordinaire and Owner & Editor of the Konk Publications WWW.KONKLIFE.COM 305-296-1630
BELOW IS MAYOR TERI JOHNSTON's Oct. 23rd Weekly Video Link.
AND MAYOR TERI JOHNSTON's Oct. 30 Weekly Video Link
"THE SMALLEST PARADE IN THE UNIVERSE" One of the Annual Fantasy Fest Events was done Via Live Streaming Last Week at TSKW. Annually Produced by Gordon Ross. This Year the Hosts were so Funny and Held my Interest for the entire Hour; Wishing there was more. They Should have a TV Show : Kathy Gilmour, Pony Charvet & Beth Moyes. Also Produced by Marky Pierson of WonderDog Productions and Nadene Grossman Orr Main Contact at Fantasy Fest WWW.FANTASYFEST.COM
Up Shortly Photos from the Video from the 2019 Fantasy Fest by WWW.FANTASYFEST.COM. Then in the November 9th Issue More Floats from The Smallest Parade in the Universe and more Photos from the 2019 Fantasy Fest Video
John Martini Sends Regards and Photo Below
This photo was 82 or 83 at Lucky Street Gallery 322 Margaret Street. We were there for 2 years before we moved to 919 Duval. At the time there was no traffic to be had and the conch train refused to mention us as they passed unless we paid them. The artist Robert Gaston drove this piece down and we put it out front every day. The Conch Train could not avoid mentioning it. We moved the gallery during a golden time on Duval St when local mom and pop business filled the street. We were forced off Duval when the cruise ships became dominant around 95. It’s time to rebuild Duval into a sustainable destnation for locals and long stay visitors.
We Now Start Part 1 of Probably 8 Weeks of showing an AMAZING 120+ Collection of Classic Cars Owned by Jay Leno "Jay Leno's Garage". He also had a CNBC TV Show Featuring his 120 Classic Cars WWW.LENOSGARAGE.COM
1. 1937 Bugatti Type 57 SC
Model Year: 1937, Original Value: $43,000*, Current Value: $40 million-$114 million*
Jay Leno is one of the few people in the world who owns an exact copy of the Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic. His replica was made by a German car enthusiast who specializes in making identical copies of antique, rare cars. The 1937 Bugatti Type 57 SC’s Competition variation was called “Aerolithe,” which is based on the Greek word for “meteor.” The 1937 Bugatti Type 57 SC was the first model year for the Type 57 SC, which would go on to have just 96 produced. Under the hood was a 3.257-liter DOHC Inline 8 engine. The designer was Jean Bugatti himself.
2. 1994 McLaren F1
Model Year: 1996, Original Value: $12 million*, Current Value: $23 million*
Back in 2017, Leno was asked which of his collection was his favorite, and he said that his 1994 McLaren F1 was the crown jewel of his collection. This car was valued at $12 million when he bought it, and the price has nearly doubled, with one ’94 McLaren selling for $23 million at auction. Leno stated in an interview with Wired that people are surprised that the futuristic-looking McLaren was actually a nineties-era car. He stated simply that, “When a car looks right, it[‘s] right.” The ’94 F1 was the first McLaren to be deemed street-legal in the U.S. 

3. 1955 Mercedes 300SL Gullwing Coupe (Above in the Lead Photos
Model Year: 1955, Original Value: $2,200*, Current Value: $2.35 million*
In 2015, Leno purchased this 1955 Mercedes 300SL Gullwing Coupe for his garage. He was intent on restoring the coupe, and he was thrilled to be able to purchase it after it was, according to him, “out of reach” for so long. The Gullwing was always ahead of its time, and it makes sense why Leno would covet it so highly. When it came out in the fifties, it had many never-before-seen features to it, including fully independent suspension, tubular space frame, and, of course, those very unique doors. Leno’s currently-under-construction Gullwing will likely keep its famous red paint job.
4. 1937 Fiat Topolino
Model Year: 1937, Original Value: $763.07*, Current Value: $44,000*
This is perhaps one of the oldest cars in Jay Leno’s collection. The 1937 Fiat Topolino is on display in his garage, and he actually had plans to auction it off in 2012. This isn’t his only early Fiat; he also owns a ’59 Millecento and a 1917 Fiat Botafogo. The Topolino is, like many Fiats, very tiny.  It has a 569cc I4 engine under the hood and the curb weight is 1,213 pounds. 520,000 of these cars were made from 1936 to 1955, making this one of the earliest editions of the Topolino still in existence to this day.
5. 2017 Ford GT
Model Year: 2017, Original Value: $505,570*, Current Value: $1.2 million*
Jay Leno was one of the first Ford customers to take delivery of his super-cool, fast Ford GT. The 2017 Ford GT was one of 45 ever built, and the price increased to $1.2 million as time went on (though Leno got it for a little over half a million). This Ford GT is worth so much because it is a powerhouse. The sportscar gets 647HP and weighs in at 3,705. Under the hood is a 5-liter V8 engine. The specs on the 2017 GT are amazing. The GT has a top speed of 216MPH and a 0 to 60 time of 2.9 seconds.
6. 427 Shelby Cobra
Model Year: 1966, Original Value: $7,495*, Current Value: $5.5 million*
When it comes to classic cars, Leno has admitted that he has a particular fondness for his 427 Shelby Cobra. This 1966 Ford classic was the subject of a contest between Leno and Elon Musk, the head of Tesla Motors. Leno challenged Musk’s Tesla S P85D to a race with his elderly Cobra. The Tesla has a 0 to 60 time of 2.6 seconds, while the Cobra has a 0 to 60 time of 4.5 seconds (still impressive for that era). Leno was obviously kidding, though it would have been an interesting race. The dark-blue Cobra debuted in 2012 at Pebble Beach before Leno bought it.
We Continue with Part 1 of Jay Leno's Garage Up Shortly in this Issue
WWW.KEYSUNITEDWAY.ORG 305-735-1929 Greetings from Rebecca Zehr
MONROE COUNTY – United Way of Collier and the Keys is launching a virtual Remote Crisis Case Management System to help residents of Collier and Monroe Counties cope with the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Working with the Florida Keys Outreach Coalition, UWCK is excited to announce, an innovative way to assist neighbors in need.
Since March, the number of residents seeking assistance with critical needs more than doubled. Calls for help have grown dramatically, as the ALICE (Asset-Limited, Income Constrained and Employed) families that United Way of Collier and the Keys serves have been heavily impacted by the pandemic’s economic toll.
“These households live paycheck-to-paycheck, with very little or no savings to help them deal with unexpected expenses or loss of income like those incurred during COVID-19,” said Leah Stockton, UWCK Keys Area President. “Requests for assistance are at an all-time high, including in the wake of Hurricane Irma. We are also seeing many callers who have never needed to seek assistance before.”
United Way of Collier and the Keys has developed a web application to safely connect individuals and families seeking assistance with case managers who can help them obtain aid from multiple programs. Called the Remote Crisis Case Management (RCCM) system, the platform enables clients to apply for assistance from the safety of their homes, using mobile phones, tablets, or computers, and enables case managers to help them while working remotely, at a safe social distance.
In Monroe County, individuals and families should visit to apply in English, Spanish, and Creole. Residents can securely fill out an online application including uploading needed documents to complete the process quickly and safely. Additional community resources and information are also available through this link.   
Currently, the RCCM platform enables Keys families and individuals affected by COVID‑19 to apply for assistance with food, medical bills, childcare, communication and transportation expenses and prescription needs (up to $250 per household per month) by connecting with case managers at the Florida Keys Outreach Coalition. UWCK and FKOC have long been community partners in offering financial assistance to help local workers help during an unexpected crisis or illness. When COVID-19 arrived, so did a need to work together to provide services differently through a tool such as the RCCM platform. Additional services and organizations will be added in the coming months.
“We could not be more grateful to our local United Way for helping us find a solution that will not only make a big difference in how we operate during COVID-19 but moving forward,” said Stephanie Kaple, Executive Director of FKOC. “The need has been so great; we just didn’t have the manpower to meet it as quickly as we would like. But now we have this amazing tool that is going to help us not only now in this moment but also in the future.”
The United Way of Collier and the Keys has a Coronavirus Fund to help those in need during this crisis. Data from the RCCM platform will help us quickly identify the greatest challenges as we move through this crisis and distribute these funds where they can be most effective. Those who wish to LIVE UNITED and make a gift to the relief fund can visit to help their neighbors in need.
Responding to the tremendous need for assistance the pandemic has caused, community members and local businesses have generously given to charitable organizations to aid fellow residents. That help is not always easy for a family to access, however. Without the RCCM platform, a family might need to contact several organizations delivering aid and visit all of them in person to fill out separate applications before connecting to the resources they truly need. In this time of crisis, the safe and efficient process RCCM provides is vital.
About United Way of Collier and the Keys
The United Way of Collier and the Keys creates thriving communities by improving the financial stability of families living paycheck to paycheck and by strengthening health and education. United Way plays a unique role in convening individual donors, businesses, nonprofits and government to work together to address community needs. For more information, please call the Key West office at (305) 735-1929.
About the Florida Keys Outreach Coalition
The Mission of the Florida Keys Outreach Coalition Inc. is to provide homeless individuals and families with the resources and opportunities by which to attain residential, financial and personal stability and self-sufficiency. The FKOC further seeks to address the underlying causes of homelessness and work toward its elimination in Monroe County, Florida. FKOC’s COVID-19 Financial Assistance program is funded through generous support of the United Way of the Collier & the Keys and the Ocean Reef Community Foundation. Keys Energy also provides funding for customers to apply for assistance with their electrical bills. For more information or for those not comfortable applying online, please call (305) 295-7741 for county-wide assistance.

Due to the large amount of NEW Information from the On-Line LIVE Streaming KICK-OFF Event Last Week and their Staff sending Follow up Materials from the Event . I will have a few KWFF 2020 SECTIONS in this weeks Issues ; Starting with the VIP Pass Material.

EDITOR'S NOTE : The October 19th Issue had a longer Informative Feature describing the 2020 KWFF to start that Issue..I'm Inserting the Feature again and will be apper in this issue in Part 2 of KWFF. Now here is some new Info from KWFF

Individual tickets are not yet on sale, so secure your seats now with a KWFF 2020 VIP or All-Access pass at our lowest festival prices ever!

Passes for the 2020 Key West Film Festival are now available, featuring the lowest prices ever for the festival. 

As we are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, each purchase of a pass is a tax-deductible donation. And in the toughest year on record, we greatly appreciate contributions to help make the festival happen. And here are even more great reasons to buy one before they're gone:
We have two tremendous passes for you for KWFF2020!

VIP PASSES: For only $149 this year, you receive insider access, preferred seating, Opening and Closing Night films, the Awards Ceremony and Champagne Reception, and access to all virtual programming. Plenty of fun all festival long!

ALL ACCESS PASSES: You get all of the perks listed above, except for our Awards Ceremony celebration, all for just $99!

These passes get you into every film at the fest. No tickets. No waits. No worries.

Passes are the best way to ensure unrestricted access to the hottest ticket in town! Information on individual event ticketing will be made available in the days ahead.

We'll Continue with our next Section from KWFF Up Shortly which Includes” ADDITIONAL INFO AND PHOTOS ; also found in WWW.KWFILMFEST.COM ALSO THERE IS a 2:52 Minute Trailer for the Movie : Gimme Shelter in one the Key West Film Fest Sections in this Issue

Last Week We featured memories from Bill and Linda Klipp and their 20 Years of Shooting Fantasy Fest. You can also find Hundreds of Photos on their Facebook Page ; and Tens of Thousands of Photos on their websites. Here is the Link to our Oct 26th Issue to see the Photos we used last week :

OCTOBER 26, 2020
WE NOW CONTINUE WITH PART 2 OF 2 Starting with Mondays at Fantasy Fest
Fantasy Fest – Monday Memories
Back in the years B.C. (Before Covid) which we called normal times, the Monday of Fantasy Fest week marked the beginnings of the daily Revelry. The crowds were starting to arrive, the body painters were setting up shop and costumed party goers began wandering the streets after dark. The Big event on Monday was always the un-advertised “Kelly’s Kinky Karnival” where being scantily clad was required for entry and lingerie and S&M seemed to be the costumes of choice in an anything goes wild party that lasted until the wee hours. Better luck next year.
PS Tomorrow would be TUTU Tuesday, Stay tuned!
Over the last 20 years I have accumulated tens of thousands of Fantasy Fest photos, here are a few from the Local’s Masquerade March. Looking forward to 2021.

Photos by: Bill Klipp
Check out our online Photo Website at:

©All Contents All Rights Reserved Bill Klipp 2020


More from Bill and Linda Klipp Up Shortly Fantasy Fest – Featuring
By far our two most favorite Fantasy Fest events are the Zombie Bike Ride (Sunday) and the Local’s Masquerade March which takes place on Friday of Fantasy Fest week. Up Shortly


Bill Klipp tells us about his Participation in this Calendar

Galapagos Wanderings – “Best of the Galapagos”
2021 Calendar
Each year the Galapagos Conservancy holds a photo contest to select the images for their annual fund raising calendar. Linda and I have been have been honored to have had our images selected for the calendar for the last 7 years. This year’s photo contest was canceled so for 2021 the Conservancy decided to create a “Best of the Galapagos” calendar from the 10,000 plus contest submissions over the last decade.
I’m honored that my “Napping Brown Pelican” Photo has been selected as one of the main images for the “Best of the Galapagos” 2021 calendar.
Consider supporting this important conservation organization by ordering a calendar now at:

Bahama Village Music Program brings local artists and old instruments together for online art sale fundraiser
Twenty celebrated Key West artists will offer their “HeArt Strings” artwork created on old instruments in support of Bahama Village Music Program’s online fundraiser, set for Friday, November 8, on the non-profit organization’s Facebook and Instagram platforms. Event profits, funds much needed due to the outfall of COVID-19, will be split 50/50 to support the artists and the island’s only free music education school.
“BVMP is primarily funded by generous arts supporters and creative fundraisers,” says Executive Director Katchen Duncan. “Since March 2020, we’ve had to cancel over a dozen in-person fundraisers, including our 20th Birthday Bash, and many annual events like Fats Navarro Day and Sugarloaf Oktoberfest.”
Participating artists include Eric Anfinson, Kassie Burnette, Fran Decker, Cricket Desmarais, Kate Divoll, Kate Fago, Tony Gregory, Ben Harrison, Pam Hobbs, Marlene Koenig, Karen Luknis, Mike Marrero, Lauren P. McAloon, Jack McDonald, Bucky Montgomery, Jim Salem, Jimm Sherington, Emma Starr, B Lucy Stevens, and Rick Worth. The artists were invited to transform a “retired” string instrument into a creative masterpiece to be sold at a fixed price selected by them.
Bahama Village Music Program is a comprehensive music school that fosters important mentor relationships between local teenage musicians and their students and has taught over 20,000 lessons to more than 2,000 children since 1999. The program has grown to include free summer camps for BVMP students, free dance lessons with Dance Key West, yearly full-tuition scholarships and grants to student teachers to attend the Berklee College of Music’s Aspire: Five-Week Music Performance Intensive, and full-scale musical theater productions with Keys Kids Junior and House of Pan Steel Pan Band at Horace O’Bryant School— inspiring children island-wide to discover the musician within. 
“We are happy to have an ‘event’ that not only brings in money for our program, but for other artists, too,” says Duncan. 
For more information, email BVMP board member Cricket Desmarais at or Executive Director Katchen Duncan at Katchen@bvmpkw.orgBVMP- Celebrating 21 years of free music education. It takes a village.

IMAGE: Key West artist Marlene Koenig takes her talent to a new surface in the upcoming Bahama Village Music Program “HeArt Strings” online art sale fundraiser, set for Friday, November 8, on the non-profit organization’s Facebook and Instagram platforms. Event profits, funds much needed due to the outfall of COVID-19, will be split 50/50 to support the artists and the island’s only free music education school.

IMAGE 2 : Ben just delivered his HeArt String creation for the BVMP fundraiser:
“My HeArt String was already roughed in by the students of the BVMP. What had been graffiti on an unplayable instrument, helped me understand how much the program means to them. The guitar had ‘Bahama Village Music Program’ sketched in marvelous script on the face, which I highlighted. Then on the neck, first fret in faded sharpie, was ‘Robin Kaplan’. On the last fret was ‘Katchen Duncan’. The names of other random luminaries are in between.
All I did was add a few musicians.

United & White St.


Monroe Holloway III
Executive Assistant – Mayor & City Commission
Phone: 305-809-3868
Cell: 305-240-4916
1300 White St.
Key West, FL 33040

 The City of Key West is complying with Executive Order 20-244 under the statewide opening rules set forth by Governor Ron DeSantis, while keeping in place the safety measures that have been implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic to protect the residents and visitors of the City.
All individuals over the age of six who are physically located within the City must wear a face covering at all times when they are away from their residence with certain exceptions. All businesses must ensure masks are always worn by employees and the public. A copy of Emergency Ordinance 20-14 may be found here:
Per the Governor’s Order suspending the collection of all fines and penalties applied to individuals for violating the City’s COVID-19 public health ordinances and directives, the City of Key West will continue to issue civil citations for individuals not wearing masks and will process fines and penalties upon the lifting of the Governor’s Order. Any fines and penalties assessed against businesses will continue to be enforced and collected.
As the holiday season approaches and given the recent increase in positive reported cases of COVID-19 within the City of Key West, it is important that we continue our efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19 by hand-washing, social distancing and wearing our masks. The City reminds the community that the consistent usage of masks and other facial coverings will help the City avoid future business closures and is a more cost-effective means of addressing the COVID-19 pandemic.
Key West Police Chief Sean Brandenburg on Tuesday presented Capt. JR Torres with a plaque and a challenge coin honoring his 25 years of service to the City.
During his 25 year career with the Key West Police Department he was promoted through the ranks serving in the patrol division, criminal investigations division, special operations unit, narcotics, training unit, K-9 unit, and hostage negotiations unit.
While Capt. Torres commanded several bureaus and divisions of the agency during his career, he also continued his education, attending numerous courses and seminars. Among them he lists the Southern Police Institute Command Officers Development School, Drug Enforcement Agency’s Drug Unit Commanders Academy, and the 48th FBI-LEEDA Law Enforcement Executive Training Course. Torres has also completed training as an Emergency Medical Technician Paramedic (EMT-P) as well as a Florida Department of Law Enforcement certified instructor for Basic Law Enforcement Academies and Advanced High Liability courses.
Capt. Torres’s community involvement is clearly reflected by his affiliation with many non-profit and charitable organizations. He is an active board member for the Police Athletic League (PAL), Mentor at the Key West High School, Keys to be the change pathway to success program, and also a great supporter of the Key West High School Wrestling Team.
During his career Capt. Torres has received several Chief’s Commendations and lifesaving awards. He has also been recognized by the Key West Chamber of Commerce as Officer of the year in 2003, Officer of the 4th quarter 2007, and Employee Recognition Award for outstanding dedication, service, and commitment to the citizens of Key West in 2010. He has also been the recipient of multiple awards from the Police Benevolent Association for Outstanding Service in Law Enforcement.

WWW.KEYWESTARTCENTER.COM 301 Front St. 305-294-1241

Deborah Moore Our Good Friend and Curator at the Key West Art Center is always supplying us with Images of their Many Local Artists that Hang Year Round Here. We'll be getting additional Photos of more works in the next few weeks. These two below :



533 Eaton St. 305-296-0458

Up Shortly Our Weekly Large Section / Feature on ALL the Events , Exhibitions, and Classes Including
Digital Premiere of a play by Drew Larimore / produced & directed by Stephen Kitsakos

“A riveting online experience…”

In a small Midwestern university town a text message is sent that sets off a chain reaction altering the course of the lives of many who live in Smithtown. The play asks the question: how does technology, and the need for immediate, personal gratification on social media, undermine common sense, rationality and the rules of behavior in contemporary America?
A collaboration between Artists in Residence playwright Drew Larimore, filmmaker Harry Aspinwall, & Stephen Kitsakos, Studios Artistic Associate & Board President, the digital play features an ensemble of of performers including Michael Urie (Broadway’s Torch Song Trilogy, TV’s Ugly Betty), Ann Harada (Broadway’s Avenue Q, TV’s Smash), Colby Lewis (Chicago’s Hamilton, TV’s Chicago Med) and Constance Shulman (TV’s Orange is the New Black and Broadway’s The Rose Tattoo).
Generously underwritten by Betty Rubenstein, Paula & John Tishok, Jim Salini

Four of the Features in the November 9th Issue is 1) Re-Visit a 2015 Feature we did with the 2015 KEYSTOCK Featuring Grand Funk Railroad (Photos by Ralph DePalma) May 2, 2015 at the Truman Annex Waterfront (Key West / Coffee Butler Ampertheatre)
Liza Jane Catana 5:15pm. 
Howard Livingston and The MM 24 Band 6:00pm.
The National Anthem by Liza Jane Catana 7:55pm. 
Grand Funk Railroad 8:00pm.

also Next Week
2) Todd German's Visit to the Front Science Museum in Downtown Miami
4) Re-Visiting the 2015 Equality Florida Event at The Bottle Cap (Now AKA "Blue Room"
This Week we will Skip Our Weekly Feature of showing the many Artists that Hang Year Round at the Key West Gallery.

Please make sure to go to the Part 2 from the KWG in this Issue to make sure you have the UPDATED List of Events for the rest of this Year and first few Months of 2021 at KWG

WWW.KEYWESTGALLERY.COM 601 Duval St. 305-292-9339 and 305-292-9339

Last week in the October 26th Issue we Featured Alexandra Nechita. Click the Link to that Issue to see some of the works and of course go to the KWG Website to Many Additional Work; and Of course go in Person to see Nechita and the Many Other Artists that Hang Year Round. The Nov. 9th Issue will Feature Another of their Many Artists

 Alexandra Nechita
8 x 11 in
Help Me With My Memories II
20 x 16 in

Roberta DePiero and Carol Tedesco Bring Us Info. about this Coffee Table Book that is getting Lots of Attention

About the limited edition, numbered coffee table book in a nutshell:Title: Isolated Island – The Key West COVID-19 Spring of 2020
Total Pages: 352
Dimensions: 8.5x11” vertical with a .71” spine
Interior pages: 80 LB Premium Gloss book stock
Cover: 111 LB, “Soft Touch” (elegant suede-like feel)
Printed by: Key West Printing
$49.00: Advance orders/pre-printing price, now through Oct 31. Only 15 days left to order at this price.
$74.99: As of November 1, official print release.
Books to arrive soon after November 1 with pick up locations to be announced. Shipping available. 
 There will be one limited edition run, print only, no digital sales.
Contributing photographers: Liz Acar, Peter Arnow, Susan Bailey, Michael Blades, Lynne Bentley-Kemp, Joe & Ozlem Berg, Larry Blackburn, Kyle Campbell, Jeffrey Cardenas, Alyson Crean, Roberta DePiero, Ralph DePalma, Heather D. Dow, Todd Andrew Feit, Tony Gregory, C.J. Groth, Jay W. Hall, Mark Hedden, Martha Hubbard, Bill Klipp, Linda Klipp, Corey Malcom, Andy Newman, Rob O'Neal, Steve Panariello, Carol Tedesco, Sharon Wells.

You can order or donate towards printing (meaning more money will go directly to Sister Season Fund) here:
Peter, Roberta, Carol and the Rest of the Photographers hope you will support this fundraiser and we hope to have some news of the upcoming season for you in November! 

Be safe, stay healthy, wear your mask and well, you know.... wash your hands! 


Anyone wishing to place advance orders, please contact Roberta DePiero at

One More Chance to Review the Local Candidates from Hometown Key West before the Election

PLEASE GO TO TO THEIR FACEBOOK PAGE AND WEBSITE FOR CANDIDATE INFO...Also if you click the October 12th. Issue Link you'll see the larger Feature I've been running with much additional information about the Candidates and Panelists


HERE IS THE URL VIDEO LINK TO THE ENTIRE OCT. 5 HOMETOWN KEY WEST Q & A to copy and paste and send to others..Of course ; you will probably be able to copy from their Facebook Pages as well. A fast thanks you to the entire STAFF and SUPPORT CREW for the AMAZING work they do these Many Years. One of our TRUE LOCAL KEY WEST TREASURES; giving us MUCH INFORMATION ABOUT OUR LOCAL CANDIDATES.

Hometown reminds all citizens that Informed Voters Promote Good Government! 

Stunning Photos From The Past Sure To Cause Nostalgia!
Written by Lyra Radford
(There is a very Brief Bio on Lyra Further Down)
Magic nannies, caped crusaders, friendly aliens...the groovy era was filled with outlandishly awesome plots. This was a time when walking into a studio executive meeting and pitching a show about a man driving cross-country with his monkey was given the green light immediately. The images collected here are full of optimistic, fantastical, and magic times from pop culture history. These happy days are yours and mine to look back at fondly anytime. 

The Beatles were huge fans of the late, great Fats Domino and met him before their concert in New Orleans. (1964)
Immortalized to film back in 1964 is this awesome moment these rock 'n' roll legends got to meet face-to-face in New Orleans. The Beatles had their City Park concert in September of 1964 and couldn’t pass up the chance to meet their long time idol Antoine “Fats” Domino Jr. while in the Big Easy.
The Beatles named "Fats" Domino as a major influence in their music. According to George Harrison, Domino's "I'm in Love Again" was the first rock 'n' roll song he had ever heard. Lennon later covered Domino's 1955 "Ain't That a Shame," he said it was the first song he learned to play. Then in 1968, Domino covered the Beatles' "Lady Madonna," which became his last charting single.

Faye Dunaway in a scene from the iconic film, Bonnie and Clyde 1967
Pictured here is Faye Dunaway in a scene from Bonnie and Clyde back in 1967. The iconic biographical crime film is considered a landmark in cinema history. It represents the dawn of “New Hollywood” as it broke many cinematic taboos. It’s also credited with prompting other filmmakers to be more open with depicting sex and violence in their work.
Stars Warren Beatty (Clyde Barrow) and Faye Dunaway (Bonnie Parker) had a real life love affair, that was “torrid” to say the least. Their affair may have ended long ago but the two are still bickering with each other all these years later. They were both mortified to find they were presenting at the 2017 Oscars together and argued the whole time.
During the award show, Dunaway wrongfully announced “LaLa Land” as Best Picture (after Beatty handed her the card) even though it was “Moonlight” who rightfully won. Rumors began flying immediately that Beatty set Dunaway up to embarrass her. 

Game of Death, Bruce Lee getting a kick out of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in 1973.
Pictured here is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Bruce Lee while filming The Game of Death. This film was Lee’s last, he wrote, directed, and starred in this 1972 Hong Kong martial arts film, which remains unfinished to this day.
Lee took a break from his pet project to star in Enter the Dragon, but sadly he died of cerebral edema before the film's release or the completion of his own. Somehow quite a bit of the footage from The Game of Death was misplaced in the archives. What footage could be salvaged it was released as part of the documentary entitled Bruce Lee: A Warrior's Journey.

Who remembers this 1976-78 TV series called C.P.O. Sharky starring comedian Don Rickles. For those who don’t remember, C.P.O. Sharkey is a sitcom that starred Don Rickles as the abrasive U.S. Navy Chief Petty Officer Otto Sharkey. He is stationed at a San Diego naval base and initially comes off as pretty insulting to everyone around him, but he often went to great lengths to help recruits when needed. Rickles, really did serve in the Navy during World War II, and he was already well-known for his insult-style humor making him perfect for the role.
The Batmobile from the 1966-68 Batman TV series.
In it’s original form, the Batmobile from the 1966–1968 television series was a Ford concept car called the Lincoln Futura. In 1965, famed customizer George Barris was brought in by ABC to design a "Batmobile" just prior to production.
There had already been early design work and some fabrication using a 1959 Cadillac but as things weren’t going according to schedule so that’s when George Barris was brought in to turn things around. With only three weeks to finish, Barris decided to just transform the Lincoln Futura (bought for $1.00) into the now iconic vehicle of TV's famed caped crusader. 

Ann-Margret and Joe Namath starred in C.C. and Company in 1970. Broadway Joe had his first starring role in a film as a motorcycle rebel.
Ann-Margret, the female Elvis Presley and Joe Namath co-starred in the 1970 biker film, C.C. and Company. Namath plays biker C.C. Ryder, and Ann-Margret is a fashion journalist Ann. The film also stars William Smith as Moon, the leader of the outlaw biker gang the "Heads".
This marked the start of Joe Namath’s film acting career. He had up until then, done some television and theater acting but his career had been professional football. During the 1960s and 1970s, Namath was an AFL icon and played for the New York Jets for most of his career and then the Los Angeles Rams. He was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1985.
Maren Kawehilani Jensen, who played Athena in TV's Battlestar Galactica (1978)
Pictured here is Maren Kawehilani Jensen as Athena in the science fiction television series Battlestar Galactica back in the late 1970’s. The series ran for the 1978–79 season before being canceled. Then, in 1980 they revived the show as Galactica with 10 episodes. The story continued in books before it was remade for television again in the 2000s.
Athena is probably the role Jensen is best known for. The plot of which, reads as follows: “After the destruction of the Twelve Colonies of Mankind, the last major fighter carrier leads a makeshift fugitive fleet on a desperate search for the legendary planet Earth.”
Further down in this Issue We Continue Part 2 WWW.GROOVYHISTORY.COM
"Stunning Photos From The Past Sure To Cause Nostalgia!"
Written by Lyra Radford
(There is a very Brief Bio on Lyra Further Down in the section that Features just a Handful of the Many Authors / Editors.)

Photos by: Bill Klipp
Check out our online Photo Website at:

WE CONTINUE WITH BILL AND LINDA KLIPP'S sharing their GREAT Photos from Recent Fantasy Fests to give us a little Taste of the Excitement of This Fun Annual Event That we were deprived of this Year

Fantasy Fest – Local’s Masquerade Marchand Zombie Bike Ride
By far our two most favorite Fantasy Fest events are the Zombie Bike Ride (Sunday) and the Local’s Masquerade March which takes place on Friday of Fantasy Fest week. Thousands of incredible costumed parade marchers gather just a few blocks from our house at the Key West Cemetery where the parade splits in two heading to downtown on 2 different routes ultimately meeting on Duval St. Our favorite is wandering down Fleming street stopping at Halloween decorated Guest Houses for a jello shot. This is the day where Key West’s locals show off their amazing creativity, many in thematic oriented groups. Definitely the best event of the week. Over the last 20 years I have accumulated tens of thousands of Fantasy Fest photos, here are a few from the Local’s Masquerade March. Looking forward to 2021.

Photos by: Bill Klipp
Editor's Note : Bill in his recent FaceBook Postings Mentions that to "See 20 Years of His Fantasy Fest Photographs go to one of his websites below :
Check out our online Photo Website at:
©All Contents All Rights Reserved Bill Klipp 2020"
Editor's Note : Many of our readers including myself Really Want to Thank Linda and Bill for the Efforts they are making the last few Weeks to give our Local Population A TASTE of what Fantasy Fest was like; since 2020 will be known for many things Including Closing Fantasy Fest. Thank You for going back to your Archives and Retreaving Thousands of Photos; as well as making Available on Your Websites Tens of Thousands of Photographs. I do think your work is Brilliant. Capturing the TRUE (Not Staged) Moments.

©All Contents All Rights Reserved Bill Klipp 2020


WWW.LETTYNOWAK.COM Letty's Gallery "JAG" 1075 Duval Square (Where Doug Mayberry Realty was) Off of Simonton.

Contemporary Art Gallery in the heart of Old Town, Key West. Featuring the work of AD Tinkham, Carol Munder, Cathy Rose, Joe Skoby, John Martini, Lincoln Perry, Letty Nowak, Michael Haykin, Rick Worth, Sharon McGauley, & Susan Sugar


Alaen Ledesma Fernandez
Curator, Art Manager Special Events for Cuban Arts, Art Dealer . Key West. Florida. Alean also helps Letty Nowak at Jag Gallery.
One of the Regular Artists that Alaen Helps Juan Carlos Verdial Soltura

The Curator and Promoter of Cuban art Alaen Ledesma Fernández works together with one of the most famous painters of Cuban plastic arts. The artist Juan Carlos Verdial. They will be presenting for this winter season an exhibition that collects the mysteries of La Atocha. A series of paintings that include the most beautiful treasures of Atocha reflected in divine species; nymphs and mermaids who tell their stories from the depths of the Sea.

I believe the First Two are Titled "Wonderful Island" Oil on Canvas 40 X 30 and "El Misterio Del Atocha"

More ART from the Many Latin / Cuban Artists that Alaen Helps out ..also now is great time to watch a 4 Minute Video Called "FISH HEADS ROLY POLY FISHEADS' by Barnes and Barnes Originally aired on Saturday Night Live in 1976
We Now Continue with a Look Back at a Recent Fantasy Fest ; as Brought to you through the LIVE Streaming Event of Last Weeks The World's Smallest Parade Produced Yearly by Gordon Ross for Marc House. The Following is from the Fantasy Fest Website ; A very Excellent 2 Minute Video of the 2019 Fantasy Fest. Main Contact at Fantasy Fest : Nadine Grossman Orr :

The November 9th Issue will have a few more photos from the 2 minute 2019 Fantasy Fest Video
We Now Continue with Part 1 of Probably 8 Weeks of showing an AMAZING 120+ Collection of Classic Cars Owned by Jay Leno "Jay Leno's Garage". He also had a CNBC TV Show Featuring his 120 Classic Cars WWW.LENOSGARAGE.COM
7. 1906 Advance Steam Traction Engine
Model Year: 1906, Original Value: $260*, Current Value: $7,473*
The 1906 Advance Steam Traction Engine is part of Leno’s “Steam Room,” which is the section of Big Dog Garage that holds his collection of steam-powered vehicles. This 1906 Engine dates back to a time before there were cars, and Leno said that he acquired this engine because he isn’t just interested in cars; he’s also a history buff. Leno took Hemmings on a tour, explaining that his 1906 Engine held technology that England especially guarded “like it was NASA.” Leno’s 1906 Engine weighs thirteen tons (26,000 pounds) and has a top speed of 4MPH. The only gear change available is reverse. There are no brakes.
8. 1909 Baker Electric
Model Year: 1909, Original Value: $850*, Current Value: $20,000*
In 2007, Jay Leno showed off his 1909 Baker Electric vehicle, which was one of the earliest variations of a zero-emissions car. Thomas Edison owned one of these vehicles. Leno did a photoshoot for the New York Times behind the steering tiller of the antique car. The 1909 Baker Electric was built by Baker Motor Vehicle Company, which was a big-name Brass Era manufacturer. The 1909 Baker Electric is the oldest model from Baker in existence today. Though it has zero emissions, this car is far from aerodynamic and, certainly, it is not road legal. It has a top speed of 25 miles per hour, and there is no steering wheel, only a tiller. 
9. 1954 Jaguar XK120M Coupe
Model Year: 1954, Original Value: $3,979*, Current Value: $136,950*
This beautiful blue 1954 Jaguar XK120M Coupe had its body restored in Jay Leno’s factory. This was Leno’s first-ever collector car, and, other than his 1955 Buick, he has never owned a car longer than he has this 1954 Jag. The XK120M Coupe would later get a sibling: the XK120, which was bright-white.
The XK120M first debuted at the London Motor Show. It was so popular there that the founder of Jaguar, William Lyons, bowed to public pressure and agreed to put it into production. A total of 12,055 XK120 cars were made. Only a fraction of these had the “M” designation.
10. 1917 Fiat Botafogo Special
Model Year: 1917, Original Value: $1,230*, Current Value: $1 million*
Leno took his 1917 Fiat Botafogo Special for a drive around town, and the sheer loudness of the car impressed/annoyed everyone. His 1971 Botafogo was originally built in Argentina by Adolfo Scandroglio, an Argentinian racer. The car’s top speed is 146 miles per hour, but it has, concerningly, a little trouble stopping and requires about a quarter-mile to brake properly. The car’s power comes from its 21.7-liter engine, which was used in a WWI aircraft. The design of this Botafogo Special was based on the Fiat Special Mephistopheles, which was owned by Lord Eldridge, a senior officer in the British Army. 
12. Bugatti Type 51
Model Year: 1931, Original Value: $12,900*, Current Value: $4 million*
Jay Leno is a huge fan of Bugatti. He knows pretty much everything about the history, and he reminded everyone, when walking fans on his YouTube channel through his Bugatti Type 51, that Bugatti was one of the greatest racecar builders in the world in the twenties and thirties, too. The Type 51 has a supercharged 8-cylinder engine that Leno described as one of the “finest sounds” in car history. The Type 51’s engine design was “borrowed” (or stolen, depending on who you ask) from Harry Miller, an American racecar constructor. The engine got an unprecedented 185 horsepower as a result.
13. 1932 Bowtie Deuce Roadster LS7 Hot Rod
Model Year: 2005, Original Value: $495*, Current Value: $135,000*
Leno acquired/created this 1932 Bowtie Deuce Roadster LS7 Hot Rod in 2005. He made some changes under the hood to the Bowtie, adding in a GM small-block LS7 engine. He also replaced the frame with that of a 1932 Chevy, which means that this technically qualifies as a hot rod. Leno’s Bowtie came about from a partnership with GM. The engine was tuned up to get 580HP and 470 pound-feet of torque, which it owes directly to the parts under the hood, which all came from a sixth-generation Z06 from Corvette (not the first time Leno has put Corvette parts into a hot rod).

We Continue with Additional Information from KWFF

Films to screen at outdoor venues with socially-distant seating program to focus on stories of Women, LGBTQ+, Music & Arts
 The Key West Film Festival (KWFF) revealed its plans for the 9th annual festival, set for November 18-22, 2020. Building off the mantra of “Passion Meets Paradise,” the festival will be embracing its tropical paradise setting by moving all screenings to outdoor venues across the island. Each venue will feature socially-distant seating and masks will be required throughout all screenings. Full COVID-19 policies will be released in the upcoming weeks.
This year’s festival will have a spotlight on films by and about women, LGBTQ cinema, and movies about music and the arts! As always, outstanding work from Florida filmmakers will be presented, as well as critically-acclaimed shorts and features from around the world. Films showcased in the last five years of KWFF have amassed more than SIXTY-FIVE Academy Award nominations.
The 6th annual Critics Panel is back once again, as is the Golden Key for Excellence in Costume Design, amidst an exciting and engaging weekend of cinema and socially-distanced events in Key West. Venues will span throughout The Key West Historic District (Old Town), and for the first time in KWFF history, extend to beautiful Stock Island to make the festival even more inclusive of the Key West metro area. The festival will also be complementing its live, in-person screenings with virtual programming audiences can enjoy from their homes.
Brooke Christian, Founder and Executive Director of the Key West Film Festival, notes “The staff of the 2020 Key West Film Festival is committed to helping provide the community with joy and inspiration during an incredibly tough year. We will use beautiful venues and stringent safety protocols to offer a smaller program using outdoor and streaming options. With many fewer films produced this year, we will still exact the highest standards of excellence for the festival.”
“Art builds community,” says Florida Keys Council of the Arts Executive Director Liz Young,” and I am a huge fan of what the Key West Film Festival brings to our island community. I especially love that this year the festival will be utilizing our beautiful outdoor venues so we can continue to experience the cutting-edge films the festival brings to the island, many of which go on to win major awards, including Oscars. We are so fortunate to experience great filmmaking, talk backs with industry professionals, while showing off all that Key West has to offer.” FOR ADDITIONAL INFO AND PHOTOS GO TO THEIR ADDITIONAL FEATURE FURTHER DOWN ; as well as WWW.KWFILMFEST.COM ALSO THERE IS a 2:52 Minute Trailer for the Movie : Gimme Shelter A Few Paragraphs Down.

Building off its recently announced programming theme of films about music, the Key West Film Festival revealed today its opening night film on Wednesday, November 18 will be Albert Maysles' “GIMME SHELTER,” on the 50th Anniversary of the release of the seminal film about The Rolling Stones.

For the first time in its nine-year history, the festival‘s opening night film will be screened outdoors at the Coffee Butler Amphitheater. The screening will be preceded by a performance from Key West-based performing artist Nick Norman.

The Amphitheater will be operating at 25% capacity to allow for ample room for social distancing.

A Key West resident since 2005, songwriter Nick Norman recently inked a publishing deal with Fourward Music and Lee Brice's new publishing company Cock Crows Publishing. A show-stopping vocalist and sharp songwriter, Nick Norman brings humor, heart, southern storytelling, and soulful swagger to the country genre.
NICK NORMAN Photo Directly above. The October 26th. Issue will have much additional Information. Once again go to their Website WWW.KWFILMFEST.COM FOR MUCH ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ALSO CLICK THIS RED TRAILER LINK for the 2:51 Trailer for "Gimme Shelter Movie"
1102 White Street 305-767-3769

DR. JOHN "JACK" NORRIS has been one of the LEADERS in Helping out The Keys Understand what has been going on with this Pandemic; and also makes Frequent Appearances at the Key West Bi Monthly Commission / Mayor Meetings and Monroe County Meetings. He is one of the LEADING Voices of Reason. Thank You. Here are the URL Links to his Most Recent Facebook Posts / Videos.. IN CASE YOU ARE HAVING TROUBLE with Clicking these Direct Links ; just copy and paste in your Facebook Browser.or Simply go to his Facebook Page and look for his recent Posts.

SEPT 23 (YOU MAY NEED TO Insert this URL in Your Browser)
Barcelona, the cosmopolitan capital of Spain’s Catalonia region, is known for its art and architecture. The fantastical Sagrada Família church and other modernist landmarks designed by Antoni Gaudí dot the city. Museu Picasso and Fundació Joan Miró feature modern art by their namesakes. City history museum MUHBA, includes several Roman archaeological sites.

They are now OPEN ONLY Sat & Sun 9:30a-12:30p, and wisely require MASKS even though you are outside ( AND ASK PLEASE NO GROUPS OVER 10)

ROBERTA DEPIERO Almost Everyday will travel (Journey) around Key West / Stock Island . I want to Thank You Roberta for providing amazing images ; especially to those like myself that are in Total Lockdown ISO.

DUE TO SPACE CONSTRAINTS; WE'LL SKIP ROBERTA'S WEEKLY FEATURE THIS WEEK. Her Journeys around Town will be Back in the November 9th. Issue.

We Now continue with Part 2 WWW.GROOVYHISTORY.COM
Stunning Photos From The Past Sure To Cause Nostalgia!
Written by Lyra Radford
(There is a very Brief Bio on Lyra Further Down)
Magic nannies, caped crusaders, friendly aliens...the groovy era was filled with outlandishly awesome plots. This was a time when walking into a studio executive meeting and pitching a show about a man driving cross-country with his monkey was given the green light immediately. The images collected here are full of optimistic, fantastical, and magic times from pop culture history. These happy days are yours and mine to look back at fondly anytime. 

Suzanne Pleshette & Troy Donahue were briefly married and divorced in 1964.
Pictured here are actress Suzanne Pleshette and singer/actor Troy Donahue. Donahue was a popular male sex symbol and was married four times. His first marriage was to Suzanne Pleshette, they had co-starred in two films together and were married on January 5, 1964, in Beverly Hills. A whopping nine months later they were divorced.
His second marriage didn’t last much longer. October 21, 1966, Donahue married actress Valerie Allen and by April 1967 they were separated. She waited until April of 1968 to file for divorce and in it she charged him with cruelty.
Wife number three was executive secretary Alma Sharpe. They married on November 15, 1969 and divorced in 1972. Donahue's fourth and final marriage was to a land developer named Vicki Taylor. They were married in 1979 and divorced in 1981. At this point he called it quits and never remarried.  

The Striped Tomato 1975 Torino from Starsky and Hutch was as popular as the stars who drove it on the show!
Starsky and Hutch was a series from the 70s that followed Southern California police detectives: David Michael Starsky (Paul Michael Glaser) and Kenneth Richard "Hutch" Hutchinson. They were known for tearing through the streets of fictional Bay City, California in Starsky's bright red, two-door Ford Gran Torino. It had a large white vector stripe running up both sides. Hence the name “the striped tomato”. It was the episode “Snowstorm”, in which the Torino was nicknamed the "Striped Tomato" by Hutch. Subsequently, it stuck and fans referred to the car by that nickname, too.

Bing's daughter, Mary Crosby, played Kristin Shepard in the TV series Dallas from 1979–1981.
Pictured here is the lovely Mary Frances Crosby; the only daughter of Bing Crosby, from his second marriage to the actress Kathryn Grant. Like her parents, Mary grew up to work in the entertainment industry. The actress. Is probably best known for her role as Kristin Shepard (Sue Ellen Ewing's scheming sister) in the television series Dallas from 1979 to 1981. She also made another guest appearance in 1991. Ultimately, it was Crosby’s character who was revealed to have been the person who pulled the trigger in the classic episode "Who shot J. R.?" Which was the question of the summer back in 1980.

Adam West and Burt Ward in bathrobes on the set of Batman in 1966.

Pictured here are Adam West and Burt Ward donning bathrobes of all things, while working on the set of Batman back in 1966. While on screen the Dynamic Duo worked tirelessly together, thwarting arch-nemeses and saving the city with ease off screen was an entirely different story.
It seemed a battle of epic proportions centered around the male ego was at play on a regular basis. Ward felt like he was a sidekick in real life, he felt he was underpaid and not treated equally to his co-star Adam West. He also claimed the rest of the cast was awarded more luxuries than he was.

Burt Reynolds and Sally Field switching things up on the set of Smokey and the Bandit 1977
It's always heartwarming to see an old photo of these two. Sally Field and Burt Reynolds were far more than just co-stars, they started dating while filming Smokey and the Bandit and they were the kind of couple you just had to root for. According to Burt, Sally was the love of his life. But sadly, he didn’t know a good thing when he had it because he was the one who broke her heart after 5-years together. 
Their breakup was so bitter that they didn’t speak for over two decades. Burt later decided to break the silence and confess his regret through the press, “I did four movies with Sally and spent five years with her. She was the love of my life and I screwed the relationship up. That sense of loss never goes away. I have no idea what Sally thinks about it. She could pick up the phone and speak to me but she never does. I spoke to her son recently. He said that his mum talks about me all the time. Maybe she’ll phone me one day. I’d love to have that conversation.”

Steve Allen and Elvis discuss in rehearsal how Elvis will sing his song, Hound Dog to a basset hound on a pedestal wearing a top hat. 1956
Pictured here are Steve Allen and Elvis going over the blocking and discussing how Elvis would Hound Dog. Allen was striving to avoid a repeat of the controversy that occurred after Elvis swiveled his hips on 'The Milton Berle Show'. Apparently, he felt the best way to do that was to have the King serenade a basset hound on a pedestal wearing a top hat. Look, all three of them have the same facial expression. The Times reported N.B.C.-TV's Steve Allen toppled C.B.S.-TV's Ed Sullivan after featuring Elvis Presley. N.B.C. surpassed Mr. Sullivan only three times during the entire 1955-1956 season.

Brian's Song a tearjerker based on a true story with James Caan and Billy Dee Williams as teammates Brian Piccolo and Gale Sayers. 1971
Brian's Song is a movie that recounts the life of Wake Forest University football player Brian Piccolo (played by James Caan), who has been diagnosed terminal cancer after turning pro. The story is told through his friendship with Gale Sayers (played by Billy Dee Williams) who was a Chicago Bears running back and Pro Football Hall of Famer.
It’s based on Sayers' account of his friendship with Piccolo and coping with his illness. The two men having come from different backgrounds made theirs and unlikely friendship for the time, but they were very close and even became the first interracial roommates in the history of the National Football League.
As Entertainment Weekly readers said when polled back in 2005, poll taken in 2005,'Brian's Song' is seventh on the list of the top "guy-cry" films ever made.
The first actress to portray Marilyn Munster in 1964 was Beverely Owens, who left The Munsters in the middle of the first season.

Pictured here is Beverly Owens, the first actress to play the odd Munster out, Marilyn Munster. Bright, beautiful, cheery, she just didn’t fit the gothic mold of the rest of the clan on Mockingbird Lane. Owens ended up leaving the show mid-season, actress Pat Priest assumed the role. Herman Munster would often crack jokes alluding to Marilyn’s "plain" looks coming from Lily's side of the family.
The recent rumors circulating about a reboot of “The Munsters” has been confirmed. While they are drawing inspiration from the 1960s classic, the new series will be embracing the modern age, with the Munsters struggling to fit in with the hipster Brooklyn scene. 
Jack Webb (Joe Friday) and Harry Morgan (Bill Gannon) from the TV series Dragnet. 1970

Pictured here is Jack Webb (Joe Friday) and Harry Morgan (Bill Gannon) from the 1970’s TV series Dragnet. While Dragnet was first a radio series and eventually a movie, it ended up becoming the most influential police procedural drama television series in the genre’s history. Sure, now we have Law & Order, Blue Bloods, and a myriad of other intense police dramas but Dragnet is where it all really started.
The insight and genuine interest of the general public in what was really involved in real police work began with the series. It was the first time audience members were given a feel for the danger and heroism of police work and it actually worked to improve the public’s opinion of real police officers. The show’s cultural impact is undeniable; with its realism and unpretentious acting spanning over five decades, Dragnet remains a key influence on most modern police dramas of today.

The November 9th Issue will have (Part 3 from Lyra Radford and WWW.GROOVYHISTORY.COM ) Many Additional Photos of "Stunning Photos from the Past SURE to Cause NOSTALGIA" WWW.GROOVYHISTORY.COM

Guild Hall Gallery 614 Duval St. 305-296-6076


WE NOW START WITH MATERIAL FROM THE KWFF and Opening Night Kick OFF and their LIVE Streaming Event Last Week.....

The 9th Annual Key West Film Festival’s official 2020 lineup features the Florida premieres of many standouts from Sundance, Cannes, TIFF and NYFF along with a special World Premiere. More than 60 feature and short films will be shown during the 5-day festival, November 18-22.

All films will be shown at outdoor venues – including the Ernest Hemingway House and Museum, The Oldest House of Key West and The Lawn at Perry Hotel – with socially distant seating set up under the stars. Many films will feature livestream and pre-recorded Q&As. Narrative, documentary and foreign language films are interspersed within the programming for this year’s festival, featuring a variety of themes near and dear to the culture of Key West: films about Women, LGBTQ, Music & Arts, and Florida Films. 
KAREN WRAY at Collections Gallery sends her regards and this photo below representing 3 of the artist at Collections :

Boza's Comparsa by Enrique delValle, Cuban Mahogany Hogfish by Brad Gruss, Cuban Joy Ride by Wilfredo Fernandez - always part of our ever changing exhibition!

Collections, Key West Gallery
Open by appt., give a call, we’re typically just down the dock!
305-923-4778  6810 Front St, Stock Island

United & White St.


Key West residents can now purchase their new annual residential parking permit for Old Town. The new stickers will help ensure marked residential parking spaces are reserved for residents.
The permits cost $20 a year. They are available at the Monroe County Tax Assessor’s office at the Harvey Government Center. Applicants will need to show proof of residency in Key West as well as a driver’s license and vehicle registration in order to obtain the residential parking permit.


Key West Business Guild
 808 Duval St. 305-294-4603
WWW.GAYKEYWESTFL.COM 808 Duval St. 305-294-4603.

Thank You Kevin and Staff for Providing US with an awesome Group; Now more then ever providing GREAT Info to the Entire Population. Your Chamber Like Org. is Amazing Providing Great Mixers and Luncheons and Support.
Next luncheon will be held right after the election Wednesday, 11/4. The mixer will be held on November 18th at Four Marlins restaurant @The Reach(will also serve as a “toy drive”, but will be requesting gift cards this year instead).
Also, the link for 10/16 KWBG BLAST E-MAIL

EDITOR'S NOTE : As Most of my readers know the KWBG has an extremely large following /Support and Membership from the "Straight" Communities and not just an exclusive GAY Membership; and is Extremely Receptive in welcoming ALL to their events REGARDLESS of being a Member or Sexual Preference....Just one of the many attributes that KWBG has over other like Organizations. Lastly by Joining the KWBG your Business (if it's not a Personal Membership) gets placed EVERY WEEK in their Extremely Informative Weekly E-Mail Campaigns. So your Yearly Dues Pays for itself ONLY AFTER ONE WEEK. Ed Krane

ALSO EVERY WEDNESDAY & FRIDAY THE KWBG will send out a Very Informative E-Mail Campaign telling us about things happening in town; as well as Advertising Materials from the Members (FREE) These E-Mail Campaigns will also tell us about Many Events & Specials in the Clubs and Restaurants.

Once again, we are the bearer of sad news; however, we have made the responsible and best decision for our community and the Business Guild. We have decided to cancel Pride Follies due to Covid-19 and the increasing number of cases in the county and here in Key West. We strongly feel that we must put the health of our community first. We look forward to seeing everyone at Pride Follies in June of 2021. For additional information, please contact the Key West Business Guild at 305-294-4603.
All ticket sales will automatically be refunded.

Follies cancelled -

As usual, we are hosting our annual toy drive for Samuel's House and Wesley House for the holidays. Like many, due to the pandemic, we have had to make many adjustments - including how we safely move forward in providing gifts this year.
We are asking those that can contribute to provide a gift card and/or food gift card in place of buying toys. If you would like to contribute, but are unable or too uncomfortable to join us at our Mixer, please feel free to stop by our visitor's center anytime Monday-Saturday from 9-5 to drop off your contribution (or mail your gift - 808 Duval St.) by December 4th, and we will handle the rest!
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Sean and Jill send regards and tell us that us that the Market is going strong and will be open atleast until the end of the year and probably beyond.
Truman Waterfront Farmers Market  
The Truman Waterfront Farmers Market continues to operate on Thursdays from 3 pm to sunset through December which has brought overwhelmingly positive support from the community. The Market typically includes cheese, produce, fruit, baked goods, coffee, plants and fresh seafood along with international cuisine available for take-away. Arts, crafts and general merchandise round out the offerings. Additional picnic-style food options, occasional acoustic musicians and a beer and wine stand to encourage the community to shop the market, get dinner and enjoy the sunset views from the Truman Waterfront Park. Blankets and lawn chairs are permitted with ample space to social distance. Stringent safety protocols, including mandatory masks, remain in place to protect vendors and visitors alike.
For more information visit
Contact: Sean Krikorian
Event Organizer, Daily Plan-it
T: 305-731-3385



Florida film premieres at KWFF include Oscar winners Julia Reichert and Steve Bognar’s “9 to 5: Story of Movement.” Long time Key West winter resident Julia Reichert will be presented with the prestigious Golden Key Award. The film will play as a double bill with the 40 th Anniversary of the 1980
film, “9 to 5”.

Other Florida premieres include Sundance and New York Film Festival selection “I Carry You with Me” directed by Heidi Ewing, Sundance selection “Max Richter’s Sleep” from Natalie Johns, Telluride standout “Truman and Tennessee” directed by Lisa Immorino Vreeland, Cannes thriller “Sweat” directed by Magnus Van Horn, TIFF selection “No Ordinary Man” directed by Ainslee Chin, Nashville Film Festival winner “Can You Hear My Voice” from Bill Brummel, and Pedro Almodovar’s “The Human Voice” which premiered at the New York Film Festival. A portion of “The Human Voice” premiere discussion conducted by NYFF’s Eugene Hernandez with Almodovar and Tilda Swinton will be shown after the screening.
The WORLD PREMIERE OF Doug Blush's "ROCK CAMP" Closes the KWFF 2020 ; Playing the "MUSIC" Theme of the KWFF 2020. In Attendence will be the Director, Editor, and SPECIAL GUESTS from The Film.
ALSO GO TO WWW.KWFILMFEST.COM for Info. about the Awards Ceremony and After Party


In the Next Few Issues Our Photographic Exhibitions of Beautiful Places Around the World Features : Erawan National Park Kanjnaburi Thailnd, Hawa Mahal Palace in Jaipur India, Barcellona Spain, Poco Da Ribeira Do Fernandez on Flores Islands, Azores, Palamos Spain (Charming Costa Brava Fihing Village), Yosemite National Park, Flores Island, Grand Tetons National Park Wyoming, Kyoto Japan (Ninomaru Gardens)

Great Features, Photos of the Day, Hundreds of Photo Galleries, and Extensive Special Events Sections.
Of course go to his site to see this Entertaining and Very Informative Website
Every Week Johnny White Covers Event and inserts about 12-60 Photos from each event in His On-Line Magazine; and Johnny Shares some with us. Of course just like ALL of Us in the Media and Event Attendees; Our Activities are Limited. So Johnny has Provided Us with Many Photos from Past Features He has Done in His On-Line Magazine WWW.MILEZEROKEYWEST


The Key West Wildlife Center . Tom and Staff do an Amazing Job. WWW.KEYWESTWILDLIFECENTER.ORG 305-292-1008 1801 White Street ( 1 block from the Beach and Aids Pier)


MARATHON 6001 OS HWY 305-204-6792
KEY LARGO 98950 OS HWY. 305-504-5364
As my regular readers know I try when possible to acknowledge Christopher Elwell for the amazing work he does with many non profits here in the Keys for Decades. He truly is one of the GREAT people in the Keys in our Lifetime. He Donates Hundreds of Thousands of $ and much of his time to the LEGITIMATE Non-Profit Organizations.. Christopher Posts on His Facebook Pages that his stores have Opened. Thanks Christopher; We are so Grateful to You, Royal, and Your Royal Furniture Stores. Important Note in this November 2nd. Issue..if you go to the Royal and Christopher Elwell Facebook Pages you will see some Inventory Sales; of course go in person to their Retail Units as Well.

WWW.KWLS.ORG 717 Love Lane , 33040. 305-293-9291


New to the program this year is the first ever KWFF “Boat-In.” Similar to a drive-in, audiences will be able to view films from boats and on the lawn of the Stock Island Marina on Saturday, November 21. Audiences will be treated to the Florida premiere of “Cuba, Reframed” which follows a group of Key West locals on a peace mission to Cuba aboard the storied Wolf Schooner. Following that premiere is a 45 th Anniversary screening of Arthur Penn’s “Night Moves,” in which Gene Hackman travels to the Florida Keys to solve a missing persons case.

THE NOVEMBER 9th. Issue will have additional Updated Information about the Nov. 18- 22 Events. Of course go on their website for immediate Updates and Full Film / Event schedule


Donate now link

About South Florida Symphony Orchestra
South Florida Symphony Orchestra, founded by Maestra Sebrina María Alfonso 23 years ago, provides exciting and enriching cultural experiences through Masterworks concerts with internationally renowned guest solists in Fort Lauderdale, Miami and Key West. Guided by the belief that music is pivotal to community engagement, SFSO also brings vibrancy and strengthens public commitment to the arts through its transformative outreach and educational programming, including Symphony in the Schools for culturally underserved students.

After impressive career successes, Maestra Alfonso returned “home” to Key West, Florida, in 1997 to make a dream come true: bringing orchestral music, with all its associated educational and cultural benefits, to the southernmost island in the continental United States. In late 1998, with huge community support, the Key West Symphony made its debut. Subsequently renamed, the South Florida Symphony Orchestra (SFSO) is the only professional orchestra that performs full seasons in Key West, Fort Lauderdale and Miami.

Award-winning Maestra Alfonso has established herself as a dynamic musical force. She is one of the few female conductors in the world. Her creativity has established SFSO as a leader in innovative collaborations, which are evolving the classical music art form and attracting new audiences.

We are so excited to announce that the libraries are offering curbside pickup. It's a work in progress so we'll be in touch if anything changes. Thanks!  For immediate release :
Library Curbside Pickup
The Key West Library at 700 Fleming St is offering curbside pickup of library materials Monday-Friday 9:30am-5pm and Saturday 10am-5pm.  To reserve library items, visit to search our catalog and our online electronic resources.  To make an appointment for pickup, or for more information, give us a call at 305-292-3595. 

Allison Rich, . Library Technician. Monroe County Public Library
700 Fleming Street, Key West, FL 33040. 305-292-3595
WOW CHECK THIS OUT : A chance to see the hit plays you may have missed when they had their stellar runs over the last 8 years. Proceeds support the actors and crew of each play. A great way to see some terrific theater AND support our local artists! Visit for more info and access.


I have been featuring ALL of the MANY Artists that Hang Year Round at Nance's Gallery for the Past Few Months.

Look at the EXTENT that Nance Frank is Insuring that her CONTROLLED AND SAFE OPENING WILL BE
Yes, we are open to 4 people at a time, then cleansing the gallery. Also open by appointment/locked doors for clients who make a reservation of 45 minutes. We also deliver on approval. They look at the website, we bring the art to their home and the next day we come back and charge them or take the art back to the gallery and clean it. We have repainted the gallery, ionize it nighty and disinfect the doors after each customer.

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