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Saturday, March 9, 2019

The Keys Blast from Ed Krane and Friends March 11, 2019

The Keys Blast from Ed Krane and Friends
March 11, 2019

Alto Relief Sculpture Bonded in Bronze 41 X 23 X 5
Bill Mack & His Frequent Visits to where he Hangs Year Round the Key West Gallery. This Issue has a few of his Paintings and Framed Sculptures

Sunset Tango II 24 X 36 from Michael Cheval & His Most Recent Visit to his Year Round Hang Wyland Gallery. This Issue has a few of his Paintings

Svetlana Smolina : World Renown Russian Concert Pianist returns with the South Florida Symphony Orchestra on 3/10 at The Tennessee Williams Theater & 3/12 at the Broward Performing Arts Ctr.. (Must See)..As of Sat 3/9 Both Venues had only few Tickets Left.

Peter Diamond Ilacqua, vocals & percussion; Mark Rose, saxophone & flute; Tim McAlpine, guitar; Bubba Lownotes, bass; Hal Howland, drums. 
Last Week at Kate Miano's Gardens Hotel at Jazz in Gardens. Thanks so very much Kate for Providing Complimentary In Season Great Jazz with amazing Ensemble Groups

MCSO Animal Farm Next Two Openings 3/10 & 3/24

Annual Conch Shell Blowing Contest from The Old Island Restoration Foundation

2019 Key West Orchid Society's Orchid Fair. Lots of Photos

April 4 :The Beach Boys One of the Many Key West Theater Concerts

One of the Many Tennessee Williams Birthday Celebration Events . The Tropic Cinema has a Month Long Series of TW Films.

Pt. 1 The Smallest Parade in the Universe from Marc House once again was SRO Only. We have Pics

Pt. 1 Pics from the Key West Orchid Society's Annual Orchid Fair

Our Weekly Feature Link to WWW.THEBLUEPAPER.COM with their Hundreds of Local Keys News Features-Photos-Videos

Coffee Mill Young Dance Collective to Perform at Tennessee Williams Theater 3/15

Adam Scott Rote will be at the Key West Gallery 3/14-17 and 5/24-26

So Many Events, Exhibitions & Classes at TSKW

3/17 Amernet String Quartet
3/31 Lomazov Rackers Piano Duo
Next Two Impromptu Classical Concerts of Key West

Cheval at Wyland
Campbell at Frangipani
Callahan at Dog Tired
LaRance at Salt Island
In the Middle of PEAK / HIGH Season in The Keys; SO MUCH ART to SEE. These 4 Galleries + More in this Issue (Pt. 1) of ALL 4 Artists.
"Mariel I" by Geryls Alvarez  Acrylic on Canvas  39 X20

Part 5 "Visions of Cuba" Curated by Alean Ledesma Fernandez at The Florida Keys Council of the Arts at Gato

Mario Sanchez Exhibition at Gallery on Greene "Jewish Friends & ConchTown Neighbors" 3/9-14

The American Bombshells at the Harry S. Truman Little White House 3/28 & 29. Fairly Sure the Young Lady on the Right is the Ed Swift's Daughter
Pt. 1 Jeane LaRance Opened her Exhibition at Salt Island Provisions Gallery. This & Next Issue has some of her Photos.

Kitty Clements & Jeff Johnson Starring in "The Kingdom of Earth"
One of the Many TW Events is the One Act Plays Dir. by TSKW Board Pres. Stephen Kitsakos.  "Lifeboat Drill" & "The Kingdom of Earth" at TSKW 3/31 & 4/1 (More Below)

Suzanne Betz
Gildea Contemporary Art Gallery Reception March 18 for "SANTE FE SIX" Featuring 6 Artists

FKCC Just Graduated its 67th. Basic Law Enforcement Academy Class (More Below)

The March 18th Issue will have a Photo Feature from the Annual Tennessee Williams Kick Off Birthday Gala Celebration from Dennis and Bert's House

Our Good Friend Mike Rooney is having a Reception for his Exhibition at Gallery on Greene NEXT Sat. March 16. 5-8PM..


The Keys Blast from Ed Krane & Friends ; Going out to 8010 Weekly. This Issue March 11th. 2019 : Art & Photographic Exhibitions from Michael Cheval-Bill Mack-Adam Scott (Artist of the Stars) Rote-Sean P. Callahan-Mike Marrero-Jeane LaRance- JodyRae Campbell-Suzanne Betz-Mark White & More, Svetlana Smolina World Renown Russian Concert Pianist in town with the South Florida Symphony Orchestra 3/10 & FTL 3/12, WWW.THEBLUEPAPER.COM Link to their Hundreds of Local News Features-Photos-Videos,  Pt. 1 2019 OIRF Conch Shell Blowing Contest, Beach Boys 4/4 as Part of the KWT Extensive Schedule of Concerts, Many TW Annual Birthday Celebrations, Pt. 1 The Smallest Parade in the Universe, WWW.MILEZEROKEYWEST.COM , Pt.1 Key West Orchid Society's 2019 Orchid Fair, Coffee Mill Young Dance Collective at TW 3/15, Many Events-Exhibitions-Classes at TSKW & KWAHS, March is KW Wood Month, Stephen Kitsakos Presents a Lunchtime 1 Hr. Discussion 3/14 Noon on TW Later One Act Plays at Custom House

Impromptu Classical Concerts of KW 3/17 Amernet String Quartet & 3/31 Lomazov Rackers Piano Duo, Pt. 5 "Visions of Cuba" Brilliant Cuban Group Artist (50 +) Exhibition Curated by Alaen Ledesma Fernandez at The Florida Keys Council of the Arts (Gato), Mario Sanchez Exhibition "Jewish Friends & Conchtown Neighbors" at Gallery on Greene 3/9-14, American Bombshells 3/28 & 29 at Little White House, Gildea Contemporary Fine Art Gallery 3/18 Reception for "Sante Fe Six" Exhibition, FKCC Graduates the 67th. Basic Law Enforcement Class, WWW.ABSOLUTELYAMAZINGEBOOKS.COM , "Photos of the Week" from Executive Contributing Editor Peter Arnow, Larry Smith at Little Room Jazz Club, Skipper Kripitz & Various Ensemble Configurations Everywhere, Zazoo Fine Art & Photographic Gallery Presents Pink Floyd, 

Key West Playbills from Roberta & Peter,  Every Thurs. "Green Market" at Bayview Park, Every Wed. Bingo Aboard the USCGC Ingham, Special Peak at the Latest Island House Videos, FKSPCA " Yappy Hour" 3/15 & 12th. "Annual Spring Social" 3/22, Sheriff Ramsay & MCSO Doing Great Community Deeds, Marathon Garden Club 3/15, KW Tropical Forest & Botanical Gardens "Migration Mania" 4/6, Hometown Key West "Meet the Candidates" 4/1 at Salute, Author Andrea Dirobilant "Autumn in Venice : Ernest Hemingway's Last Muse" at KW Library 3/13 + Part of "Author Talk" Allison Rich tells us Dr. Siegfried Haug "Bad Sleep" 3/27 (Thanks Michael & Allison for Keeping Our Readers Informed), Photos from One of the Recent Jazz in the Gardens, "Alligator Alley " New Play from Michael Marrero 3/5-16 at TSKW, Tropic Cinema's Art Gallery Presents Stuart Davis "In Back of 4 Real"

Many Fringe Theatre Productions, "Young Frankenstein : The Musical 2/26-3/23 at Waterfront Playhouse, "Tenderly : The Rosemary Clooney Musical" 2/19-3/16 at Red Barn Theatre, Stephen Kitsakos One Act Plays from TW 3/31 & 4/1 at the TSKW, KWBG Next Mixer 3/13 at the Havana Cabana Hotel & Next Luncheon 4/3 at Marriott Beachside, Cafe Con Libros-Friends of the Library-Books and Books Many Events, Historian & Key West Treasure Tom Hambright 3/20 at KW Library, 3/22 Squirrel Hillbillies at KW Library Palm Gardens, Q-Magazine, "Singing in the 60's" at TWT from Eric Haley-Michael Robinson & Michael Mulligan, WWW.JUSTDOITKEYWEST.COM Extensive Calendar of Events,
WWW.-FLA-KEYS.COM Extensive On-Line E-Magazine from TDC ( March Link), Holi Color Festival for the Family 3/16 at KW Library, WomanKind Monthly E-Blog March Link, Florida Keys Council of the Arts "Connections Project" & Much More

Editor's Note
Sending this Issue out on Saturday Due to some of the activities on Sunday March 10 : The MCSO Animal Farm is Open from 1-3pm (Next 3/24). The Artisan Market is Open from 10a-2pm ( Bicycle Edition) at Higgs Beach (Next is 3/24).  The Gardens Hotel has their Every Sunday "Jazz in the Gardens" the 3/10 Lineup has Scott Marischen & Friends (next is 3/17).  Of Course; The World Renown Classical Concert Pianist Svetlana Smolina & The South Florida Symphony Concert are performing at The Tennessee Williams Theater Sunday Night at 7:30PM (Truly Inspirational NYC / Carnegie Hall Entertainment). Svetlana Travels the World & has Private Audiences with Kings & Queens. Not Sure Any Tickets are Left ; but the Feature (3rd Below) will give you an Easy Link.  Also The Mario Sanchez Exhibition at Gallery on Greene starts Today but no Reception tonight at the Gallery (Next with Reception / Exhibition is Mike Rooney 3/16 "Out of Focus"). 

2019 Anne McKee Fine Art Auction Up First After Michael Cheval

623 Duval St. 305-292-4998

Enigma of Generations 48 X 36

Final Cut ( Elementary Section)

Cock N Bull Story Tellers 30 X 30

Strings of Moonlight 30 X 30

Anna 28 X 22

Division of Prime Cause 24 X 20
Next Few Visiting Artists at Wyland : 3/15-17 Steve Barton and 3/22-24 Stephen Muldoon
More from Michael Cheval Up Shortly

The 2019 Anne McKee Artists Fund Auction was the Best Ever.
 The Next Few Issues we'll have many additional photos of the Auction Activities. This Issue will have many of the Artists Standing in Front of their works

More Anne McKee 2019 Artists Fund Fine Art Auction Photos Up Shortly +
Further down is Information about the GRANT APPLICATIONS for this Year 

In the short period of time since this Issue came out and the Concert starting at 7:30pm Sunday Night ; it is doubtful that there are any tickets left in either Key West or FTL; but it's only Click Away to Try Below; and should you be lucky enough to secure them it will be one of the BEST Experiences Ever.

World Renown Russian Concert Pianist  

Next MasterWorks III at Tennessee Williams Theater Featuring our Good Friend World Renown Concert Pianist Svetlana Smolina : March 10  7:30PM
Additional Info. 

Key West Direct Booking Link March 10

Ft. Lauderdale Direct Booking Link March 12


Key West Orchid Society's 2019 Orchid Fair Up Next but First

A few weeks ago Mike Marrero had a Photographic Exhibition at Gallery on Greene Here are a few of those Photographs
"Saint Sylvester : Osain16x24 
Archival Pigment on Paper

When I was young I would watch the rooster fighters with fascination. Osain is represented by roosters and their spurs. He is a mysterious, terrifying creature versed in the old ways. His talisman are used to attract money and good luck.  

"Our Last of Mercy" : Obatala 16x24 
Archival Pigment on Paper

When he was a child my grandfather's brother became severely sick. His grandmother placed an egg on his chest and  prayed to Obatalá to spare his life. He slowly got better and from that day forward she wore nothing but white.
Saints Cosme & Damian : Ibeyi 16x28 
Archival Pigment on Paper
Ibeyi are seen as a symbol of infancy and represent childhood and the duality of life. 

Saint Peter Ogguin 16x24  Arhival Pigment on Paper
Oggún represents fisherman and the brute, violent forces of nature. 

Saint Anna Orishanla  
Archival Pigment on Paper
Represents a Loss of a Child

More from Mike Marrero Up Shortly





Pt. 1 The 2019 Key West Orchid Society Presents their Orchid Fair
More Orchids of Shortly

Pt. 5 "Visions of Cuba"

Maquino De Escribir by Violeta Roque Arana  Oil on Canvas

(L) Entilerro De Pobre "Burial of the Poor"
(R) Carreta Cargada "Loaded Cart" by Hector Molne 14 X 18 Oil on Canvas

Rostro / Face by Angel Ramirez Mixed Media on Cardboard  19 X 27.5

"Dragons" by Ernesto Cappevila 16 X 24 WaterColor on Board
More Visions of Cuba Shortly

Pt 1 of the Old Island Restoration Foundation Conch Shell Blowing Contest

More Conch Shell Blowing Contest Up Shortly

WWW.ZAZOOARTGALLERY.COM 622 Duval 305-294-8925

" Pink Floyd "
Baron Wolman. 

English rock band Pink Floyd photographed at the 
Casa Madrona Hotel, Sausalito, CA., November 1967.
(L-R) Nick Mason, Richard Wright, Roger Waters and Syd Barrett. 
Presented in a Limited Edition of 150
 Silver Gelatin Photo Prints.
 Hand signed by the photographer, Baron Wolman.

 Print size is approx. 16" x 20" raw and 
measures approx. 28 1/8" x 23 3/4" framed. 
We have edition # 20/150 in the gallery.   
 We are offering Pink Floyd for only $1295 framed 
including shipping in the Continental US.
If you are interested in adding Pink Floyd 
to your collection, please email me at or call me at 305.294.8925.

WWW.KEYWESTGALLERY.COM 601 Duval St. 305-292-9339

Adam Scott Rote (The Artist of the Stars) Visits the Gallery where he hangs Year Round in Key West :  The Key West Gallery 3/14-17 and 5/24-26

More Adam Scott Rote Up Shortly
Editors Note : Due Changes made by the musicians sometimes last minute lineup changes are made before or after publish date...Skipper and I ( and others ) try our best ; However whoever plays in whatever configuration in the many venues involved : Quality Complimentary Entertainment can be found here in The Keys.

Skipper Kripitz Sends Regards and this info :
Virgilio's Tuesday nite "League of Crafty Musicians" series presents the rockin' classic  sounds of  Chris Thomas, Marty Stonely,  & skippo for the February 19th edition, starting at 9 PM.  Fronting the band, on acoustic guitar, keyboards, and lead vocals, is Chris Thomas.  Marty Stonely  blows fiery sax & flute  solos,  & skippo is on the drums.  Playing some current hits, as well as the classic pop/rock music of the 60's/70's, 80's, the Chris Thomas Trio will have you dancing and singing  along, to all those tunes we know and love. Virgilio's is located in back of La Trat restaurant, 524 Duval.  Call 296-1075 for more info

The stalwart CRZBs Consort instrumental trio will appear at the Little Jazz Room (821 Duval) on Wednesday March 20th, from 8pm.  Playing mellow Brazilian &  jazz standards, along with some originals, and groove fusion tunes will be Chris Burchard on guitar, Bubba Lownotes on bass, & skippo on drums. 


**Gate & Event opens at 7pm - Show begins at 8pm** March 29

Join us for Key West's most spectacular concert featuring the American Bombshells...the country's best patriotic show. The American Bombshells, a modern day twist on the Andrews Sisters, serve as Ambassadors of America's Gratitude, traveling the globe with an All-American show that dazzles in three part harmony!
Click BOMBSHELLS Link to be taken to Page for this Event
also for Members Only on March 28th SouthernMost Air Spectacular Flight Social with the American Bomshells 3/28 Here is the Harry S. Truman Little Whitehouse Schedule of Events



Pt 1 The Smallest Parade in the Universe by Marc House

More Smallest Up Shortly

March 11 Reception 5:30-8P
 1207 Duval St. 305-296-8900

------------------------------------- 305-766-9767
Click the Link that is below to see COMPLETE E-Mail Campaign that Peter and Roberta Just did for their Playbills
Here are some of the Upcoming Issues
Key West Songwriters:  Deadline  March 7
Mystery Fest Key West: Deadline: May 1
Florida Keys Guitar Summit: Deadline: May 1
Key West Summer Stage: Deadline:  May 1

The Keys Blast from Ed Krane & Friends are in Many of the Playbills Every Year.  Target Market Visibility to an UPSCALE Disposable Income Demographic.

3428 N. Roosevelt Ave.

The Blue Paper has Hundreds of Local Keys News Features-Photos & Videos.  Here is just 6 of them : Celebrate Tennessee Williams Birthday Celebrations with 1 of many Events : This one Acclaimed Mixologist Philip Greene, McKee Artist's Fund Application Grants, Sheriff's Office Receives 16th Consecutive Perfect Financial Audit, Poet Chelsea Rathburn to Speak at Friends of the KW Library Series 3/11,Coast Guard Rescues 2 from Sinking Ship Off of Key Largo, KWAHS Presents Retrospective of KW Wood Artist in "Out of the Woods"

March 10 Bikes, Trikes & Boards Edition
March 24 Art of the Arts Edition
April 7 Ocean Awareness Edition

WWW.KEYWESTARTCENTER.COM 301 Front St. 305-294-1241


WWW.ISLANDHOUSEKEYWEST.COM 1129 Fleming St. 800-890-6284

SPECIAL FEATURE in the Next Few Weeks. Note for our Out of town many readers ; One of the remaining Gay Hotels in Key West is a Resort called Island House. It's a Fun Resort. They have a Great Marketing Department ; and every year will produce a new batch of Videos. They have graciously agreed to share these Videos with others beside their Database. These Videos show how amazing Key West is. Of course regardless of your Lifestyle choice/s you'll enjoy the videos Very Much.

One of my Favorite Artists Michael Cheval was in town this Past Weekend at Wyland Galleries ( Where he hangs Year Round in ALL the Wyndland Galleries). 

Art of Diplomacy II 34 X 36

Adamant Time to Love  24 X 30

Three Soldiers of Gotham 24 X 20

Equilibrium at the Absolute Distinction II 48 X 36

Vintage of Joy 40 X 60
More Cheval Up Shortly 

Pt 1. of the JodyRae Campbell Exhibition at Frangipani Gallery

Fran Decker's Frangipani Gallery's Just Opened "Pearls Before Chickens" Featuring Jessica Wilson, Suzanne Holt, & JodyRae  Campbell. Here are 3 Paintings from JodyRae

The March 18th Issue will have more paintings from JodyRae, and then some from Jessica Wilson & Suzanne Holt

Pt.1 of "Platforms" from the Brilliant Mind of Sean P. Callahan
Sean Callahan Just Opened "Platforms" His Latest Batch of Works at His Gallery : Dog Tired Studio & Gallery 1011 Whitehead St. 802-989-5910 WWW.DOGTIREDSTUDIO.NET
Here are 4 Paintings
Part 1
Jeane LaRance Just Opened her Latest Photographic Exhibition at Salt Island Provisions Gallery.  WWW.SALTISLANDPROVISIONS.COM 830 Fleming St. 305-896-2980. 


More of the 2019 Anne McKee Artists Fund Auction

More Anne McKee Up Shortly

While Inserting a Pic above ; one of the choices was a photo a good friend sent me a few years ago.....Anne Jo Lee
AJL has been working on a Documentary for a few Years about the Dry Torturgas National Park.  We Worked together with Jenna Stauffer at WEYW-TV Key West

More Conch Shell Blowing at The Oldest House

The March 18th. Issue will have more of the OIRF Conch Shell Blowing Contest

Currently "Tenderly : The Rosemary Clooney Musical" 2/19-3/16. Next "Meteor Shower" by Steve Martin 3/26-4/20

Currently : "Young Frankenstein The Musical" 2/26-3/23
Here is a Brief 3 Minute You Tube Video they sent over as a Sneak Preview ; Click SNEAK

More Michael Cheval Up Shortly


CoffeeMill's Young Dance Collective pre-professional student dance company to perform at Tennessee Williams Theater Friday, March 15
On Friday, March 15 at 8:00pm, the Young Dance Collective, CoffeeMill's pre-professional student dance company, will take the stage at Tennessee Williams Theater for "An Evening of Dance."  Under the direction of the company's Artistic Director Joesph Goodman and dedicated CoffeeMill teacher/choreographers Kara Querio and Marissa Ajamian, the company will offer excerpts from the ballet "Sleeping Beauty" plus original works from their award-winning repertoire.
Now a non-profit under Merging Ideas Developing Arts (MIDA), the Young Dance Collective (YDC) is comprised of dedicated student dancers ages 9-17 that include Vivian Carper, Ryan Fossum, Madison Harding, Reese Kight, Khassidi Marsh, Anissa Nieves, Isabella Nodal, Savannah Oropeza, Alannah Shanle, Nela Sulak, Ella Toppino, Zyanya Santiago, Julia Bakalarska, and Ervin Gallo-Tumm.  The company has already garnered numerous gold standard awards and scholarships at NUVO Dance Competition in Orlando, and travels to dance workshops and competitions regionally and nationally.

Led by the classically-trained ballet dancer Joseph Goodman, the selected young dancers are offered an academy-like study and discipline with a rigorous syllabus in the Russian-based Vaganova technique and rehearse six days a week for multiple performance opportunities throughout the year, including street fairs, parades, nursing homes, Fantasy Fest's Coronation and Children's Day, and March and November performances at the Tennessee Williams Theatre. 
Proceeds from the upcoming Tennessee Williams Theater performance will support the company's costs of attending workshops and competitions while also affording them the chance to include additional performances throughout Key West and Monroe County and to build upon their current programming to offer new outreach programs. With their new 501c3 status, they also seek tax-deductible donations as they continue to grow in their dance education and develop their powerful company repertoire.
CoffeeMill Dance Studio, Key West's premier instructional dance studio for over 35 years, is located at 'The Annex' at 605a Simonton Street and 'By the Bay' at 3340 North Roosevelt Blvd. #2 and offers a full roster of weekly professional and recreational dance and fitness instruction.
Get your tickets for the Friday, March 15 performance at the Tennessee Williams Theater Box Office (305-295-7676) or; tickets are $20, $25, and $30. For more information call Penny Leto at 305-296-9982 or

WWW.FKSPCA.ORG 5230 College Rd. 305-296-1504

Join us for this pet friendly event at Rum Row at The Gates Hotel, 3/15/19, from 5-8pm! Raffles, meet & greet shelter animals and specialty drinks to benefit the Florida Keys SPCA! Bring your pups for a tail wagging good time!
12th. Annual Spring Social March 22 at Key West Golf Club


Here are some works from Bill Mack. He Visits the Gallery where he hangs Year Round : The Key West Gallery

Beethoven 34.5 X 23 X 3 Auto Relief Sculpture in Bonded Bronze
Solitude Full Round Cast Bronze Sculpture 19 X 9
Dali Original Painting in Clock Frame
Kindred Spirits Original Painting on Metal 36 X 26
More from Bill Mack and the Key West Gallery Up Shortly

5525 College Rd. 305-296-2424

MCSO & The Community Clean Up on Duck Key



Susan Ley in Marathon Sends Regards and Tells Us :
Marathon Garden Club Meeting, Friday, March 15th at 1:00 pm.
The monthly meeting of the Marathon Garden Club will take place on Friday, March 15th at 1:00pm at the garden club, 5270 Overseas Highway, MM50, Bayside. Sharon Lieberman of Key West will present a program on growing succulents in the garden and in containers. She will discuss using them in the landscape and will also show how to create interesting easy to care for succulent containers. Guests are always welcome. Call 305-743-4971 for more information or visit

Then Mario Sanchez :Jewish Friends & Conchtown Neighbors Gallery on Greene 3/9-14  606 Greene St. 305-294-1669

Next Exhibition / Reception starts 3/16 from Mike Rooney "Out of Focus" 5-8 PM










* 1 Those People Feat Kathy Gilmored, Landon Bradbury, Pony Charvet, Joe Madaus (Back Stage Listening Room
Go to their website and Facebook Page for their complete really extensive Schedule of Concerts and Events

Here is our Weekly Feature from Executive Contributing Editor Peter Arnow "Photos of the Week"

(Bottom-R)Centennial Bank's Jacqueline Luhta and Audrey Green are helped by Zyier Green run the hot dog stand at this year's Conch Shell Blowing Contest held at the Oldest House. Photo by Pete Arnow. 

(Bottom-L) Kelly Friend, President of the Old Island Restoration Society, welcomes the crowd to the annual Conch Shell Blowing Contest. Photo by Pete Arnow. 

(Top-R) Bill Clinger shows off his entry for this year's Littlest Parade Contest held at the Key West Theater to benefit MARC House. Photo by Pete Arnow. 

(Top-L) Sue Harrison and Becki Balcer welcomed everyone to this year's Littlest Parade at the Key West Theater which benefited MARC House. Photo by Pete Arnow.

Check Special Pricing Rates
Includes 1 Parasail Ride
Key West Sunset Dinner Cruise. Dine in A/C Large Main Cabin. View Famous KW Sunset from Upper Deck. On-Line Special Not $69 ONLY $59. Adults $59, Children 12 & Under $39.95, & Children 5 & Younger FREE. Includes Tropical Food Buffet with Upper Deck Free Margaritas, Rum Runners, Well Mixed Drinks (Premium Mixed Drinks Extra Cash Bar). Also FREE Champagne & Soft Drinks

SANTE FE SIX  522 Southard St. 305-797-6485
Reception March 18 Exhibition on until 4/1
Mark White
New works by six award-winning artists spanning decades working in Santa Fe will be featured at Gildea Contemporary Gallery.  Contemporary paintings by Javier Lopez Barbosa, Suzanne Betz, Mark White, Suzanne Donazetti, Mark Horst, and Nancy Ortenstone, will be celebrated at a public opening on Monday, March 18th from 6 to 8 p.m. with a show titled "SANTE FE SIX" and remain on view through April 1. A self-taught artist, Barbosa's process of abstraction stems from the connection between his emotions and the blank canvas, creating works to elicit joy and happiness. As an equestrian turned painter, Betz's connection with horses is channeled into her luminous paintings. Donazetti communicates with color through the refractive lens of weaving and painting, representing sunlight and shadows on copper. For Horst, painting is a way of breaking time's grip and setting loose something wild and strong. First a clay artist, after earning his PHD in Theology from Yale University, Horst turned to painting as a practice, not unlike prayer, of paying attention to the world and its contours. Dreams and intuitive logic inform every area of Ortenstone's fresh impressionistic canvases, and White's ethereal landscapes engraved on aluminum, capture the intensity and rich palette of the Southwest. "Each artist has been delicately selected to represent the best of the best of the leading painters working in Santa Fe today. We are excited to share their new works with the seasoned traveler and sophisticated collector of Key West," states Paul Gildea, owner of the prestigious gallery, now in its fifth year in Old Town. Gildea Contemporary Gallery specializes in abstract and contemporary art by over 30 artists. Visit our online store at Gildea Contemporary Gallery is located at 522 Southard Street in Old Town, Key West, 305-797-6485 and Is open daily in season.

We Continue with "The Saints" Exhibition by Mike Marrero. You must read his Statement 
My works pulls from my Cuban upbringing as well as the ever changing diversity and gentrification of my island heritage. Like the majority of small towns and once isolated populations, I have watched our culture become absorbed, sanitized and repackaged for safe consumption. 

For my current project I wanted to take a very specific aspect of my disappearing culture, the Santeria religion, and explore it through both my childhood memories and my adult feelings of loss and defiance. At one time Santeria was the dominant religion of the Caribbean. The slaves of Africa brought their native religions with them and once they arrived they hid their religion behind Catholicism, synchronizing their Gods with the Catholic Saints. I find the aspect of native culture having to hide in plain site both powerful and heartbreaking in equal measure. Santeria has faded into the forgotten corners in many cultures but, in my youth, it was just as important as any mainstream religion. I grew up, like so many others, believing a penny soaked in honey and buried in a paper sack would bring back lost love.  

For this project I first pulled inspiration from my personal history. The goal was not a faithful recreation of the Saints but the transference of my childhood memories.  I then drew upon compositions to encapsulate both the sense of wonder I used to feel and the defiance and pride of a tradition fighting for survival. Next, I sought out friends, family-members, and strangers whose stories and life experiences most closely matched the Saint whose spirit I was attempting to capture.

Although created with a modern tool, the digital camera, the final result is an analog experience. The tension between modern tools and an analog finish both contrasts and adds strength to the final images. Through faded sepia the Saints reach out to us. They fight and struggle, like so many of us in this modern world, to not be forgotten. Mike
Our Lady Caridad DeCobre Oshin 18x28 Archival Pigment on Paper
The patron saint of Cuba. The giver of miracles. She represents the joys of life.
Saint Christopher Aganyu-Sola 16x24 Archival Pigment on Paper

Saint Christopher lived alone by a ford where he earned a living carrying travelers on his shoulders across the water. One day a child appeared and asked to be carried across. Half way through the child became so heavy he could barley finish the crossing. The child told him the heaviness he felt was the weight of the world.

Saint Barbara Chango 16x28 Archival Pigment on Paper 
Is the symbol of fire, thunder, lightening and the imperfections of human nature. 

Our Lady of Mercy Obba Moro 12x20 Archival Pigment on Paper
Is known as a teacher who instructs the very young on the ways of life.
More from Mike Marrero Up Shortly


We Continue with the Key West Orchid Society's 2019 Orchid Fair

More Orchids in the March 18th Issue
More from the Artist of the Stars Adam Scott Rote coming to Town March 14-17 and May 24-26


WWW.THEKEYWEST.GARDEN  5210 College Rd. 305-296-1504


Join us for our huge annual celebration of Spring!
$5 for Children 3 years old and older.
FREE for Members, Adults, and Children under 3 years old.
(Crafts, games, bounce house, egg hunts and activities all included with admission! Raffle tickets, food and drinks available for purchase.)

***Your support makes a difference!*** 
Migration Mania is the Education Department's fundraiser that helps keep our state standard aligned field trips free for our local Monroe County students! 1,500 students participated in our free Living Lab STEM program last school year, and we strive to increase that number this year!
For information about volunteering for the event, just enter your name and email at this link:

Children 3 years and older each receive a free ticket with admission to our Kids' Mini Raffle.  
Super Raffle tickets will be sold for exciting grand prizes!
The Key West Tropical Forest & Botanical Garden is excited to once again partner with the Key West branch of the Monroe County Library to make this the best Migration Mania yet!


Author Andrea di Robilant will discuss his 2018 Hemingway biography, "Autumn in Venice: Ernest Hemingway and His Last Muse," at 6PM, March 13 at the Key West Public Library, 700 Fleming St. The book is an intimate look at Hemingway in his later years when he wrote the seminal short novel, "The Old Man and the Sea," which won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction.
Andrea di Robilant is a journalist and writer who lives in Rome and Venice. He is the author of five books of nonfiction, including "A Venetian Affair," and "Lucia: A Venetian Life in the Age of Napoleon." Free and open to the public. Seating is limited.  For more information, contact the library at 305-292-3595. 
Allison Rich
Sr. Library Assistant
Monroe County Public Library
700 Fleming Street
Key West, FL  33040

Dr. Siegfried Haug will discuss his novel, "Bad Sleep," a Key West mystery of pharmaceutical intrigue at 6PM, Mar. 27 at the Key West Library, 700 Fleming St. Haug is also the author of the nonfiction work, "I Want to Sleep: Unlearning Insomnia." This event is free and open to the public.  For more information, contact the library at 305-292-3595.  


 WWW.GARDENSHOTEL.COM 526 Angela St. 305-294-2661

Sunday, March 10, Jazz In The Gardens! Scott Marischen & Friends, 5:30-8 pm (New Time)
A few weeks ago ; this Ensemble was Brilliant : Peter Diamond Ilacqua, vocals & percussion; Mark Rose, saxophone & flute; Tim McAlpine, guitar; Bubba Lownotes, bass; Hal Howland, drums. 

I have to get a Dog

3/17 Rhythm section support comes from Bubba on bass, skippo on drums, &  Marty Stonely on flute, & a whole 'gaggle of saxophones' (!).  Come, experience the magick, *(& wear some GREEN!), on the 17th, at the back porch of the lovely Gardens Hotel.  Call 294-2661, for more info. 
Tuesday, March 12, WINE CLASS, 6-7:30 pm RSVP 305-294-2661
Wednesday, March 13, Megan Clay, 5-7pm
Thursday, March 14, Jimmy Olson, 5-7pm
Friday, March 15, Michael Robinson, 5-7pm
Saturday, March 16, Jimmy Olson, 5-7pm


More Bill Mack

Elizabeth Taylor in Red  30 X 24  Hollywood Sign Metal

Humphrey Bogart 30 X24   Hollywood Sign Metal

Deco Serenade Deluxe  Alto Relief Sculpture in Bonded Bronze

Forever Remembered Alto Relief Sculpture in Bonded Natural Sand 20 X 42
More from Bill Mack Up Shortly

Celebrate Tennessee Williams during an evening of anecdotes, literary excerpts, and craft cocktails with acclaimed mixologist Philip Greene
Raise a glass to celebrate the birthday of Tennessee Williams and enjoy samples of the Pulitzer Prize-winning author's favorite drinks, the folklore behind them, and recipe demos on Friday, March 15 from 7:00pm to 9:00pm at Key West Theater, 512 Eaton Street, during "An Evening with Tennessee Williams" presented by Philip Greene, acclaimed mixologist, cocktail columnist, and co-founder of the Museum of the American Cocktail in New Orleans.
"The evening will be a sophisticated and entertaining celebration of bookworms and barhopping, literary style," says Greene, author of the best-selling "To Have and Have Another: A Hemingway Cocktail Companion," "The Manhattan: The Story of the First Modern Cocktail," and "A Drinkable Feast: A Cocktail Companion to 1920s Paris." 
Greene will intoxicate guests with entertaining excerpts from Williams' pages and serve cocktail samples based on the drinks mentioned in them, along with favorites imbibed by friends and literary greats F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ian Fleming, Raymond Chandler, Truman Capote, William Faulkner, Dorothy Parker, and Ernest Hemingway. Taste and learn how to make literary libations that include the Rum-Coco, a drink Williams likely invented and featured in the pages of his 1959 play "Night of the Iguana," his favorite New Orleans classic, the Sazerac, and Hemingway's favorite's, the Americano, the Negroni and his classic daiquiri.
After, Greene will be on hand to sign books, which will be available for purchase at the event.  
The event is part of Key West Art & Historical Society's month-long Tennessee Williams Birthday Celebration, which includes special presentations, film showings, a plein-air painting contest, curator tours of the Tennessee Williams Museum in Key West, performances of Williams' one-act plays, a Lunchtime Lecture illuminating Williams' later one-act plays, and a limited-ticket kick-off party. For a full event roster, visit Tickets for "An Evening with Tennessee Williams" are available at $35 for members, $45 for nonmembers. For more information contact Society Event Coordinator Dani Holliday at 305-295-6616 extension 114. Sponsored in part by The Helmerich Trust, Southernmost Beach Resort, Hemingway Rum Co. makers of Papa's Pilar, Campari, Bulldog Gin, Haus Alpenz for Dolin Vermouth. Your museums.  Your community.  It takes an island.
Next Week More Info on this Event : Just Announced Happy Hour with the Historian (Cori Convertito PHD) at BottleCap The Blue Room 1128 Simonton St. 4/10 4:30-5:30pm

Underwater: Two One-Act plays by Tennessee Williams

Two performances: March 31 and April 1, 7:30pm
Directed by Stephen Kitsakos
Continuing to present lesser known works by the great American playwright, Key West Art & Historical Society presents the rarely performed comedy Lifeboat Drill and steamy threesome Kingdom of Earth - two intriguing plays with characters trapped, both physically and metaphorically, by rising waters. Starring Alaina Albertson, Michael Catlege, Kitty Clements, Arthur Crocker and Jeffrey Johnson.
Lifeboat Drill, penned in 1979 and published in 1981, was one of the last plays to premiere in Williams's lifetime. It concerns an elderly married couple, who occupy a stateroom on the Queen Elizabeth II crossing from Cherbourg to New York. Unhappily married, they bicker fiercely and when they discover that they have been deliberately prevented from attending a lifeboat drill by two mischievous stewards, decide to rehearse their own "drill" all by themselves. Mayhem and personal turbulence ensure. It is a "short, grotesque comedy that explores the panic, isolation, sense of abandonment and confusion that accompany old age." Set adrift in their stateroom, their marriage becomes a metaphor of the disaster of a sinking ship.
The Kingdom of Earth is a one-act play that was published in Esquire Magazine in 1967 and based on a short story Williams wrote in 1942. It bears an ominous epigraph from the Old Testament concerning the Great Flood. It tells the story of a strapping young man named Chicken, living in a Mississippi Delta farmhouse, and preparing for a flood from the rising river when he is unexpectedly visited by his sickly half-brother, Lot, and his newlywed of one-day, Myrtle, a woman whose sexual desire and personal fulfillment force her to make a choice about survival as flood waters approach as the three characters are forced to evacuate. The play was eventually expanded into a full-length play and opened on Broadway in 1968 at The Seven Descents of Myrtle.
Kitty Clements & Jeff Johnson Starring in Kingdom of Earth
Both The Kingdom of Earth and Lifeboat Drill encounter their themes in the idea of the unexpected rising of water: not only what lies beneath, but also what lies ahead.
The performances will be staged at The Studios of Key West, 533 Eaton Street, Key West, FL 33040 

Presented in part by the Community Foundation of the Florida Keys, Florida Keys Council of the Arts, Neal Ruchman & Melissa Jean McDaniel, and Bert Whitt.


"En Un Lugar De La Mancha" In Place of La Mancha  Oil on Wood 20 X 10
"Ofrenda Oblation by Ernesto Capdevila  Wood 52H X 25W X 9D
"Baroque Concert" by Alicia Leal  Acrylic on Wood 29 X 8
"La Madame" by Lianet Martinez  Digital Printing on Laboratory Glass Slides  19.5 X 27
More "Visions of Cuba" Up Shortly



Hometown Key West is Calling ALL Members, Future Members, Candidates, Incumbents, Prospective Candidates & Those Merely Testing the Waters. CALL FOR CANDIDATES on Monday April 1 at Salute on the Beach 5PM (Higgs Beach). As Usual Admission is FREE with Light Apps and Cash Bar.

More Michael Cheval

The Tempest  40 X 21

Solitaire of Pantomime 24 X 36

Angel of Florence 20 X 20

Shall We Play 16 X 20
Thanks Michael

We now Continue with the Smallest Parade in the Universe to a Packed House and much was raised for March House

More Smallest Parade in the Universe March 18


WWW.MANGIA-MANGIA.COM 900 Southard Street 305-294-2469

Here is the Menu Link 


WWW.TSKW.ORG 305-296-0458 533 Eaton St.
Written by Mike Marrero
Directed by Zachary Fine
Oscillating between bitingly funny and charmingly heartwarming, this play follows two childhood friends as they navigate the dystopian sprawl of Florida City and the wilds of the Everglades. The play centers on the headstrong Mayar, who relies on both her sense of humor and her close friend, Becca, as she attempts to escape her current surroundings and start a new life outside of Florida City.

Sponsored by Key West Vacations & Supported by Betty Rubinstein
March 5 -16
TSKW ------------------------- TSKW

 "Artists on the Deck" Pot Luck Networking Casual Event : Last Wed. of Every Month. ( next 3/27)

607 Ashe StreetThe Studios' Artist Residency Cottages

So Much Going on at TSKW ; Click LINK1 for one of their Latest E-Newsletters to see Two of the Opening Exhibitions for March During "First Thursday" Last Week; as well as see other events going on.

TSKW ------------- TSKW
"Under the Mayan Stars" showcases visionary artist Carlo Mejía and his works
Artist Carlo Mejía creates his powerful, symbolic images on porcelain, wood, ingres paper, and other mediums.
Photos by Carol Tedesco
"Under the Mayan Stars" to showcase visionary artist Carlo Mejía and his works. Through March 21 in the Zabar Lobby Gallery

 The Other Larger Exhibition Opening for First Thursday on March 7 "With The Grain : Contemporary Applications in Wood Art".
WWW.KEYWESTWOODART.COM TO Find out what's Going on with Wood in Key West

Just a few of the many Classes at TSKW : Drawings made easy with Mike Rooney, UnderPainting with Mike Rooney, Paint Pouring with Sandy Trupcevic-West, Dirty Words Pretty Lettering With Margot Griffin, Summer Solstice with Susan Sugar, Charcoal it's Not All B&W with Laurel Oswald Clark, Writing : Memoir by Chris Daley, Artisan Soap Making by Angela Berube


WWW.TROPICCINEMA.COM 305-396-4944 416 Eaton St.
KW Photographer Stuart Davis is Exhibiting from 3/4 to End of April at the Tropic Cinema Gallery "IN BACK OF 4 REAL" Consists of 35 Constructed Photographs for you to View Before or After a Movie.  This will be Stuart Davis's 5th Exhibit at The Tropic Cinema Gallery. You can Find His 7 Photographic & 10 Story / Photo Books on AMAZON .
We are Proud to Feature Florida Keys Artists in Our Tropic Art Gallery. If you're Interested in Exhibiting at The Trop : E-Mail and/or 305-396-4944



More from the Anne McKee Artists Fund Fine Art Function

More from the Auction in the March 18th. Issue ; PLUS Info. on the Anne McKee Artist Fund Grant Application Up Shortly in this issue

More Bill Mack

Nijinsky Defined Original Painting on Metal

Butch and the Kid  Robert Redford & Paul Newman Sign on Hollywood Metal

John Wayne Hollywood Sign on Metal

"Slumber" Signed & Numbered LTD Edition Giclee on Canvas 20 X 42

Kathy Hooper at

Amernet String Quartet to give Impromptu Classical Concerts
performance at St. Paul's Episcopal Church on March 17
The popular concert series presents the award-winning Amernet String Quartet, at 4 p.m. Sunday, March 17, at St. Paul's Episcopal Church, 401 Duval St.  
The Amernet String Quartet, created 20 years ago by students at The Juilliard School, are the ensemble-in-residence at Florida International University in Miami. The group won the gold medal at the Tokyo International Music Competition before being named winners of the prestigious Banff International String Quartet Competition. 
Praised for their "intelligence and immensely satisfying playing" by The New York Times, Amernet is recognized as one of today's exceptional string quartets. Due to Space Constraints Please go on their Site for Additional Info.

The Lee Roy Reams Concert has been CXL; contact Fringe for refunds.
5/1-3 at B'Nai Zion Synagogue (750 United Street)

Thursday March 14 at The Custom House Noon-1PM Tickets ONLY $5 Lunchtime Discussion 
Presented by Stephen Kitsakos

A discussion that illuminates the playwright's later one-act plays. In the canon of American dramatic literature, Williams is one of the leading writers of plays, short stories and poetry. Influenced by the socio-cultural underpinnings of American society, both pre-and-post WWII, he captured a realism and exposed a harsh brutality expressed in his characters: women and men searching for love and acceptance in a world that was relentingly hostile. His life in Key West, where he lived between 1941 and 1983, was a canvas for his artistic achievement and many of his most famous works were conceived at his house on Duncan Street. When he fell out of favor with critics and audiences in the late 1950's, he continued to develop his craft and write plays that flirted with the post-modern art movements that were were reactions to the socio-political dichotomy of the 1950's. His later one-act plays, in particular, were erotic and experimental, often presenting characters whose motivations and desires did not hide behind the coded and veiled references that were part of Williams' earlier works.
About the Presenter:

Stephen Kitsakos is a theater director, dramaturge and author of opera librettos with the American composer Sheila Silver including the adaptation of Khaled Hosseini's A Thousand Splendid Suns, commissioned by American Opera Projects, premiering with the Seattle Opera in 2020 season. A professor of Theatre Arts for fifteen years and Asst. Chair at SUNY New Paltz in New York, he has been a dramaturge and director of many new plays. At Theatre Row in NYC, he directed the premiere of Red Masquerade by Jack Wade and Suddenly Last Summer for The Tennessee Williams Project. He directed Life Story: Two One-Act Plays by Tennessee Williams "Green Eyes" and "The Traveling Companion" for KWAHS in 2018 and will direct for them Underwater: Two Later Plays by Tennessee Williams - "Lifeboat Drill" and "Kingdom of Earth". Currently he serves as the President of the Board of The Studios of Key West.
Cash-prize plein air painting contest with Key West Art & Historical Society: 
Recreational and professional painters are invited to participate in Key West Art & Historical Society's Saturday, March 16 cash-prize plein air painting contest, part of the month-long celebration honoring Pulitzer-prize winning playwright Tennessee Williams, who took up painting in the later part of his life. Reflecting Williams' devotion to the Key West Library - and this year's Tennessee Williams Birthday Celebration theme of "The Library," -the painting subject is the Key West Library, located at 700 Fleming Street. There will be a $200 and a $100 winner in each category, blind-judged by four arts community leaders. A $20 entry fee includes choice of canvas or watercolor paper; artists supply their own painting materials and easels. Event hours are 9:00am-4:00pm. Register at KWAHS.ORG/EVENTS
 by March 15 or in person at the Library on March 16. For more information, contact Cori Convertito, Ph.D., at 305-295-6616 x 112 or 
Tennessee Williams film celebration at Tropic Cinema: A photo from the DeWolfe and Wood Collection / Monroe County Public Library shows Burt Lancaster, Anna Magnani's secretary, Tennessee Williams, and Magnani on the porch of the Key West home known as "The Rose Tattoo House." As part of the month-long Tennessee Williams Birthday Celebration, Key West Art & Historical Society presents a series of films based on Williams' plays at the Tropic Cinema, 416 Eaton Street. Still ahead: March 11, "The Rose Tattoo," March 18, "Boom," and March 25, "Sweet Bird of Youth." All showings start at 6:30pm. Visit KWAHS.ORG/EVENTS
for ticket links and a full schedule of Tennessee Williams Birthday Celebration events, a month-long series of arts and cultural happenings at multiple Key West venues.


From the Key West Business Guild
 808 Duval St. 305-294-4603
WWW.KWBGONLINE.ORG 808 Duval St. 305-294-4603.
Next Mixer Wed. March 13 Havana Cabana Hotel 3420 N. Roos. Blvd. 5:30-7pm
Next Luncheon April 3rd at Marriott Beachfront

Tradition Vanishes into Smoke 16x24  Archival Print on Paper

This house in the middle of the ocean served generations of islanders. How and why the fire started is still a mystery but I always felt it marked the beginning of the end for the old ways of life.
Archangel Saint Michael Badadina 18x28 Archival Pigment on Paper

Barbadina (Father of Fire) is said to manifest in men of violent and harsh tempers, only the kindness of a child disarms them.
Saint Francis of Assisi 14x36 Archival Pigment on Paper 
Represents the hidden and forbidden as children are shrewd judges of human nature. 
Olodumare The Creator  
Archival Pigment on Paper

Applications are now available for the 2019 Anne McKee Artists Fund grants. 
Grant monies are generated by the Fund's annual fine art auction which was held on February 13th with the donating artists receiving 50-percent of the proceeds from the sale of his or her work and the McKee Fund receiving the remainder to go toward grants to Florida Keys artists.
The McKee Fund awards grants each year in amounts of up to $2,000 to assist with project-based endeavors by individual visual, performance, and literary artists who live in Monroe County.  Grant monies are intended to cover costs specific to the project for which they are proposed.  Typically acceptable expenses include project materials, framing, publishing expenses and advertising.  The Fund also designates grants to be awarded to students and young adults to assist in the development of their talents in the arts.  Founded by longtime Key West resident and art patron, Anne McKee, the not-for-profit Fund has awarded nearly $300,000 in grants since its inception in 1994.   
Applications and instructions will be available on March 1, 2019 at  Completed applications must be submitted no later than midnight EST on Saturday, March 31, 2018.  Grant recipients will be notified of their application status on or before April 13, 2019.  
Thank you!!!. 
Stephanie Hellstrom

KW LIBRARY -------------- KW LIBRARY
Our Good Friend Michael Nelson One of the Executive Team at KW Library Tells us about the Upcoming Cafe Con Libros Events at 700 Fleming St. Every Tues. 10:30am


3/12 Katharyn Howd Machan is a poet and professor at Ithaca College. She has published 30 poetry collections, and her work has appeared in numerous magazines, anthologies, and textbooks. In 2002 she was named the first Poet Laureate of Tompkins County, New York. Every March she leads a five-day workshop, "Writing in the Garden," as part of the Mana Project, Inc. in Nancy Forrester's Secret Garden, located in the heart of Old Town, Key West.

3/19 Laura Albritton, along with Florida Keys historian Jerry Wilkinson, is the author of the histories "Marathon: the Middle Keys," "Key West's Duval Street," and the 2018 book, "Hidden History of the Florida Keys." Albritton has written for publications such as the Miami Herald, Sculpture magazine, Harvard Review, the Houston Chronicle, and the Times Literary Supplement.  

3/26 Michael Haskins recently published the tenth novel in the popular Mick Murphy Key West Mystery series called "Mistaken Identity." Haskins' short stories have appeared in Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine and the Saturday Evening Post.  



+ for Family Fun


Book signing
Signing Saturdays with Cathy Salutri This Past Weekend.

Book signing
Signing Saturdays with Betty Heisler-Samuels
Emily Berg -
Books & Books @ the Studios of Key West - 533 Eaton St, Key West 33040
Saturday, March 16th
11:00am - 1:00pm
Join us from 11am to 1pm every Saturday to meet a new author. On March 16th we welcome Betty Heisler-Samuels. Heisler-Samuels will be in the store to meet with customers and discuss her book The Last Minyan in Havana.


WWW.DOGTIREDSTUDIO.NET 1011 Whitehead St. 802-989-5910
Latest Exhibition Just Opened a few Weekends ago "Platform by Sean P. Callahan. The March 18th. Issue will have a few of his Paintings ; Of course go to his Gallery NOW to See.


WWW.WOMANKINDKEYWEST.COM 1511 Truman Ave. 305-294-4004
The Monthly WomanKind E-Blog is Out and Although Below is one part of this Informative read; it's hard to read here ; simply click the below link for the entire Monthly E-Newsletter

Our Good friend Owner & Editor of the Q Sends Regards & this Month's Cover. Q-MAGAZINE in Key West


March 23 & 24 "Singing the 60's" at TWT
  March 23 & 24, 2019 at 8pm Tennessee Williams Cabaret Theatre, 5901 College Rd. Join Eric Haley, Michael Mulligan, and Michael D. Robinson on a journey through one of the most musically diverse decades of all time, the 60s. With songs from the stars our parents loved like Debbie Reynolds and Percy Faith and his Orchestra, and hits that rocked our radios and record players, like Donvan and We Five. This show will touch your heart and reach all the way down to your dancing feet. Don't miss it! General Admission Tickets still available at KeysTix or the box office.

We now continue with "Visions of Cuba" from the Florida Keys Council of the Arts at The Gato Building


Tribute to Versace by Octavio Cuellar  Embossing & Welding Bag 23H X 20W X 12. Shoes 5H X 23W X 10D
"Eras Dificil Descirar: You are Difficult to Decipher 
"Guajira + Gutaji" by Hector Molne  20 X 16

More of the "Visions of Cuba" in the March 18th Issue.
As well as being connected by the iconic Overseas Highway, the 125-mile-long Florida Keys island chain also is connected by a vibrant community of artists. From now through May 3, art lovers can view a travelling 24-foot mural featuring the work of close to 400 creative spirits during a series of exhibitions throughout the Keys. "The Connections Project: A Mosaic of the Keys" comprises nearly 400 individual canvases measuring 6 inches square that were provided to artists and arts-minded residents.
Their resultant works - produced in mediums ranging from oils and watercolor to photography, mixed media and quilting - showcase subjects including birds and sea life, palms and waterfront scenes, abstract visions and local landmarks.
"The mural's 'road show' tour from Key Largo to Key West celebrates the longstanding connections between the communities of the Keys," said Elizabeth Young, executive director of the Florida Keys Council of the Arts, which spearheaded the project.

Art lovers can make a $50 donation for one individual canvas or a $125 donation for three at any reception or online at Each donor will receive a randomly selected, unique piece of the mosaic by mail with an artist statement sharing their inspiration. Proceeds from the Connections Project benefit local artists and arts organizations through arts council grants. To participate in the Connections Project, or for more information: or 305-295-4369

Florida Keys Community College held a graduation ceremony for its sixty-seventh Basic Law Enforcement (BLE) Academy on February 22, 2019.  Eighteen cadets successfully completed the 770-hour training program based in the College's Upper Keys Center.  Upon passing the state certification exam, each will be eligible to become Florida Law Enforcement Officers.
Cathy Torres, Director of FKCC's Institute for Public Safety, recognized top performing graduates with special accolades.  A leadership award was given to the class captain, Rogelio Fernandez.  Ashley Monaco was recognized for academic achievement while "Top Gun" honors went to Astley Williams.  The coveted "PIG" award was presented to Shawnta White, and Jose Tzintzun and Nerelys Vidal received physical fitness awards.
FKCC's BLE program satisfies the training requirements of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission.  FKCC is currently accepting applications for five upcoming academies.  A basic law enforcement academy and a correctional officer crossover to law enforcement academy start in May in FKCC's Upper Keys Center.  FKCC will also begin two basic law enforcement and a corrections officer training academies at the Key West Campus in May.  For more information about FKCC's Institute for Public Safety, visit

The Tennessee Williams Birthday Celebration month-long series of events set to begin March 4
In celebration of Tennessee Williams, the Pulitzer-prize winning literary icon that moved to Key West in 1949 and remained a resident for 34 years, Key West Art & Historical Society presents the "Tennessee Williams Birthday Celebration," a month-long series of arts and cultural events set to take place from March 4 through April 1 at multiple Key West venues.  In recognition of Williams' patronage and devotion to the Monroe County Library in Key West, this year's celebration theme is "The Library." 
This yearly festival of events includes a limited-ticket, kick-off celebration, plein air painting, poetry and short story writing contests, lectures, museum tours, film showings, live theater events, and a birthday party complete with cake and bubbly to honor the life and accomplishments of Williams, whose rise to stardom began with "The Glass Menagerie," and continued with "A Streetcar Named Desire," "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof," and other dramatic masterpieces.  
Literary and visual artists can immerse in creativity while competing for cash prizes and acclaim by entering the Tennessee Williams Plein Air Painting Contest, taking place in downtown Key West on Saturday, March 16, and/or poetry and short-story writing contests, both of which are accepting online submissions until March 1.
On Friday, March 6 from 6:00pm - 8:00pm, Tennessee Williams Museum founders Dennis Beaver and Bert Whitt will open their Whitehead Street home for a celebration kick-off party with an open bar, hors d'oeuvres, and entertainment. Tickets are $90 for Society members and $100 for non-members. 
On Friday, March 14 from noon to 1:00pm, at the Custom House Museum, theater director, dramaturge, and author of opera librettos Stephen Kitsakos presents a Lunchtime Lecture illuminating Williams' later one-act plays. Titled "Tennessee Williams: Eroticism & Experimentation," tickets are $5; seating is limited, and early registration advised.
On Friday, March 15 from 7:00-9:00pm at Key West Theater, guests can raise a glass to the literary giant with acclaimed mixologist and cocktail columnist Philip Greene, co-founder of the Museum of the American Cocktail in New Orleans, during his spirited presentation "An Evening with Tennessee Williams." Green will mix and share recipe demos of Williams' favorite drinks and the folklore behind themalong with preferred selections enjoyed by his friends F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ian Fleming, Raymond Chandler, Truman Capote, William Faulkner, Dorothy Parker, and Ernest Hemingway. Advance ticket purchase suggested.
Other upcoming Tennessee Williams Birthday Celebration events include Curator-led tours of the award-winning Tennessee Williams Museum (the largest collection of Tennessee Williams memorabilia available in the world) at 513 Truman Ave., Monday night showings of Williams' classic films at the Tropic Cinema, performances of two one-act plays at The Studios of Key West, and a March 27 Tennessee Williams birthday party at the Tennessee Williams Museum, to include contest award presentations, bubbly beverages, and birthday cake. 
Visit for full schedule and advance ticket purchases or contact Dani Holliday at dholliday@kwahs.orgor 305-295-6616 x 114.Sponsored in part by Community Foundation of the Florida Keys, Neal Ruchman and Melissa Jean McDaniel, and Bert Whitt.Your Museums. Your Community. It takes an Island.

Key West Art & Historical Society to present retrospective of Key West wood artists in "Out of the Woods"
 Key West Art & Historical Society joins artists, galleries, and organizations across the island in the Tom Majors Tribute to Wood- a month-long, island-wide celebration of the creative potential of wood.  "Out of the Woods: A Retrospective of Key West's Wood Artists," Key West Art & Historical Society's contribution, will feature several celebrated Key West woodworking artists including Papito Suarez, Frank Balbontin, Mario Sanchez, Norma Renner, Tony Barcelo, and George Garcia in the foyer of the Custom House Museum, 281 Front Street. 
A B-25 bomber during World War II, followed by a long career in public works, Majors spent his retirement crafting simple yet elegant functional objects in wood.  The Fund established in his name serves and honors Key West artists and programs that work with wood. The celebration is coordinated by The Studios of Key West and made possible by the Tom Majors Endowment for Wood Artists.
"Out of the Woods: A Retrospective of Key West's Wood Artists," runs March 1 - April 1. For more information, contact curator Cori Convertito, Ph.D., at or 305-295-6616 x112. Your Museums.  Your Community.  It takes an Island.  
This wood carving of the Mary Immaculate Convent by artist Norma Renner, recently acquired from the Estate of David Wolkowsky, is one of the works that will be featured in "Out of the Woods" A Retrospective of Key West's Wood Artists,' March 1 - April 1 in the Custom House Museum Foyer. The exhibit is a component of the Tom Majors Tribute to Wood, a month-long island wide celebration of the creative potential of wood. (Image courtesy Key West Art & Historical Society)

The Keys Traveler ; their extensive On-Line Magazine
Hit this Link for the March Issue

United & White St.

Commissioner Sam Kaufman is hosting a community meeting to discuss the City's proposed purchase of the Citizen Building to be decided by the April 16
thelection, as well as the status and future of the City's emergency homeless shelter known as "KOTS."  The meeting will be held on Monday, March 11 
th at 6:00 PM  at the VFW at 2200 N. Roosevelt Blvd. in Key West. For more information, call: (305)809-3868.
Kim Romano
Executive Assistant to
Mayor Teri Johnston
& City Commissioners

CITY OF KW ------------------------CITY OF KW
The Key West City Commission, during Wednesday's meeting, made some adjustments to a couple of different meetings in order to make them more accessible to the community.
Beginning with the March 14th meeting, the Sustainability Advisory Board meeting will be televised live on Comcast Channel 77 and live-streamed on the City's website. The meetings are held on the third Thursday of every month at 3:30 in the Commissioner Chambers at City Hall, 1300 White Street.
The Commission also agreed to change its start time from 6 p.m. to 5 p.m. Mayor Teri Johnston introduced the resolution, reasoning that most of the elected officials work during the day, and that an earlier start time would mean fresher minds for decision making. The new rules also state that no new agenda items will begin discussions after 10 p.m.
This is the first major change to the City Commission meeting procedure since 2010, and the first time in several decades that a new start time has been introduced. The new 5 p.m. start time goes into effect for the March 5th meeting.
The March 5th meeting also kicks off the community's first opportunity to comment on agenda items online via the City's new eComment feature.
To utilize this new open government feature, citizens can log onto prior to a meeting, and click on "Agendas & Minutes" on the homepage. To submit comments, click the eComment link next to an upcoming meeting's agenda. One can then indicate their position on an item, add any additional comments related to that particular item or leave general comments for City staff. The City Clerk's Office will then route comments to staff and elected officials, giving City Commission members time to review and consider citizen input prior to a meeting. This feature will also allow community members to sign up ahead of time if they'd like to comment in person before the commission.
City Commission meetings are generally held on the first and third Tuesday of the month. The meetings are televised live on Comcast Channel 77 and live-streamed on WWW.CITYOFKEYWEST-FL.GOV , The meetings are also re-played on Comcast as well as being available in the web site archives.

    Thanks for Reading ; and have a Great Week; Ed

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