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Sunday, April 26, 2020

Keys Blast from Ed Krane & Friends April 27, 2020

Keys Blast from Ed Krane & Friends April 27, 2020 

Contact photo
From The Keys Blast on 2020-04-26 09:31
Above from Suzanne Betz (more to follow)
APRIL 27, 2020 : In this Issue
Extremely Important City of KW , MCSO, CDC, & Other Very Useful Material-Links-Video Contained in JUST 1 Area Close to the End ( Format Purposesly done to give you a weekly Entertainment Getaway w/o Interruptions from the Serious Stuff)
In This Issue also : Mini Musical Concerts from Local Artists from Watch Parties + Other Entertaining Videos + Photographs from Locals Sharing. Two More Features going out to our 8155 Weekly Readers : Extensive Art Gallery Listings with Photos & An Extensive Website / FB Listing of Many Organizations in KW. Plus a few Classic Records from my U-Tube Collection. Every Issue I add additional Materials to above Features (esp. Crisis Info. Section & will keep it in for a few weeks). Of Course Primarily in Every Issue the Past 8 Years : Great Art, Eco-Nature Features, Entertainment Features & News from ALL the Org. and Venues, On-Line Photographic Exhibitions & So Much More. Of Course the Many Event Features that have been in the Issues (Pre & Post Event) Will Resume Very Soon. Here are three Local Groups Making Masks to Order :
Riet Says : In Marathon we have a group of 6 seamstresses and 4 cutting out fabric, working on this.
Riet Steinmetz, 305/849/5793,

EMERGENCY MESSAGES & VIDEOS / PHOTOS ALL with some Positive News. Go to the ONE Section toward the End of the Issue to Find Local and Some National "Virus" News & Very Important Links Inc. The Links to these 3 Videos Below from The Mayor (4-24-2020) & MCSO Sheriff Ramsay (4-22-2020) & KW City Mgr. Greg Veliz & Mayor Teri Johnston with a Project Spotlight Benchmark Video for Starting Up (4-23-2020). KWPD , SOS, & One Clean Island Photos & Descriptions Also Appearing in Our ONE "Crisis Information" Section Toward the End of this Issue
PRODUCER /REPORTER, AND ON-AIR TALENT STEPHANIE LEONE RIVAS and (OCI) ONE CLEAN ISLAND had in Last Week's Issue and in other Various Venues( Like Facebook) Two 5 & 8 Minute Interviews with Commissioner Sam Kaufman and KWPD Chief Sean Brandenburg (we encore them again this week). + Brief Stats from (OCI) on Virus Locations : Links to the TWO OCI Interviews in our Crisis Info. Section + A Video Message provided by WWW.THEBLUEPAPER.COM from County Mayor Heather Carruthers. ALL close to the end of this Issue in the CRISIS INFORMATION SECTION
In This Issue and May 4th. Issues : Above one of the many photos we are featuring from Todd German's Gardens and a Few Other Photos he's Taken.

WE START PART 1 "ALAEN LEDESMA FERNANDEZ " Has earned a place as one of the Top Curators in Key West and had been putting together in Past Decades Many Exhibitions here in the Keys and Miami, Cuba, and Much of Latin America. Many of his Exhibitions are done in Conjunction with The Florida Keys Council of the Arts under the Guidance of Liz Young and Martha Resk

"Gale" by Sandra Rodriguez 28 X 38 Oil on Canvas

"Cefecto" by Sandra Dooley Oil & Collage on Canvas 34 X 12

Osowbe Insagua" by Zaida DelRio 47 X 47 Mixed Media on Canvas

"Codes" by Sandra Rodrigues and Emmanuel Diaz Valdez 31 X 23 Oil on Canvas

"Los De Sombrillis : Series Multitude Crowded Series" by Juan J. Blanco 46 X 36 Acrylic on Canvas

"My Arcadia" by Estaban Machado 56 X 118 Acrylic on Canvas

"Pienso En Elca Aunque No : Bikini in the Forest" by Piense Evmi
Part 2 Up Shortly Paintings from Eric Anfinson & Gabiella Fiabane. Last week in the April 20th Issue we had photos from the Reception at Adele's GingerBread Square Gallery
More of Alaen Ledesma Fernandez Up Shortly


Thanks Sandy Sun (More of your Art Up Shortly); hope to see your smiling face and awesome art in person soon..You always make me Smile. AND NOW The Photos of Todd German (Mostly from his Garden); also keeping the Masses Entertained and of course Informed with the rest of your gang as President of Hometown Key West WWW.HOMETOWNKEYWEST.COM 866-753-7975. I do miss the Season Opener you have every year at Salute on the Beach...I do remember in 2016 when I ran for Key West Mayor it was 95 Degree and I believe I started with a Long Sleeve Shirt and Tie....Glad to see that Hometown is attempting to Give US some amazing On-Line Events with Entertainment and Information. Plus one of your other Hats is Owning a Financial Service & Planning Local Business with Keys Wealth Management WWW.KEYSWEALTHMANAGEMENT.COM 305-942-1611

Todd comments about this Photo Below in his FB Page Photos :"Well, I promised something mechanical. Does a turbocharged, fuel injected, intercooled big bore VW fill the bill? One of my latest projects destined for the “little” buggy." — in Cudjoe Key, Florida.

Up in a Few Features : A New On-Line Photographic Exhibition "WONDERFUL VINTAGE PHOTOS FAMOUS DADS WITH THEIR DAUGHTERS"
WE NOW HAVE PART 2 OF THE KEY LARGO ART GALLERY with Owner Carmen Sotolongo Kelly. Pt. 1 was in the April 20th. Issue.
UP SHORTLY SECTION 2 OF PART 2 in our Coverage of the Key Largo Art Gallery. UP SHORTLY Part 2 THE ERIC ANFINSON AND GABRIELLA FIABANE EXHIBITION FROM GINGERBREAD SQUARE ART GALLERY. WE'LL SHOW SOME PAST PHOTOS THAT ERIC HAS ON HIS FACEBOOK SITE . Also in this Issue Many Paintings from Gabriella and Eric. : Pt.1 was in April 20 and had photos of the RECEPTION and a few of their Paintings Below with Ashley Kamen
1207 Duval Street 305-296-8900

THIS COLOR COMBINATION BELOW WAS NOT INTENTIONAL ; I just can't Figure Out how to loose the Black Background....Duhhhhhh
Part 2 Mike Rooney Exhibition at Nance Franks's Gallery on Greene.

2 Sections in This Issue
Pt.1 Had Many photos of the Reception and just a few Paintings. This Issue has Mostly Paintings Current Newer Ones and Going back a few Years. Here is the Link to Last Week's Issue April 20, 2020


Malceon Sunset 16 X 20 Oil on Board

North Harbor Reflections 30 X 40

Keeper of the Light 8 X 10

From Above 24 X 30

St. Paul's Church Key West 30 X 40 Oil on Canvas
Last Week in Part 1 of the Mike Rooney Exhibition and Reception at Nance Frank's Gallery on Greene I mentioned that the woman in this Picture is a Large Collector of Mike's. Nance and Mike sent me her name : Stephanie Ganch.
Up Shortly More Mike Rooney from The Gallery on Greene
Part 10 of the Photographic Exhibition "RARE AND MIND BLOWING HISTORICAL PHOTOS"
More Must See Rare & Historical Photos Up Shortly
The Above Photos & Many Additional Can be Found on You-Tube through SPOOF, as well as Similar U-Tube Providers like "Yesterday Today" , "A World of Pics" & Other Groups providing Tens of Thousands of Interesting Photos. This Week we is Pt. 2 a Few Weeks / Parts of a On-Line Photo Exhibition "Famous Men with their Daughter/s" .

Here are the Last Four Issue Links to go back after reading this April 20 Issue. March 30th ;April 7th Issue April 13th.  and April 20th, 2020 

IMPORTANT NOTE : I have an Extensive Section of Photos on the Art Galleries along with the Names/Addresses & Websites/FB URLs of the Galleries, Museums, & a Few Other Arts & Entertainment Environments.. Then I have a Very Extensive Listing (with Website Links-Ph. #s, & FB Urls) of other Organizations that I've Featured in the Past 8 Years. These Two Sections are Closer to the Bottom and will Appear Immediately before the Crisis Info. Section and Immediately After .
Here are a few Photos Posted by a Few of Our Key West Citizens : The First two are Alyson Crean's Dog "Bailey", then a tease for the Mary Jean Connors On-Line Exhibition that we'll do it a few weeks.

Next Week in the May 4th. Issue we'll start TWO NEW On-Line Photographic Exhibitions (First Two Below)"Life in America in the 1950s" and "Photos of Florida in the 40s" (3rd & 4th. Photo)
In the Next Few Issues a Real Treat ; The Brilliant Photographer ROMI BURIANOVA will give us an On-Line Photographic Exhibition. Our Magazine Featured her Often during the First Few Years.
Erin "Spent the weekend catching up with one of the island's newest residents...a baby manatee near Lazy Dog" . Then Hays Blinckmann Produced "The Days Of T-REX" Video that's getting Lots of Play. That Video is Towards the End of the Issue with Many other Entertaining Videos.
NEIL CHAMBERLAIN OWNER PUBLISHER / EDITOR OF "Q-MAGAZINE" sends regards and tells us "Q Magazine misses you all but wants you to know that we are all OK and we hope that you are as well. We will greet you with open arms when it's safe for us to open up. In the mean time, feel free to view our magazine online at 305-396-8227
We Now Start Part 2 of the Eric Anfinson and Gabriella Fiabane Exhibitions at Adele's GingerBread Square GalleryWWW.GINGERBREADSQUAREGALLERY.COM
1207 Duval Street 305-296-8900 Part 1 of the Anfinson and Fiabane Feature were photos from the Reception Here's the Link to the April 20 Issue
This issue has a few of their Works over 2 Sections

Summer Solstice 30 X 40 Oil on Canvas

Untitled (Perhaps their is but don't have Title Name)

Unfolding Memories 11 X 14 Oil on Board

Untitled (Perhaps their is but don't have Title Name)

Morning Shadows 12 X 9 Oil on Linen
ERIC ANFINSON From his Latest Exhibition
"GIN JOINT" 20 X 16
"JACK KNOWS" 24 X 18

Saturday Morning 12 X 22

Hauling Nets 22 X 24

Reefing Down 22 X 24

Kamina Boatyardhas a
Chris Calivas has an Exhibition at the GingerBread Gallery Every Year
1207 Duval Street 305-296-8900

UP SHORTLY the Staffs of THE WEEKLY and KONK LIFE send regards and have Interesting Information

The Very First Virtual COMPLETELY ON-LINE AND TV with LIVE Interface from Citizens "Commission Meeting". Of Course you can see it in Reruns on TV and WWW.CITYOFKEYWEST-FL.GOV
NEXT ONE IS TUESDAY May 5th 5pm and below is Information on How to Participate

Due to the current state of emergency, the May 5th. Key West City Commission meeting will be conducted virtually. This will maintain social distancing to protect our citizens and our commissioners.
The City has created several ways that the community can participate in the meeting.
To participate in the City Commission meeting on May 5th., which begins at 5 p.m., you have the following options:
1. Listen to the meeting via phone: You may listen to the audio only from your phone by dialing 1-646-558 8656 and when the meeting ID is requested, enter 950 463 489 and then press the # key.
2. Tune in live to Key West Comcast channel 77 or AT&T channel 99.
3. Watch the meeting online: You may access Key West City TV live by visiting:, click on meetings/live TV then click on “watch Key West City TV Live.” Click on the play button to view. Note: You may have to adjust your browser settings for optimal streaming. Not all browsers support flash.
How to provide public comment prior to the meeting:
To make an eComment, click the “agendas and minutes” button on the City’s home page. Next to the current agenda, you’ll find an eComment link on the right side of the screen for the appropriate meeting.
Or you can click on to get to the agenda. Click on the eComment link on the right side of the screen for the appropriate meeting.
You may also provide written comments by emailing City Clerk Cheri Smith by 3 p.m. May 5th. at All other written comments received by the deadline will be distributed to the Mayor and Commissioners and the appropriate staff prior to the start of the meeting.
How to provide comment during the meeting: 
To request to speak during the virtual meeting, please sign up to speak through eComments prior to the start of the meeting to be placed on a list. The last four digits of the phone number you call in on will need to be provided in your eComment, this will be used to identify you as the speaker. Please dial *9 when your item comes up on the agenda.
You will need to follow the instructions on listening to the meeting via phone, when your name is called, you will be unmuted and you will have 3 minutes to speak. The average number of words for a three minute speech is between 300 and 350 words.
For those individuals who may not have access to view the meeting by any of the virtual means provided above, there will be a laptop setup outside of City Hall for live streaming. Please practice social distancing and keep six feet away from those around you. If you would like to speak on an item, please call the City Clerk’s Office at 305-809-3831. 
For many people in our community, they’re nameless, faceless voices. Some of us are lucky enough to never have to talk to them. But when we need them, they're always there. These voices calmly extract information from people whose lives are suddenly turned upside down. These voices ensure that help arrives quickly. They are the unsung heroes behind all emergency responders: the dispatchers.
This week is National Public Safety Telecommunications Week. These dedicated professionals are on hand 24 hours a day to ensure that any emergency or crisis is dispatched quickly. This week is a chance for the community to thank these men and women who work tirelessly during emergencies.
Please take a moment to thank these important members of the community who deal with each crisis with dedicated professionalism. 
In the photo Above by Alyson Crean: Part of the Key West Police dispatch crew: Belen Diaz, Dustin Dumovich and Michael Beattie.

WWW.THEKEYWESTTHEATER.COM 305-985-0433 512 Eaton St.

We are excited to continue to move forward in announcing rescheduled dates and hope this brings our music lovers some joy in looking to the future. Ticket holders will be able to use your ticket for the new date and KEEP YOUR SAME SEATS should you choose to do so. For other options, we will be reaching out soon to all ticket buyers directly on how to proceed. Please bear with us as we continue to navigate through this difficult time.
DON'T SEE YOUR SHOW HERE? Bear with us!  We are currently working on rescheduling multiple shows and will continue to announce them as they are confirmed. Please hold onto your ticket until a new date is announced. We will email ticket holders directly with options on how to proceed with your tickets. Thank you for your continued understanding and patience. We look forward to seeing you all soon! -Key West Theater & Rams Head Team 

Some Features Next Week in the May 4th. Issue : About 10 of the Hundreds Art Works at Effusion Gallery, Lilian Van Hest gets an award from the Pres. of Impromptu Classical Concerts of Key West (George Korn) + The Week After a Feature on Natalia Kazaryan the Pianist that performed Last , A Visit to Robin Martin Smith's "Our Key West" Featuring the Photography of Kristen Onderdonk and her Classic Cuban Street Cars, and a Visit to Skita Yoga, and a Visit to Hollywood Beach and a Good Friend's Resort on the Beach (Coral House) and a great Network & Beach Party. PLUS Our Three Current On-Line Photographic Exhibitions, Ralph DePalma's On-Line Photographic Exhibition Featuring just a few of the Thousands of his photos inv. ALL the Local Musicians, Also Next Week Pts. 2 of Sandy Sun and Todd German +This Just In Romi Burianova Multi-Part / Week on Line Photographic Exhibition (It's been a few Years since we've done one & the work is MUST SEE material as usual.

An Amazing On-Line and Hardcopy Selection of Books; many from Keys Authors
WWW.GROOVYHISTORY.COM . This Weekly Feature Lasted Many Weeks a few Years Ago & We Gave credit to their many Editors and will do again in weeks to come.
My Good Friends Cori and Paul Gildea had a Boutique Art Gallery called Gildea Contemporary Fine Art Gallery. Paul had many cutting edge artists from around the Country. They are Impressive. The next few weeks I'm going to show just a few of the Artists with Just a Few of their Works..Paul I'll call shortly to say Hello, in fact probably before this is Issue Published.. I truly miss watching you at work..The way you envisioned the Art Placement before an Exhibition was just thrilling to see your mind at work. I was privileged to be at few of the Hazel Griffiths Exhibition from Inception to Reception.. I miss our visits and miss the Receptions. First Class All the Way. The Gallery Was on 522 Southard Street 305-797-6485
Outside the Window 48 X 48 Acrylic on Canvas

The Frying Pan 26 X 26 Acrylic on Canvas

"Scruffy" Cardboard. Bike Parts, Metal & Duct Connector 22 X 24 X 4

Thank You Kevin and Staff for Providing US with an awesome Group; Now more then ever providing GREAT Info to the Entire Population. Your Chamber Like Org. is Amazing Providing Great Mixers and Luncheons and Support.

Key West Business Guild
 808 Duval St. 305-294-4603
WWW.GAYKEYWESTFL.COM 808 Duval St. 305-294-4603.

For anyone under 60YO below may need explaination ; They are called S&H Green Stamps; and they were given away by most retailers (amount dependent on how much was spent in their shop); and you would save them and redeem them in S&H Green Stamp Redemtion Centers. I do remember them as a Younger Child.
The Photo below was in the April 20th Issue and received a handful of comments wanting to know if this was a Real Shark. This Photo was taken on the set of the Movie "JAWS"..
Executive Director Misha McRae sends Regards and this bit of Info....
"While field trips and educational programs at the Botanical Gardens have been postponed, our Garden Education Team is still hard at work creating and sharing resources for students of all ages. Follow the Key West Tropical Forest & Botanical Garden on Facebook for the latest videos and activities! Educators are also ready to collaborate on developing customized resources, free of charge, to best meet the needs of your students; email  to get started." Sincerely, Mr. Misha D. McRAE, Executive Director, Key West Botanical Garden Society, Inc.
5210 College Road, Key West, Florida 33040, (305) 296-1504 ofc.
(305) 296-2242fax

WWW.KEYWEST.GARDEN  5210 College Rd. 305-296-1505
Owner & Editor of Konk Life Guy DeBor WWW.KONK LIFE send regards and makes this announcement
Here is a BIG KONK Life Announcement
We have switched to a new delivery system for the Daily Blast that requires your registration to continue receiving the Blast.
To Register please click the link:
For the past 30 days, all of us have experienced a virtual lock-down. It has affected every single one of us in the Florida Keys, our nation and the world. First, we at KONK Life wish everyone to be safe and healthy in these unprecedented times.
As a local newspaper, we have had to stop printing our weekly paper because of the lock-down. However, that has not kept us from delivering the news and information that you have come to rely on. For almost 4 years now our email Blast readers have learned that KONK Life delivers the top news and stories from Key West, Monroe County, Florida and the nation. We’re able to deliver additional out of county news through our affiliation with the Associated Press. We look forward to continuing to provide our readers with this valuable service for years to come.
Since the inception of the Blast, over 15,000 readers have subscribed. They read the Blast every day of the year. We developed the first local email blast and believe we have the largest subscription-base of all the local news organizations. But now we need more than readers. We need our readers to help support us in delivering the news and information you have come to depend on.
Beginning tomorrow, April 22, KONK Life is rolling out a new registration and subscription service. By simply registering you will have free access to 10 news stories every month. After you’ve reached your monthly limit, you will be invited to subscribe to KONK Life. initially, we are offering 2 levels of subscription. The first is an automatically recurring charge of $9 per month. Alternatively, you may purchase an annual subscription at a low introductory price of $59 per year. That’s less than $5 per month to have full access to our valuable local news and information and is more than 40% below the monthly rate.
Speaking for myself and our writers, photographers, graphic artists, office, and sales staff, we all hope you see the value KONK Life provides our community and will consider becoming a paid subscriber to our local newspaper. I thank you in advance for being a loyal reader of KONK Life. Guy deBour KONK Life Publisher

"Painted Threesome"

"Meeting of the Hearts"

"Transcendence #16"

"Transcendence" #4
Then the Next 4 Paintings I don't have the Titles

Here is Just one of Many Books that Mac has Published
You definitely want to check out WWW.KONKLIFE.COM , WWW.THEBLUEPAPER.COM and WWW.KEYSWEEKLY.COM for Daily Very Important Information.

Here are the Links to the April 13, April 7th, March 30th & 3/23 Issues with Lots of Art and Photographic Exhibitions
APRIL 13, 2020  APRIL 7, 2020
MARCH 30, 2020 and here is the Link to the March 23rd Issue

"Boys on Bike


"This One is Walking Besides Me"

Last week we did a Feature on the Owner of the Key Largo Art Gallery Carmen Sotolongo Kelley Here is the April 20, 2020 Issue
Here is Section #2 of 2 in this Issue
We Continue with Pt. 2 of Mike Rooney's Exhibition at Nance Franks's Gallery on Greene

First Pic above is Mike Rooney teaching one of the many classes he does Year Round, He frequents The Key West Art Center &TSKW. The Second Photo above is from his Current Exhibition at Gallery on Greene; Nance Greene Directing a Last Minute Add On. The 4 Below :

Breezy Palms 8 X 8 Oil on Board

Cuban Cigar Store 16 X 20 Oil on Canvas

Havana Stroll 16 X 20 Oil on Board

Blazing Light 16 X 20 Oil on Board
WWW.KWAHS.ORG 281 Front St. 305-295-6616
The Custom House, LightHouse Keepers Quarters (on Whitehead St.) , East Fort Martello Tower/Museum, Tennessee Williams Museum on Truman Ave.
The Editor of the Key West The Weekly Mandy Miles; along with Britt Myers and Jason Koler (Owner & Publisher) ALL send regards. I asked them to send me Information; so our readers can continue to expand the information Resources they receive ; Especially (like you) from the Daily Sources Including WWW.THEBLUEPAPER.COM and WWW.KONKLIFE.COM

Our website:
Our Facebook page:

Keys Weekly is the largest locally owned and distributed newspaper throughout the Florida Keys with offices in Key West, Marathon and the Upper Keys. We publish three print editions (one from each region) every Thursday and provide daily email blasts while maintaining an active website and social media presence. We promote local news, events, businesses and the colorful people of our unique communities with a combination of information, entertainment and humor in each issue.

Contact info:
Key West Weekly publisher Britt Myers
Keys Weekly publisher Jason Koler
Key West Weekly Editor - Mandy Miles
Marathon Weekly Editor - Sara Matthis 
Upper Keys Weekly Editor - Jim McCarthy
(305) 363-2957 (Tavernier office)
(305) 743-0844 (Marathon office)
(305) 453-6928 (Key West office)
(305) 743-0866 (fax)

The Weekly : On line Magazines URL Link

WWW.KEYWESTGALLERY.COM 601 Duval St. 305-292-9339 Virtual Thomas Arvid Exhibition A Unique Mixed Media Series of Paintings. Next Week in the May 4th. Issue. An Amazing Diverse Brilliant List of Their Artists (Check out their Website). Most every Weekend they would have Visiting Artists Just Like Wyland, Gallery on Greene, KWAC, & GingerBread.

We Now Continue with Eric Anfinson and Gabriella Fiabane Exhibitions at Adele's GingerBread Square GalleryWWW.GINGERBREADSQUAREGALLERY.COM
1207 Duval Street 305-296-8900

Eric Comments "What do you want to do in Key West?' I asked the new arrival who sat next to me at the Abbondanza bar in 2005-ish. 'I'd like to be involved with the arts', she said. 'Come on down to the Lemonade Stand Studio', I suggested. And now we're collecting her work. Well done my friend and Happy Birthday".
Photo by Letty Nowak 2006. — with Penny Garcia.

Penny Garcia Replies :I'm so Grateful I met you Literally the First Day ; Few Hours I hit Key West. Love you Eric; My Incredible Talented Friend and Guru
'A Catskill Summer' for Thursday evenings TSKW's members show. Because of size restrictions in gallery due to construction, each piece cannot be any wider than 17 inches wide but no height restriction. My solution, a piece (painted on five panels) 12 inches wide by 80 inches high. Click on image to see full length.
My two favorites. Emma and Modigliani at National Gallery in Australia.
More from Eric and Emma Up Shortly
The May 4th. Issue will have a few Pieces of the few Hundred Varied Artworks from Effusion Art GalleryEFFUSION GALLERY 701 Duval St.
305-735-4345  WWW.EFFUSION.COM
WWW.GARDENSHOTEL.COM 526 Angela St. 305-294-2661

The d’vine Wine Gallery is opening privately for your bottle purchases and
at special prices! Please look over our current list of offerings and then feel free to email me with your choices and when it is convenient for you to stop by the hotel to collect your purchases. We are available by appointment, Monday – Friday, 9-4.
d'vine Wine Gallery
Wines by the Bottle
Special Price
Anakota 2015 $140, Banfi Brunello 2014$90
Domaine Serene Pinot 2015 $108. F Locations Rose
$21..Malene Rose 2017$25. Breezette Rose 2017 $22
Twisted River Riesling $26. Decoy Rose 2017 $19
Other Peoples Pinot 2017 $22. Sancerre Chavignol 2018 $22
Batasiolo White 2016 $24. Tiziano Pinot Grigio 2016 $21.
Batasiolo Barbera 2016 $24. Domaine Pichot Vouvray 2018 $27
Vorspannhof Mayr White 2018 $15. Millepassi Bolgheri Superiore
$115. Seghesto Zinfandel 2017. $36. 1000 Stories Zinfandel 2017
$35. D 2 Red 2015 $43. Matanzas Creek Merlot 2014 $30
Varvara Bolgheri 2016. $36. Buena Vista Pinot Nir 2016 $42.
Emmolo Merlot 2016 $54. Donna Olimpia 1898 2016 $30.
Siduri Pinot Noir 2017 $45. David Moreau Cote de Beaune Burgundy 2017
$36. Lassegue Grand Cru 2015 $76. Saitnes Pierres de Nalys 2017
$72. rapiche Malbec 2016 $15. Troublemaker Red Blend $36.
The Count Red Wine 2017 $35. Aska Bolgheri Rosso red $66
Jim Marquardt, General Manager, The Gardens Hotel and Cottages
d'Vine Wine Gallery, 526 Angela Street, Key West, FL 33040, 305-294-2661, C 305-304-7683.

Alicia Leal "The Journey" Acrylic on Canvas

Under the Moon by Ernesto Lapdevila 16 X 24 WaterColor on Cardboard

"Ave" / Bird by Jose Bedia 15 1/2 X 23 1/2 WaterColor on Cardboard

Gallo by Vincent Bonachea 28 X 20 Acrylic on Canvas

Freedom by Alicia Leal 25 1/2 X 21 Acrylic on Canvas

In the Mystery Is Your Name by Alicia Leal 15 X 15 Acrylic on Canvas
We Now Continue with Photos from Todd German and Ceramic / Clay Artist Sandy Sun
We Continue with Orchids from the Gardens of Todd German and a Few Other Photos he Shot
Next Week Part 2 Photographs from Todd German and More Ceramics / Pottery from Sandy Sun

UP SHORTLY WE CONTINUE with the Eric Anfinson and Gabriella Fiabane Exhibitions at GingerBread Square Gallery and the Gallery on Greene's Exhibition / Reception for Mike Rooney
A MESSAGE FROM Roberta DePiero from Key West Playbills

We want to keep you in the loop....Upcoming Events
Here is what we know.

Key West Songwriters Festival will be postponed .

Mystery Fest Key West cancelled their 2020 event but the writing competition is still open. They plan to hold a 2021 event. We will reconfirm your ad placement later this year when we update ad reservations for the 2020-21 season. 

PrideFest will be postponed until later this year. As soon as the Key West Business Guild has the dates, we will let you know.

Key West Summer Stage is on standby at this time. 

 Meanwhile for your enjoyment here are a few photos I have taken during this "Stay At Home" with no tourists around town.  

Be safe, stay healthy and well, you know.... wash your hands! 

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