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Sunday, June 28, 2020

Keys Blast from Ed Krane & Friends June 29, 2020

JUNE 29, 2020
We start off each Issue with our Lead Tease Photos (Each Photo will Represent A Feature in this Issue). Two Above Pt.1 A Visit to the West Martello Tower & Botanical Gardens & Zazoo Offers a 1 of a Kind (Publishers Proof) of "Rhythm in Blues" by Dan Macklin. The Next Four Below : Pt. 9 of 10 "101 Amazing Historical Photographs", Pt.3 Vintage Posters from the South Point Gallery (2016), Pt. 2 The Art of William Welch (2015) & Pt. 2 A Visit to the Key West Wildlife Ctr.
THE NEXT 4 PHOTOS FROM FEATURES IN THIS ISSUE : Florida Keys Children's Shelter Gives Mangia-Mangia an Award, Pt. 2 International SuperBoat Championship in Key West (2015), Pt.1 KWAHS (Custom House) Celebrates 125 Years (2016), & Pt. 2 A Look Back at the Local Daily Morning WEYW-TV Show "Good Morning Florida Keys with Jenna Stauffer (2014)
THE NEXT FOUR PHOTOS FROM FEATURES IN THIS ISSUE : Roberta DePiero and Friends Journeys Around Town in Photos, Jon McIntosh (2014), TSKW ( The Studios of Key West) "Walk on White" (Featuring the Art of Andy Thurber) With "Writers on the Porch" (2014), Another Feature from the Acclaimed Series of Music Videos "Playing for Change" ; this Week a Rendition of "Gimme Shelter" by The Rolling Stones
THE NEXT PHOTOS FROM FEATURES IN THIS ISSUE : Pt. 1 "45 Fascinating Historical Photos", Arlo Haskell from KWLS Remembers Robert D. Richardson 1934-2020, Jag Gallery's New Exhibition from Susan Sugar & Cathy Rose, Ben Harrison Gets an Award-Tory Mata Exhibition at Harrison Gallery + Her Helen has a New Line of Wearable Art, ENCORE Feature on Author Rosalind Brackenbury, The TDC has NEW Print, TV, & Outdoor Advertising & We have one of the New 30 Second TV Spots

JUNE 29, 2020 ; going out to 7800.
Extremely Important City of KW , Monroe County, KWPD, One Clean Island (OCI), MCSO, CDC, SOS, & Other Very Useful Material-Links-Video Contained in JUST 1 AREA CLOSE TO THE END OF THIS ISSUE OUR "CRISIS INFORMATION CENTER" (Format Placement Purposely done this way to give you a Weekly Entertainment Getaway w/o Interruptions from the Serious Stuff) IMPORTANT VIDEOS-WRITTEN MESSAGES-EMERGENCY DIRECTIVES-ORDINANCES ONLY A FEW DAYS OLD IN OUR "CRISIS INFORMATION CENTER"
Here are Four Local Groups Making Masks to Order : (If you want to add a Group/s making Masks Locally ; Please send to me at
Riet Says : In Marathon we have a group of 6 seamstresses and 4 cutting out fabric, working on this.
Riet Steinmetz, 305/849/5793,
Jessica Argyle & Friends have been making some and Supplying the Front Line

PS : To Save me many additional Hrs of Work and in order to get this Out Sooner then Later : I did not check ALL the Links. If you can't get through to a Site; SIMPLY COPY AND PASTE THE URL to your Browser

Riet Steinmetz
Crystal Smith

BEFORE WE GET TO NON STOP "ENTERTAINMENT" to Give Your Mind a Rest ; A Review of a few Features in the Crisis Information Section. Also when We Start the Entertainment Features you'll notice that some of the Features are from 2013-2019; SINCE There are few Events to Cover. I thought it would be Interesting to Look at Past Issues & received many PLEASE CONTINUE Compliments in showing these. I do have about 320 Issues to work From.

The Links to the Crisis Videos, New & Encore Crisis Features, & Crisis Photos ALL Appear in Our ONE "Crisis Information" Section Toward the End of this Issue..ALSO WWW.KONKLIFE.COM , WWW.THEBLUEPAPER.COM and WWW.KEYSWEEKLY.COM will give you DAILY UPDATED IMPORTANT INFORMATION.
THIS WEEK some of the Videos and Material IN THE CRISIS INFORMATION CENTER : A Weekly Video Message from KW Mayor Teri Johnston + Encore Presentation of the ABC National News Interview with KW Mayor Teri Johnston, Video Message from Dr. John Norris, The Usual Outstanding Posts that Stephanie Leone Rivas Posts (One Clean Island) on Her FB Pages that we Copied a Few for You. Also Encore Presentation of "Sushi" Featured on an NBC-TV National News Interview about her and the Girls making Masks. Also in this Issue a Feature on the the Emergency City of KW Commission Meeting on Friday + A New Video from the City of KW about Wearing Masks (showing many friends that we know wearing them) + a Feature on the NEW TDC Ads :TV - Outdoor- and Print Material. : Once again the Links to Play the CRISIS Videos are in the Crisis Info. Section towards the Bottom of this Issue. PLUS Except for a few Occasions ALL THE ENTERTAINMENT VIDEO LINKS will also be in a Large Section giving you lots of Video Entertainment toward the end of the Issue. Have a Great Week; Ed
Two sweet young ladies brought our Police Officers some fresh donuts in appreciation of all the their service and preservation of our community.
THE TDC (TOURIST DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL) WWW.FLA-KEYS.COM has NEW SIGNAGE and NEW TV COMMERCIALS. Up Shortly is a Feature Showing a Few Still Photos from One of the NEW TV ads and then the URL Video Link
THE CITY OF KW JUST PRODUCED A NEW 30 SECOND VIDEO ABOUT KEEPING KW & Monroe County Healthy and Safe. A few Fun pics of of our Leaders Wearing Masks.
We now start our First Feature in this Issue from A Vintage Poster Gallery on Upper Duval Street "South Point Gallery" from 2014 (No Longer in Business). We have Just like last week : Sections of very cool Posters. Go to the June 15 Issue to see many additional Posters and June 22
Pt. 2 of 2 (& I'm Going to Repeat Exactly what I said in Pt. 1) ONE OF THE LEGENDS IN KEY WEST HISTORY. . I use the Phrase "Everyone's Good Friend" Often in my 8 Years of Publishing ; & This Certainly is #1 on that List. WILLIAM WELCH A Good Friend; that I miss Often when I'm at Many of the Art Gala Events; Especially Anne McKee and The Art Aids Art Auction. What A Brilliant Life. His Art can still be found in some Galleries ( was Primarily at Fran's Place). His Sister Sherrey in Fact has much to do with William's Estate and His Art can be received by contacting her.
Part 1 of Perhaps 4 Parts /Weeks. I Took these Photos in 2016 for a Multi-Part Feature.
They are now OPEN ONLY Sat & Sun 9:30a-12:30p, and wisely require MASKS even though you are outside ( AND ASK PLEASE NO GROUPS OVER 10)
JON "TOSH" McINTOSH UP NEXT BUT FIRST in August 2016 THE KEY WEST ART & HISTORICAL SOCIETY WWW.KWAHS.ORG at CUSTOM HOUSE CELEBRATED 125 YEARS Here are a few photos we used for a Feature in the Magazine in August 2016. I have 29 Photos so; this will be either a 2 or 3 Part Issue Feature.
Board President in 2016 Shirrel Rhoades and Executive Director Michael Gieda
Carol Tedesco (KWAHS Publicist Along with Cricket Desmarais); Of Course with Camera by her side
WE NOW START A FEATURE ON JON "TOSH" McINTOSH. The Below Exhibition was from April 2014. I do have a few Photos of Jon and Many Photos of Exhibitions at the Original Lucky Street Owned by Jon-Sandra & Lee ; and then a few Features (Photos) from Exhibitions from Lucky Street Gallery Owned by Betty G. Gay on White Street. These "Retro" Features from 2013 to 2019 will be Featured in Many of the NEW Issues from the Magazine ;of course with NEW Materials as well.
PART 2 SUPERBOAT INTERNATIONAL 2015 RACES IN KEY WEST WWW.SUPERBOAT.COM From A Multi Week-Part Feature we did in 2015. I have Two Sections in this Issue
BESSY CANO A LOCAL ARTIST AND FRIEND TRAVELS FREQUENTLY ALL OVER THE LOWER AND MIDDLE KEYS TAKING PHOTOGRAPHS that can be found on her Facebook Page : and here is a link on Bessy's FB Page that will show 50 + of her photos and a few Pieces of her Art. Here are 5 photos and then shortly up another 6 and the next few weeks we'll be Featuring Lots of Bessy's Photographs and Art. Thanks Bessy, Safe Travels
The WEYW-TV Daily Morning TV Show "Good Morning Florida Keys with Jenna Stauffer" was on 5 days a week for a few Years around 2013, 2014, & 2015. Jenna and I were the Executive Producers. Each week our Magazine Issues will have a few stills and starting Next week will include a few Entire Program Links so you watch Entertaining Videos from Most of the Businesses and Organizations in Town that Appeared on our Daily TV Show
NOW WE START WITH PART 9 OF 10 "AMAZING HISTORICAL PHOTOS". This Issue will have have Two Sections and This Issue has Two Sections of a New Series (also from the Popular You Tube Content Provider "Yesterday / Today")..They have Hundreds of You Tube Videos Posted. The New Series is called "45 FASCINATING HISTORICAL PHOTOS". Also Next Week we Continue with WWW.GROOVYHISTORY.COM , and also start a Brief Photo Feature "FIRST CLASS AIR TRAVEL IN THE 1930s"
5 More Photos Up Shortly and then Next week is Part 10 of 10 "Amazing Historical Photos. These are provided by one of the Larger You Tube Providers "YESTERDAY / TODAY". Thanks & Look them up they have Hundreds of Interesting Brief 5 to 10 Minute Videos showing Still Photographs.
The Key West Wildlife Center . Tom and Staff do an Amazing Job. WWW.KEYWESTWILDLIFECENTER.ORG 305-292-1008 1801 White Street ( 1 block from the Beach and Aids Pier)

1) Juvenile Brown Pelican rescued with large bone-in fish carcass fed to it from cleaning station. Not only is this practice illegal, it can injure or kill the pelican, through tearing pouches, choking, or puncturing internal organs and causing death through peritonitis. Brown Pelicans cannot process exposed bone carcasses.
2) This Florida Box Turtle was rescued at the Bocce Courts parking lot and placed in our wildlife drop-off station this morning. It will be examined and released within its territory in Indigenous Park.
3) This Peninsula Cooter was just rescued under a car in the Indigenous Park lot. It has been examined and released in a safe spot nearby.
4) Just rescued another late season juvenile Brown Pelican down weak and dehydrated with a high parasite count in a backyard on the 200 block of Golf Course Drive. Please help us continue helping these birds at a time when when we need it most by hitting the "donate" tab on our website! 
5) Juvenile Brown Pelican just rescued at White Street Pier with fishing hooks in pouch and leg.
PLEASE MAKE SURE TO READ THE CAPTION ABOVE FOR THE FIRST PHOTO : Tom here is certainly not feeding the Pelican the Fish Skeleton ; he is removing the Skeleton from Inside the Pelican.

7) This White-crowned Pigeon fledgling was just rescued down with a wing injury by Rick Haskins on the 400 block of South Street. The injury is treatable and we are optimistic about a full recovery and release.
8) May 15  This American Redstart was rescued down after an impact on the 1600 block of Bertha and is recovering now in our clinic. We are seeing large numbers moving North through the Keys today!
9) May 19 Male American Redstart recovering from impact related head trauma this morning. Overcast conditions are causing havoc for migratory birds striking windows and we are receiving heavy amounts of calls for rescue services.
10 & 11) May 10 Rose-breasted Grosbeak recovering from impact related head trauma in our clinic today.

MICHAEL AND HEATHER BARNES OWNERS OF MANGIA-MANGIA; on the steps with Glenna & MG. I asked them to send me more Info. after seeing this Post; they also sent me the accompanying Article by"THE WEEKLY".... WWW.MANGIA-MANGIA.COM 900 Southard St. 305-294-2469

The Florida Keys Children’s Shelter, serving more than 500 youths and families annually throughout the Keys, presented Mangia Pasta Café owners, Mike and Heather Barnes, with the winning “Best Keys Eats 2020” virtual chefs’ challenge award.

The inaugural cooking competition held last month involved chefs and restaurants that are members of the Keys’ six chambers of commerce. Participants submitted a 3-minute video of themselves preparing their signature Keys dish. Chefs and restaurants were asked to promote the fundraiser on their social media platforms, encouraging fans and followers to donate to the nonprofit organization.
The panel of judges included Heather Carruthers, mayor of Monroe County; Teri Johnston mayor of Key West; Steve Cook, mayor of Marathon; Mike Forster, mayor of Islamorada; Mark Charles, past president of the Key Largo Chamber of Commerce; Margie Smith, president of the Ocean Reef Chamber of Commerce; and Leonel Dieujuste, the shelter’s executive chef.
Serving the Florida Keys for 35 years, FKCS is the only licensed emergency shelter for children ages up to 18 and the only federally-funded drop-in center for runaway youth up to age 21 in the Keys.
“With the cancelation of crucial fundraising events, we were inspired to create a virtual experience that not only benefited our organization, but helped highlight our amazing Florida Keys restaurants,” said Ben Kemmer, chief executive officer of the shelter. “One of the best things about living in the Florida Keys is eating the delicious foods prepared by our talented chefs. We were excited to team up with them for a great cause and will make this an annual event every May.”
FKCS, with facilities in Tavernier and Key West, provides an emergency shelter, group homes, community-based counseling, respite services and meals, and a drop-in center for homeless and runaway youth.
For information about “Best Keys Eats 2020,” visit or call 305-852-4246.
About the Florida Keys Children’s Shelter:
“Safe Kids, Strong Families, and a Healthy Community” drives every facet of Florida Keys Children’s Shelter programming. Serving Monroe County for 35 years, the nonprofit changes the lives of more than 500 youth annually with its free programs including an emergency shelter, group homes, community-based counseling, and drop-in center for homeless and run- away youth. For information, visit or call (305) 852.4246.
In April of 2014 The Studios of Key West WWW.TSKW.ORG was in the Armory Building at White Street and Southard Street. They were the Lead Venue of Walk on White and Hundreds would Stroll on White Going to the Galleries. The Monthly Walk on White Included their Monthly Resident Artisans and Sometimes "Writers on the Porch". In 2014 There were Cottages that went through to the Street around the Corner (Ashe Street) ; these cottages along with the Armory Building and the House Next Door also housed the Residents as well as Serving as the Main Entertainment Venue for the TSKW
Up Shortly 5 More Photos from the "Walk on White" The Inside of the TSKW Armory Building where Andy Thurber had a 2014 Exhibition
A Few Weeks ago Hugh Peche sent me a link to a Music Video . It was one of a Series of 'PLAYING FOR CHANGE" -Join The Movement". THESE ARE BRILLIANT VIDEOS . It takes Classic Rock Compositions and Insures that the Original Tune is well Respected in the Updated Rendition ; especially since every Video that is made will have the Lead Singer /Band Member/s Featured in the Production (If Still Around). The Production will Record many Musicians ALL OVER THE WORLD ..I've added in the Magazine stills of the Musicians and Inserted the Video Link in Pt. 1 & Pt 2 of the Stills..This Week "GIMME SHELTER" Originally done by The Rolling Stones
MANY ADDITIONAL STILL PHOTOS FROM THIS MUSIC VIDEO from the Series "PLAYING FOR CHANGE" :"GIMME SHELTER" Up Shortly; HERE IS THE LINK to Watch the Video. OR You can can wait to see it after Part 2 of 2 Up Shortly
A Series of Photos from Todd German's recent trip to the Hotel Contessa Suites on the San Antonio Riverwalk. The First Pic is an Orchids of the many he has on his Property.. PS Great Job as usual to You & your staff for the Meet The Candidates from Hometown Key West

We Now Continue with Vintage Posters. IN 2013 and a few years after up until their Closing ; We Did a Few Features on The South Point Vintage Poster Gallery on Duval Street . The June 15 Issue had lots of Posters Here is the Link . The June 22nd Issue also had Lots of Vintage Photos here is the Link
IF THE SOUTH POINT PEOPLE ARE READING THIS PLEASE REACH OUT TO ME; so if you are still selling Vintage Posters I can give out your Info......
PART 2 :In April of 2014 The Studios of Key West WWW.TSKW.ORG was in the Armory Building at White Street and Southard Street. Here is the other Part of "Walk on White" The Art Exhibitions inside the Armory Building. This Month (April 2014) the WWW.TSKW.ORG was Featuring Andy Thurber; You will notice that after the 4th Picture down I used a few Later Photos from Gallery on Greene ( The Gallery that Andy now Hangs in Year Round) Nance Frank's WWW.GALLERYONGREENE.COM 606 GREENE ST. 305-294-1669
The Next few Photos are a few Years Later at Gallery on Greene. Andy was exhibiting as well as performing with the Comparsa Dancers.
Letty Nowak and Guest Curator Alaen Ledesma Fernandez Present "Dreaming" from Cathy Rose and Susan Sugar
Jag Gallery offers an invitation to spend time with their new show, “Dreaming,” featuring two of Key West’s most beloved artists, Susan Sugar and Cathy Rose

WWW.LETTYNOWAK.COM Letty's New Gallery "JAG" 1075 Duval Square (Where Doug Mayberry Realty was) Off of Simonton.

The Last Two Weeks we Featured the 2015 International Sand Art Competition at the Casa Marina. Always a Well Attended Event. Here are the Two Issues June 15 and June 22

Donate now link

Now Part 1 of a New Series from You Tube Provider "Yesterday / Today"
and have Hundreds of Videos on You Tube..

More of Part 1 of Our New Series "45 Fascinating Historical Photos" and More of Part 9 of 10 "101 Amazing Historical Photos"
Up Shortly; Both Series Provided from the You-Tube Provider "YESTERDAY /TODAY".
We are so excited to announce that the libraries are offering curbside pickup. It's a work in progress so we'll be in touch if anything changes. Thanks!  For immediate release :
Library Curbside Pickup
The Monroe County Libraries are pleased to announce that they have begun curbside holds pickup. Place a hold on an item by visiting our website or by calling your local branch. When items are ready, library staff will contact you with details on pickup. Please contact your library staff for more information and follow us on Facebook for up to the minute updates.  
Allison Rich, . Library Technician. Monroe County Public Library
700 Fleming Street, Key West, FL 33040. 305-292-3595
ROBERTA DEPIERO & Gal Pals Almost Everyday will travel (Journey) around Key West / Stock Island with some friends and sometimes Solo. I want to Thank You Roberta & Friends for providing amazing images ; especially to those like myself that are in Total Lockdown ISO.
Some of Roberta's Regular Gal Pals :Jody Gross, Lucy Carleton & Joyce Chilton . Check out

Roberta's Comments from her Facebook Posting of these Photos are :

1 L) This pocket park is so very cute and looks like there might be fruit trees planted in it too.
2 R) Backyards are so interesting through fences.. There was a lovely trickling fountain just out of eyesight.
3 L) Free Seeds.... What a cool idea! It's like the free little libraries. Thanks Save a Tree... Not sure who you are but a great idea.
4 R) The side yard of the Library. What fun and I love the new lights too. With Marsha Williams
5) Now this is a way to decorate your tree stump.
6) Mi amore!
7) This sconce is made out of glass and has an air plant in it that is blooming.
8-9-10 Photos of the "Cow Series" as Robert has Named.

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