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Thursday, March 12, 2020



It is important to know the facts about Coronavirus (COVID-19) and how to protect yourself. 
Monroe County Information
o   There are currently 0 Florida Keys Confirmed Cases, Investigations are being conducted.
o   Testing has been conducted in Monroe County, as of March 12 tests have come back negative.
o   For the majority of people, the immediate risk of being exposed to the virus that causes COVID-19 is thought to be low.
o   Emergency Management continues to monitor the situation in conjunction with the Florida Department of Health and will continue to facilitate weekly conference calls with partner agencies and the municipalities.
o   Monroe County Emergency Operations Center is activated to level three: heightened monitoring.
o   Florida Department of Health in Monroe County is closely monitoring the outbreak and communicating with and educating healthcare providers and public health partners about the current situation.
o   The Monroe County School Board, assisted living facilities, and private care physicians are taking extra precautions.
o   Hospitals have policies and procedures in place for this type of event and are prepared for an influx of patients if needed.
Cruise Ship and Airport Information
o   Airports and ports are open and operational. Each are taking extra precautions. Major airport hubs, like Miami International Airport, and ALL cruise ship passengers are screened before they embark on their trip for any communicable illnesses.
o   The Port of Key West is being monitored by the local U.S. Coast Guard station. ALL cruise ships that enter the Florida Keys originate from a domestic port. The USCG has the authority to deny entry to the port.
o   The USCG and Custom and Border Patrol review every incoming cruise ship arrival. The cruise ship is required to report any hazardous issues to the CDC or health dept. The USCG and CBP are working with the CDC and the Health Department.
Official COVID-19 Websites
o   Worldwide: World Health Organization
Florida Department of Health Dedicated Hotline
Florida Department of Health established a dedicated COVID-19 hotline at 866-779-6121The Call Center is available 24/7
o   The Florida Department of Health has a team of epidemiologists working in the Florida Keys, available during normal business hours and after hours. If a doctor suspects a case of COVID-19, they know to immediately notify their infection control program and the health department. 
o   FDOH labs in Miami, Tampa, and Jacksonville have received CDC-issued laboratory test kits for COVID-19 and are prioritizing testing for those with symptoms who had close contact with a confirmed case.
o   Testing is also available in Florida by LabCorp. LabCorp is the only commercial laboratory offering testing in Florida at this time. You must meet the criteria to be tested and the test sample must be sent from a physician.
o   Due to protecting the personal information of patients, the Florida Dept. of Health is unable to breakdown by community the number of individuals who have received a negative test, have pending test results, or are under public health monitoring.
o   The breakdown of the number of individuals and their location are not disclosed due to patient privacy laws and to protect personally identifiable health information (PHI) of Floridians, by law. To view the breakdown of confirmed counties affected, visit
o   The DOH is following CDC guidelines for prioritizing testing and criteria to meet that testing. More information on testing can be found at
Monroe County Emergency Management Social Media Sites

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